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Discover these impressive remarkable bathroom gadgets and enjoy technology!

It seems that these days I have a thing for gadgets but after you see what I prepared for you today, you will understand why.

It is such a good thing that modernity comes with high technology we could never imagined it will happen. But here we are witnessing incredible gadgets that change our lives completely.

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Today is about remarkable bathroom gadgets that totally impressed me and I am more than sure they will impress you. After you see these you will struggle to find out from where you can procure them.

1.Boon Flo Water Deflector: it is made of plastic, it has the power to create a gentle waterfall, projects water away from faucet, it is perfect for children protecting them against injury, allows access to shower diverter, it is BpA free, Phthalate free and PVC free.

Flo-Water-Deflector bathroom gadgets home caprice2.Single handed Soap Dispenser: helps you keep the top of the pump cleaner and more hygienic, it is very easy to fill back, suitable for any kind of liquid hand soap.


Single-Handed-Soap-Dispenser bathroom gadgets home caprice3.Philips ShoqBox: it has bluetooth streaming, it swipes sensors to skip songs, has 2 pair shoqboxes into L-R speakers, it won’t break even if you splash it or drop it. It is built in lithium battery.

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Philips-Shoqbox bathroom gadgets home caprice4.Towel Spa Towel Warmer: Transform your towels in hot ones in just 2 minutes. It is compact in order to fit conveniently on the counter, it warms towels, blankets and robes so you will feel more comfortable than ever, it is very easy to use and the best thing is that is is small enough to put it anywhere.

Towel-Spa-Towel-Warmer bathroom gadgets home caprice5.Withings WiFi Body Scale: this is an ultra precise weigh and body fat measurement which has a position control. It measures heart rate when you step on the scale, measures the quality of indoor and outdoor air, it has an automatic upload of your measurements thanks to its WI-Fi and Bluetooth, a health mate application to visualize trends and improvements, scale interface is designed specially to help users to obtain accurate readings.

Withings-WiFi-Body-Scale bathroom gadgets home caprice6,LED Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet: this one is built to last longer than any gadget you know, it is high quality valaves. Thick brass bases and double bolt installations for years of stability. This gadget is found only at special retailers.

LED-Waterfall-Bathroom-Sink-Faucet bathroom gadgets home caprice

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Hope I gained your attention with these bathroom gadgets and you will start searching  for them.

Whether you plan to have a smart house or you already own one, you must know what are the latest bathroom gadgets and how you can use them!

Tech bathroom gadgets: Modern Home

Just like any other part of our lives, taking care of yourself is a domain that has been more and more intertwined with technology and with modern advancements. At the same time, the market is full of interesting and very useful gadgets that not only make your life easier, but also look very futuristic in your bathroom. Read on to see some ideas for tech bathroom gadgets.

1. Programmable shower. What if you could program your shower, how long will the water run and how hot it will be? Instead of arranging the faucet here and there and thinking whether you should stay longer in the shower, now you can decide right from the beginning how long or short your shower should be, how hot the water should be, what music you will listen while in there and what lighting will accompany you, all with just one simple gadget!

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2. Sound system tub. This is one of the most amazing tech bathroom gadgets, because it’s not a bath tub that has a sound system incorporated in it, it IS a sound system in itself! When it’s empty, the sound can be heard in the entire bathroom, and when it’s full, the sound waves will be transmitted through the water. And what can be more relaxing than having a long bath and listening to your favorite music at the same time?

3. Cabinet speakers. Among the most useful tech bathroom gadgets you can find the cabinet speakers that can smoothly blend in. They are not visible and are specially conceived so as not to let the sound be reflected by other surfaces usually found in the bathroom: glass, shiny surfaces etc. More than that, they are discreet and allow you to listen to your favorite music without occupying extra space.

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4. LED Temperature control. This new and futuristic way of controlling the temperature is great not only for the modern and innovative design, but also for the practical part. It helps you adjust the temperature and pressure with a smooth move of the hand. The LED indicates how cool or how hot the water is, so you can adjust it just as you wish in no time. Also, it comes in a futuristic fluid shape, and you can decide if you want it in a matte or shiny version.

5. RainBrain gadget. Probably the most useful bathroom gadget you will find, the Rain Brain helps you control absolutely everything you want in a shower. Unlike other gadgets, it helps you customize even the water stream, the temperature, the pressure, the music and many more. Moreover, you can set different programs for up to four users, so everybody in the family can enjoy their own customized type of shower.

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These creative bathroom gadgets will definitely make your life easier and even help you prevent some accidents around the bathroom!

Bathroom Gadgets: Floating Bath Plug

If we take advantage and use technology to make our lives easier every day, why not use some interesting and funny bathroom gadgets too? Here are some clever ideas that will make your bathroom funnier!

Faucet extender. If you have kids or simply need to fill various containers with water for your garden, let’s say, you should think of using a faucet extender. It’s not one of the most complicated bathroom gadgets, but it’s a smart trick to bring water closer to what you need to fill.

Bubble bath dispenser. A fun add to your regular faucet is the bubble bath dispenser. You don’t need to worry about making your own bubbles with soap or special gel and you can be sure that your kids will definitely have a great time in the bathroom!

Bath spout cover. Also for your kids, it’s very safe to use a bath spout cover, simply because you never know how your kid can accidentally hurt himself on the faucet. It’s simple, easy to use and adds a touch of color in the bathroom.

Mirror clearer. Borrowing the idea from the windshield, one of the most useful bathroom gadgets is the mirror clearer. We all know how annoying it is that after you take a bath or a hot shower you can’t use the mirror anymore since it’s steamed and you can’t see yourself properly. But what if you had a mirror clearer to make your mirror usable again in just one slide of the hand? Well, now you can!

Toothpaste roller. If you struggle to squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube when it’s not so much left there, this is the solution for you! The toothpaste roller can easily be fixed on any kind of toothpaste tube and it takes just a gesture of the hand to release all the toothpaste that is left there.

Funny bath plugs. Make any bath funnier by using interesting bath plugs. These special ones have funny figurines attached to them, so you can always use them when your kid is bathing and not only!

Thermometer spout cover. This is very useful when you want to take a bath at a certain temperature. Maybe this does not happen to you very often, but this is one of the bathroom gadgets that are very useful when you have a child and want to avoid unpleasant accidents.

Funny toilet paper holders. They’re an interesting way to decorate your bathroom and to make your guests a pleasant surprise! You can choose from a variety of designs, from funny puppies to men lifting weights, hanging chords for toilet paper and basically anything you can think of.

Shaving pedestal. For the ladies and not only, one of the most useful bathroom gadgets is the shaving pedestal. It’s basically a ceramic stand that can be fixed on the wall and helps support your leg when shaving. It doesn’t chip and it makes shaving easier and safer. It can also be used by people with different conditions or affections that could make the act of having a bath harder.

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