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Transform your balcony in an elegant terrace and start enjoying views!

An apartment is not an impediment on you having a beautiful fresh alive terrace. You just have to let your imagination play with the decor and the space and you will manage to create an irresistible terrace on which you’ll savor morning coffee or tea, you will read a book while you enjoy beautiful views.

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Reflect your personality and your apartment personality on this terrace and the result will be amazing. Everything must be in a relationship with the interior in order to have the feeling of safety. Doesn’t matter if your have a balcony, roof of a ground floor area, after you see these wonderful ideas I prepared for you, the next thing on your list will be creating a terrace.

These next ideas are suited for modern apartments but you will also relish your imagination with some traditional designs. Analyze them carefully and decide which one is more innovative for you.
terrace red home caprice

This one is very easy. If you have a larger balcony bring a small table and two chairs. Find two chic pillows for them and serve tea. You can also beautify it with flowers because we already know what flowers are suitable for UAE’s area and bring an elegant lamp. It can’t be easier than this.

terrace big home caprice

This is for those apartments who have their own roof. As you can see you need a larger space for a comfortable improvised sofa. Actually the pillows are put on stone. The flowers are an important detail for a relaxing atmosphere and don’t forget about an umbrella that will match with the colors of the pillows. Now you are ready to have a cocktail.

terrace orange home caprice

You need a lounge chair for your quite afternoons when all you want to do is read a book in silence. Choose a lounge chair with the color that you like and then add accessories with the same color. Looks lovely isn’t it?

terrace blue home caprice

Matching colors is an important detail. After you do this everything comes naturally. For example this terrace combines blue with green. You are now ready to serve a lemonade.

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terrace brown home caprice

I bet you are familiar with this kind of furniture. It is a furniture specially for outdoor design so use it for your apartment terrace. Also decorate the terrace with tall vases which bring a tone of elegance and opulence.

terrace pink home caprice

Wood furniture decorated with pink pillows look feminine, elegant and chic. For a more relaxing atmosphere bring some candles. You will feel more calm.

terrace home caprice

For more comfort put a large carpet on the floor and sit on the pillows. Also a sofa would be a great idea if you have more space. Small low tables are perfect for such a design.

Terrace 1 home caprice

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With an apartment which has an open space outside you need an elegant table, a comfortable vintage chair and a sofa on which you can lay for a nap. You will also need a table for tea and coffee.


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