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If you are planning to redecorate your bathroom this year, you might want to find out what are the trendiest bathroom designs for 2015.

Bathroom Design Trends in 2015: No Bathtub

2015 is already here, so you might want to start off the year by redesigning your home or at least your bathroom. We all know that excitement a redesign brings, it feels almost like a new home, so here are some bathroom design trends in 2015.

Walk-In Showers. They are much more practical and minimalist, this is why it’s a current highlight in the bathroom design trends in 2015. Another advantage would be that they offer you the illusion of more space and even more light in the bathroom,  not to mention that they are much more accessible and easy to use in a world where time is money.

No Bathtub. Since more and more people take only showers because they’re shorter, a bathtub becomes more and more useless these days. That’s why the bathroom design trends in 2015 tend to skip owning and using a bathtub at all. There are also other advantages, like the fact that you have more space in the bathroom and you can invest in a much more interesting shower.

Metallic Fixtures. Yes, stainless steel is a classic choice for your fixtures, but why not take advantage of the new discoveries and trends? Copper, bronze, nickel and chrome are the hot trends for this year, so add a little color to your bathroom. These colored fixtures go perfectly with bright or even pastel colors, making your bathroom a special and original one.

Hand Showers. Due to practical reasons, hand showers are a growing trend when it comes to decorating your bathroom. They are much more useful than the fixed ones, plus there are countless options to customize your own shower: LED shower heads, colorful ones or even shower coverings.

Water-Saving Toilets. The environment is a cause of increasing concern in the modern days, so there’s an entire industry of bathroom facilities that use less water, less electricity and pollute less. It’s actually quite financially effective on the long run to choose smart devices and facilities, because you will pay less every month.

High-Tech Faucets. There has been a real boom recently with the intelligent and high-tech faucets for bathrooms. The sensor-operated ones are very practical, since you don’t need to touch it anymore and therefore, you don’t spread the germs everywhere. There are also faucets that are set to give you only a limited amount of water, so as not to waste it, which is good not only for the environment, but also for your monthly bill.

Double Sinks. Whether you live with your partner or simply share the house with some flat mates, you will certainly recognize the utility of having two sinks in a bathroom. You can take advantage of it and decorate it differently, according to the preferences of each of you. More than that, if you have two kids, you can have separate sinks for them, so as to avoid their arguing over who can use it right now and to save some time when making them ready for school, for instance.

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