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Although a typical bathroom look and a rustic design seem to have nothing in common, a blend between the two is awesome!

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Elegant Look

Rustic style is an everlasting and very beautiful one, even if it’s not very popular. Although there are people who associate it with mountain chalets and cold areas, you should know that if you like it, you can always use it for your home wherever you are. It is mostly associated with living rooms or bedrooms, but for some reason less with the bathroom. And, honestly, it’s really a shame, because the result is impressive, as you can see in our rustic bathroom ideas!

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1. A natural and relaxed atmosphere. If you want to combine the porcelain look of a normal bathroom with the charm of a rustic style, look for natural elements. This can be a common ground to build your style on, so make sure you have plants or wooden decorations around. They match perfectly the general rustic idea, plus they don’t get in the way of the bathroom utility. Also, for a more relaxed atmosphere, you can always add some candles or dim light.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Natural Look

2. Natural materials. Natural does not only refer to style, but also to the materials you use. Try to incorporate as many rock and wood items as you can in the room. Thankfully, there are plenty out there on the market: you can find wooden soap recipients, bamboo decorations or rugs or even real large stones you can place here and there if you have enough space for this. If you can’t really find such elements for your interior décor, it’s okay if you use similar ones or other materials that resemble these.

3. Use textures. Some of the best rustic bathroom ideas is to play around with textures. Generally, any rustic design is based on them, so you should get some inspiration from here. You can either play around with smooth surfaces like the porcelain from the bath tub, but at the same time to integrate rough textures from natural stones placed here and there. Another useful idea would be to choose textured wallpapers instead of real items.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Warm Light

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4. Light. Since you are following natural principles, no wonder it is recommended to use natural light in a rustic bathroom. Ideally, you should have large windows to let natural light in, but that’s not always possible, so you should be careful with what type of lighting you choose. Blue light usually goes better in a bathroom, but as we said, rustic style is about warmth and relaxation, so it’s recommended to choose yellow light or even darker shades. You can find lots of colored light bulbs on the market.

5. Creativity. Creativity is perhaps one of the best rustic bathroom ideas you can have! No matter the material, the style or the size of the room, what’s really important is to use your creativity. This is the key to finding the balance between the neat look of a bathroom and the magical charm of a rustic interior décor style.

Rustic Bathroom Ideas: Wood Texture

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A kids bathroom requires a little more attention than a regular one, so pay attention to the following aspects!

Arranging a kids bathroom may seem quite easy and it is indeed, there’s nothing complicated about that, but what you need to take into account is the fact that you need to pay attention to a couple of other things than you would do when arranging a bathroom for yourself. If you’re curious to know which are these, read on some kids bathroom ideas!

Kids Bathroom Ideas: Colorful Design

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1. The practical aspect. As much as you tend to focus only on the visual part of the room, you should also think about the practical aspect. And by this we mean that you should adjust the furniture to the age of your kid/s. Given their height, you shouldn’t use regular furniture because that would stand in their way even when trying to do the smallest things. Look for adequate furniture items in the stores (there are plenty out there) or if not, you can buy a small ladder or a chair to help them reach the top shelves on their own.

Kids Bathroom Ideas: Adequate Furniture

2. Safety. Whatever style you choose for your kids bathroom, make safety your top priority. It doesn’t matter how it looks if it’s not safe for your kid, so be careful when choosing the right items in the room. Choose some light furniture, since voluminous and heavy items can be really dangerous in case they fall. Also, do not choose edgy furniture, or glass components. Glass can break easily and it’s better not to risk anything. Take care of the corners: if they are too sharp, you can find on the market useful rubber coverings for corners, edges or other places around. Remember: also integrate rubber rugs on the floor to avoid any kind of slipping that could lead to serious injuries.

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3. Colors. One of the coolest kids bathroom ideas is to decorate it in vivid colors. Kids generally don’t like dark or cold colors, so obviously you will have to make the room as pleasant as possible for them. Here you shouldn’t be afraid to combine different bright colors, since in a bathroom they are totally recommended. Place various colorful items: red, yellow, orange and whatever combinations you like! Kids don’t spend too much time in the bathroom, so the design will not be tiring. If, however, you don’t enjoy using a strong palette, you can go for pale and discreet tones: pale blue, pink, peach hues, or neutral ones: grey, beige, white combinations and so on.

Kids Bathroom Ideas: Funny Decorations

4. Decorations. Decorations are not to miss from a list of kids bathroom ideas! Since you have to make it more attractive and fun for the kid/s, make sure you know what their preferences are. Choose their favorite cartoons or characters and buy decorations based on that. Or even better, go shopping with them and let them choose what toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shower gel or stickers they like. The result will be even more satisfying for them if they contributed themselves to the design!

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See here some ideas for a great feminine bathroom and a delicate design!

Dear ladies, whether you live alone or have your own bathroom, different from your partner’s, perhaps you want to have your own style when decorating it. Although it may sound easy to decorate it however you wish, for a special effect you should read our feminine bathroom ideas we prepared just for you!

1. Choose feminine colors. Of course, a feminine bathroom shouldn’t be all pink or pale blue, but dark colors do not actually reflect the delicate side of such a design. However, you can use your imagination: play around with pastel and neutral colors. For instance, you can combine peach shades with white accents or even turquoise details.

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2. Go for delicate accents. If you’re not a fan of feminine and delicate colors, you can use some smart tricks in order to still recreate this style. Choose dark or “serious” colors and complete them with delicate accents. For instance, if you would like a black bathroom because it’s definitely more elegant, you can combine it with pastel or even brightly-colored ribbons, large patterns and any decorations you can think of.

Feminine Bathroom Ideas: Mirror Tips

3. Use mirrors. Mirrors are a great way of establishing the style of a room, and this is perhaps one of the easiest feminine bathroom ideas for a decor. They can be a smart way of playing with the light in the bathroom, which is great if you don’t have large windows, but you can also use them as decorations. Choose one with intricate or elegant decorations on the edges and you’ll see how fast your bathroom can go from a dull room to a very feminine one. Pro tip: you can use small mirrors placed strategically around the bathroom to obtain the desired effect.

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4. Don’t be afraid to use lace. Usually people avoid lace because it looks too delicate or elegant, but in this case, if you want to enjoy the best feminine bathroom ideas, you should totally go for lace. Of course, you shouldn’t overuse it, but some lace around the mirror or decorative towels with such adornments are perfect. You can even use some thin curtains or something similar for the windows if you want to truly use the lace effect to the maximum.

Feminine Bathroom Ideas: Mirror Tips

5. Choose feminine patterns. Flowers, polka dots, delicate patterns are all great ideas for wallpapers and not only. Right from the start, the wallpaper counts a lot for the final image of the design, so you might want to think well about the pattern you intend to use. Further on, you can continue that pattern in other decorations in the bathroom: rugs, shower curtain etc. Some people even use the same pattern for other objects in the bathroom, like lids, for instance. Last but not least, what’s really important is to find your own style and your own kind of femininity so that the bathroom could reflect your personality the best: some women have a more aggressive style, while others prefer more peaceful decorations, so it’s all up to you!

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Feminine Bathroom Ideas: White Decor

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Choose yellow to decorate your bathroom if you want to brighten up your home and your life!

Yellow Bathroom Design: Yellow Walls

Most people avoid yellow when designing the home decor for their own homes because, well, it looks good in pictures, but why have such a tiring color in your home? Truth is that yellow does not necessary have to be tiring for the eyes, if used in a smart way. That’s why it’s a perfect color for a bathroom, because you don’t spend a lot of time there and you don’t have contact with the color too much. Let’s see some yellow bathroom design ideas and how you can use this color!

One option if you decide that you want a yellow bathroom design is to paint it all yellow! Depending on the hue you choose, it can turn out to be a pretty warm atmosphere, perfect for relaxing showers. More than that, it reminds you of holidays, of sunny days and beaches, which is great, especially if you live in a not so sunny area. But what’s more important is that it will brighten up the entire room and make you feel more positive!

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Alternatively, if you don’t want to excessively use the color, you can use smart decorations here and there to make the color more dominant in the room. For instance, you can choose white as the other color in the room and complete the design with yellow rugs, towels or drawers. However, make sure that they have pretty much a similar shade, because totally different shades will make the design uneven and not at all harmonious.

Art is another way through which you can obtain a yellow bathroom design. Choose paintings or statuettes to embellish your bathroom in yellow shades. Remember to make sure that they resist at high temperatures and high levels of humidity, since we are still talking about the bathroom. However, this is a sure way to make your bathroom very beautiful and unique.

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You can also use some tricks to make the bathroom appear yellow. For instance, use large mirrors and place colored decorations throughout the room to reflect in them. Also, a clever placement of them near windows or in more visible places will underline the color everywhere in the structure of the design. Another smart solution is to choose a second color which is more neutral. For instance, grey makes a great pair with yellow and it tones it down a little bit, making it even more beautiful by contrast.

Last but not least, remember that lighting is extremely important when you want to have a bright yellow bathroom design. A dark room with poor lighting will not show it as bright as it is, so it’s better to make sure there is enough light in the bathroom. Another trick you can use is to place different light bulbs in the room, preferably ones in a yellow light. They have an important role in creating the proper atmosphere and can turn a fresh design by day into a romantic and very relaxing one at night, not to mention if you add some yellow candles too!

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If you love nature and outdoors, decorate your bathroom in a similar style and read on for more tips on this!

Natural Bathroom Materials: Green Touches

Some people who really love nature and are very outdoorsy prefer to arrange their bathroom in such a way as to remind them about natural surroundings and vegetal elements. Here are some suggestions that will help you create a natural bathroom design for your home!

First of all, the easiest thing to do when you want to have a natural bathroom design for your home is to add some plants. You can totally go for potted plants or even hanging ones in your bathroom. However, the temperature and the humidity there are not suitable for any plant. Therefore, it’s best to consult a specialist or to document yourself using any resources you have about what plants are suitable for this environment. In the end, you don’t want your plant to die because you didn’t take care of it, right?

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Another option you have for a natural bathroom design is to bring in natural elements. Besides plants, you can buy or even pick yourself rocks or pine cones, for instance, and create a nice design with them. You can even fill the pot of the plant with rocks, besides soil, or you can choose a wallpaper that looks like a natural environment. Alternatively, there are wall coverings or materials you can use for decoration that are made of stone or similar materials. They are great for showers, sink counter or even floors.

Let’s not forget about wood! What other element can make a great natural bathroom design better than wood? And this is yet another easy way to obtain this style for your bathroom! You can find almost everywhere shower accessories made of wood or sink counters or any other bathroom accessories. Bamboo is a great option since it’s a flexible material and it’s quite resistant to humidity and high temperatures.

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A natural bathroom design can be created by using small details too. Green towels or decorative items here and they can definitely bring a touch of freshness in your bathroom. Also, fresh hues of green work great in combination with white, so as to make the room more airy and lighter. Natural means, of course, as much natural light as possible, so don’t cover up windows or other sources of light. If you don’t have much natural light available, try to use blue or white light instead of colored or yellow one. Neon lights are great if you choose light shades.

Last but not least, artificial materials like plastic can’t find their place in a natural bathroom design. As we said, choose wood and other natural materials: porcelain for the sink or even an aquarium, bamboo, glass and rocks. Moreover, try to respect the shapes in nature: round sinks and bath tubs or square-shaped rocks, showers and other decorative items. A nice tip for creating the illusion of natural light is to place a source of light behind clear glass or special glass walls. The effect is truly wonderful and it will make your bathroom special and natural!

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If you are planning to redecorate your bathroom this year, you might want to find out what are the trendiest bathroom designs for 2015.

Bathroom Design Trends in 2015: No Bathtub

2015 is already here, so you might want to start off the year by redesigning your home or at least your bathroom. We all know that excitement a redesign brings, it feels almost like a new home, so here are some bathroom design trends in 2015.

Walk-In Showers. They are much more practical and minimalist, this is why it’s a current highlight in the bathroom design trends in 2015. Another advantage would be that they offer you the illusion of more space and even more light in the bathroom,  not to mention that they are much more accessible and easy to use in a world where time is money.

No Bathtub. Since more and more people take only showers because they’re shorter, a bathtub becomes more and more useless these days. That’s why the bathroom design trends in 2015 tend to skip owning and using a bathtub at all. There are also other advantages, like the fact that you have more space in the bathroom and you can invest in a much more interesting shower.

Metallic Fixtures. Yes, stainless steel is a classic choice for your fixtures, but why not take advantage of the new discoveries and trends? Copper, bronze, nickel and chrome are the hot trends for this year, so add a little color to your bathroom. These colored fixtures go perfectly with bright or even pastel colors, making your bathroom a special and original one.

Hand Showers. Due to practical reasons, hand showers are a growing trend when it comes to decorating your bathroom. They are much more useful than the fixed ones, plus there are countless options to customize your own shower: LED shower heads, colorful ones or even shower coverings.

Water-Saving Toilets. The environment is a cause of increasing concern in the modern days, so there’s an entire industry of bathroom facilities that use less water, less electricity and pollute less. It’s actually quite financially effective on the long run to choose smart devices and facilities, because you will pay less every month.

High-Tech Faucets. There has been a real boom recently with the intelligent and high-tech faucets for bathrooms. The sensor-operated ones are very practical, since you don’t need to touch it anymore and therefore, you don’t spread the germs everywhere. There are also faucets that are set to give you only a limited amount of water, so as not to waste it, which is good not only for the environment, but also for your monthly bill.

Double Sinks. Whether you live with your partner or simply share the house with some flat mates, you will certainly recognize the utility of having two sinks in a bathroom. You can take advantage of it and decorate it differently, according to the preferences of each of you. More than that, if you have two kids, you can have separate sinks for them, so as to avoid their arguing over who can use it right now and to save some time when making them ready for school, for instance.

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Sometimes a change is more than welcomed, so why not going for a new Moroccan bathroom design when redecorating your entire home? Here are some tips about how to obtain a great Moroccan bathroom design.

Elegant wall cover

Moroccan style is a great option for decorating your bathroom. It brings inside some of the charm of the oriental relaxing atmosphere. But if you decide to use it, the next question you have is how to obtain a Moroccan bathroom design without too much fuss? Read on for some simple steps on Moroccan bathroom design.

Use mosaics. Mosaics are an important part of the Moroccan culture, so it’s essential to include them in your bathroom design. It’s recommended to use them on the walls, but if you’re not a fan of this idea, you should buy furniture or decorations with mosaics.

Go for arches. Typical for the Moroccan designs are the arches. If you build a house from scratch, you can include them in the structure of your windows or doors. If not, you can compensate by mounting on the wall arched mirrors or wallpapers. The patterns of the wallpapers can replace both the mosaics and the arches, so this is an easy way out for a Moroccan bathroom design.

Choose light colors. Moroccan style is all about relaxing and having an airy space. For this, you will need light colors around. You can either choose an all-white design, including furniture and walls, but you can also complement it with one bright color, like yellow, beige, light blue or cream.

Elegant details. A Moroccan bathroom design also needs some elegant details. Add a sparkle here and there and your bathroom will be gorgeous! If you lack inspiration, you can use some gold details. For instance, you can buy wallpapers or sinks with golden details. Alternatively, you can also choose to surround the mirror with a golden tape for extra elegance.

Lighting. Since it’s all about relaxing and elegance, ideally you should use a lighting system that you can vary according to the moment. Also, you can use lampshades or light bulbs that have a certain color, such as yellow or red, for a more romantic and special atmosphere. You can even place candles there, to light up whenever you need a long relaxing bath.

Luxury. Let’s not forget, the Moroccan style is about abundance and luxury, so don’t be cheap when choosing the sink or the bathtub, for instance. Choose impressive ones, large, richly adorned and qualitative. Luxury does not only mean opulence, but also quality, so that you won’t need to change everything you just bought in a couple of months.

Quality materials. Choose for your Moroccan bathroom design quality materials for the towels, curtains and rugs. If you’re going to spoil yourself with an aromatic bath, why not continue it with some soft and qualitative towels caressing your skin? Or keep your legs on some soft and fluffy bathroom rugs that will prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself?

This being said, we hope that we have convinced you to try a Moroccan bathroom design and to bring a small part of the exotic lands into your own bathroom. You can thank us later, after you find yourself in this universe of luxury, style and quality!


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A modern bathroom design can totally change the aspect of your house, making your friends think you redecorated the entire home. More than that, a modern design is also very easy and fast to maintain clean and it will look really good!

Color combination

If you modernize and fill the rest of the house with tech stuff and modern decor you can also opt for a great modern bathroom design. It is as easy to make a bathroom modern as it is for the rest of the house, or even easier, since you have less furniture and objects to take into consideration. Check the following tips on how to have a modern bathroom design!

Use glass. Modern designs are usually based on a light atmosphere and lots of light indoor, so use glass or plexiglass to create an aerated look. However, you should be very careful in the future, since glass can be really dangerous if broken. If you don’t want to use glass too much, you can strategically place mirrors in order to create the illusion of space.

Plants. In order to obtain the same fresh modern air, you can always decorate the bathroom with some plants. You should choose wisely the plants, because with all the steam and heat that’s in there, they might die sooner than you think. So careful with the type of plants you choose to keep in the bathroom, because it might get in the way of a modern bathroom design really fast.

Lighting. A modern bathroom design requires a good and bright lighting. But since modern design means also bright light and light colors, you really need to set up a good lighting system. Economic light bulbs or LED lighting are the latest trends when it comes to it, so you might do your homework before redecorating the bathroom.

Bright colors. Modern design is always about bright colors juxtaposed with nude or neutral tones. The brighter the main color is, the more spectacular the effect.

Easy to clean surfaces. Modern times are all about time-effectiveness, so for sure you’ll want to use some easy to clean surfaces, that look modern and are also almost self-cleaning. More than that, this will not help only in design, but it will generally ease you life, since you will keep the bathroom clean in virtually no time.

Square figures. Modernity means minimalism and more often than not, minimalism means square figures. So for a modern bathroom design, don’t hesitate to choose square furniture or edgy mirrors, for instance. Usually, round furniture and overly adorned one is associated with past centuries, now is the moment for “aggressive” pieces of furniture.

Quality materials. Choose for your towels, curtains and rugs quality materials to match the surrounding bathroom design. Remember that a cheap looking towel will for sure ruin all the appearance you worked so hard for. More than that, it is always recommendable to choose quality materials if you want the result to be a spectacular one and not to be obligated to invest some more in other decorations later on.

As you can see, it’s not hard at all to have a modern bathroom design, even by rethinking the already existing one and adding some smartly placed modern elements here and there.

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Having an Arabic bathroom design is easier than you think, plus you don't need to start decorating all over again.

If you’re passionate about the Arabic world, but you think it’s hard to decorate your bathroom in this style, you might want to think again. Having an Arabic bathroom design is easier than you think, plus you don’t need to start decorating all over again. More than that, the effect will be a relaxing and exotic one, so that you can enjoy every moment you spend there.

One easy trick to give an oriental air to your bathroom is to choose specially theme tiles. Choose tiles with Arabic patterns and you can even combine different types or colors. Usually, colors like beige, grey, gold and pearl white are ideal for this kind of decoration and give the bathroom a special exquisite air.

Another way to change the general appearance of the bathroom is to choose darker colors. If, for instance, for a modern bathroom people go for colors like white, light blue, light green and so on, for an Arabic bathroom design it is recommended to choose shades of brown, grey, beige and other variations. It might not seem much, but the overall aspect will definitely change.

Don’t forget about the furniture! Besides the fact that its colors have to match the walls and the tiles, it is generally recommended to choose sinks or tubs with round edges. Round edges are not so aggressive and offer you an extra feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Towels and curtains. Of course, for an Arabic style, you will need to accessorize the bathroom with towels
and/or curtains in this style. Choose quality materials and whatever colors you like, but be aware that they must match the rest of the ambiance. Who doesn’t love a nice soft quality towel to caress their skin? Especially when the whole bathroom brings the air of Arabian styles and exotic places right into your home.

Ornate models. Even if we’re talking about the towels, curtains, tiles or furniture, you will need to find ornate objects. Golden ornaments are the most sought in this style of decoration, but if you want to try something new, you can go for modern patterns with blue or white lines twisting and twirling all around the bathroom.

Go for a big mirror! Definitely one of the elements that must be in an Arabic bathroom is the mirror. The bigger (and adorned) the mirror, the more space and light it creates, giving a fresh air among all the decorations. For the most daring ones, there are mirrors the size of walls, beautifully adorned around the edges.

A final extra touch if you want a truly special bathroom after you decorated it in an Arabic style are the candles. Light up small candles and place them strategically around the entire room. The dim light will perfectly complement the rest of the decorations, making it the ideal place to relax and enjoy a long bath. If you add some aromatic oils or scented candles, you can be sure that you will instantly be carried to the Oriental world.


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