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Arabian accessories in modern design

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Whenever you need an original blend in your room design, think about combining Arabian and modern elements. Read on for more tips and info on this!

Arabian accessories in modern design: green design

If you’re passionate about both the Arabian interior design and modern tendencies, you might have thought at least once in your life about combining the two of them. Truth be told, it’s not that easy to bring together two tendencies that are very different, almost opposites. However, the key here is to use Arabian accessories in modern design and to integrate them properly. Read on for examples of Arabian accessories that you can intertwine with a modern design.

Use oriental colors.

Although they don’t have to be on certain Arabian accessories in modern design, they create a very important ambient for bringing on specific Arabian points of focus. Choose calm and elegant colors, like shades of beige, pearly white, brown or dark yellows and match them together around the house. For instance, you can have three walls in a room beige or cream and one of them brown or chocolate-like for an extra effect and more freedom to combine colors.

SpecialĀ  chandeliers.

The light is also very important when adding Arabian accessories in modern design. Arabian design is all about elegance and luxury, so an exquisite chandelier with yellow and elegant light can fit very well into a modern design. Actually, it even makes it more interesting than the regular minimalist lighting the modern design uses.

Wall decorations.

If you don’t want to waste much time when choosing Arabian accessories in modern design, you can simply choose some wall decorations with an Arabian design. Wall stickers for instance are a great example, they can use even Arabian characters or simply drawings and are very effective in transforming a modern design space into an Oriental blend.

Rugs, cushions and drapes.

These are very important when creating a certain Arabian atmosphere in a modern design. Rugs, cushions and drapes are probably the easiest Arabian accessories to add to a modern room, mainly because you just have to buy ones that already have special patterns on them. However, make sure that the colors they contain match the rest of the room and the rest of the design because you don’t want to ruin the harmony of the room.

Curtains and textile accessories.

Very important Arabian accessories in modern design that don’t have to be missing are curtains and any other textile accessories. They offer a much more comfortable atmosphere and they’re great for relaxing, but here you have to be very careful to integrate them properly among metal and glass in the modern design.

Quality materials.

Arabian style is mainly about quality and elegance, this is why any Arabian accessories in modern design need to be made of quality materials. It doesn’t matter if you choose to decorate your room with cushions, drapes or wall stickers, you have to choose quality materials and elegant colors. Either way, buying quality materials is a good investment since they will last much longer and will look beautiful all the time, instead of breaking or deteriorating faster and thus making you spend more money on another ones.

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