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Are you familiar with all the names different types of sheets have? Test your knowledge here!

Bed Sheet Dictionary: Stylish Bedroom

Although the title may sound strange to you, we’re sure there were lots of situations when the bed sheet terminology can be quite confusing, with all these sheets that come on top or under or…. Who knows where. But no worries, we’re here to help! Check out or bed sheet dictionary and you’ll know everything you need to know!

1. Bed skirt – decorative piece that is found between the box springs and the mattress. It reaches the floor and it is used to hide the box spring and to decorate the room.

Bed Sheet Dictionary: Stylish Bedding

2. Pillow sham – it resembles a pillowcase, but without the opening on one side. It just has a piece of extra material that is sewn. It is mostly used for decorating and most of the times it has countless decorations on it.

3. Pillowcase – although everybody knows what this means, we should clarify it. It’s the cover used for a sleeping pillow, but it can also be used for decorative pillows. It is generally rectangular and it has one opening on an end through which you can insert the pillow.

4. Bolster pillow – a special type of pillow that is designed for lumbar support. However, most of the times it’s used decoratively, mainly as an accent pillow. It can be very small, but also very large, some even can be as large as the bed where they are placed.

5. Decorative pillow – also called an accent pillow, it refers to a pillow that can have any shape, color and size and it has a purely decorative role, without being used for anything. They can be customized and matched to the rest of the décor.

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6. Sleeping pillow – the most basic term in the bed sheet dictionary, the sleeping pillow is the regular pillow we use to sleep on it. Most of the times it’s rectangular and it comes in medium size. Depending on the bed, you can also find queen/king sized pillows or even smaller ones.

7. Euro pillow – also called a Continental pillow, it is basically a large square pillow which is placed against the headboard to support the head.

8. Duvet cover – it’s placed above a comforter or duvet and it has an opening where you can place it. It also has buttons and it’s generally a decorative cover.

Bed Sheet Dictionary: Types of Sheets

9. Top sheet – also called a flat sheet, it refers to the sheet placed on the top of the bed that separates you from the comforter/duvet.

10. Bottom sheet – named also a fitted sheet, it is characterized by an elastic edge that is used to be fixed onto your mattress.

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11. Coverlet – simply decorative, its length does not reach the floor and does not cover the pillows either. Quilts can also be placed in this category.

Bed Sheet Dictionary: Flower Design

12. Bedspread – similar to the coverlet, also only decorative, except that this one touches the floors and covers the whole bed.

13. Blanket – also named a throw, a blanket is placed at the foot of the bed and it serves for decoration purposes or for extra warmth at night.

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Learn here how to choose the best bed sheets and how to make your bedroom a perfect relaxing room!

How to choose your bed sheets: Neutral Colors

Bed sheets are as important as the bed or the mattress itself. Although some overlook their importance when it comes to making a bed more comfortable, bed sheets are the ones that spoil your skin and make you feel like you’re in heaven after a long day at work. And guess what makes a Sunday morning so relaxing? Bed sheets again! So see here how to choose your bed sheets so that they will be the best for you!

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1. How to choose your bed sheets according to the fabric. Fabric is extremely important when you have to choose the bed sheets, because they are in touch with your skin most of the time. Cotton is generally recommended, because it’s the healthiest option available, and for this, the highest quality version is the 100% Egyptian cotton, famous worldwide. Generally, you can rely on the thread count for the fabric you’re choosing if you want to make sure it’s the best one available. The higher the thread count, the better, but the type of cotton is sometimes more important. Other fabrics, like silk or sateen, are more elegant and make for a more beautiful interior design.

2. For the kids. If you carefully choose the bed sheets for your own bed, you should pay even more attention when choosing them for your kids’ room. There is a recent trend among new parents which consists in choosing antibacterial clothes and sheets for the newborns. Although it might seem like a good idea, it’s not, because as soon as the child grows and takes contact with the germs in real life, he won’t be prepared to fight them and therefore, he will be more likely to be sick.

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3. How to choose your bed sheets depending on the length. If you have a standard bed, this shouldn’t be a problem for you, since you can find perfect sized sheets. If, however, you have a custom-made bed, you should consider having some custom-made sheets too. The right size of the sheets is quite important, since it has an important role in your comfort. Nobody likes sheets that are too short and keep slipping overnight, or some that are too long and hang around the bed, maybe even causing you to trip and fall when getting out of bed.

4. Depending on the pattern. Usually the bed sheets shouldn’t have heavy patterns or prints, but if you love certain themes or your room is built around a central point (like that of the kids, for instance) you can make an exception. Equilibrium is the best option for your bedroom, for instance, if you have solid colors around the room, you can choose a daring pattern for the sheets or the other way around. But make sure you don’t overdo it, since the design has to be pleasant to the eye. Other than that, sleep tight!

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