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Tackling DIY projects around your home can not only add value, but can also make the space more livable for you and your family. Find out the steps to transform your home on a budget.

luxury master bedroom

Are you looking to update your home on a budget? Tackling DIY projects around your home can not only add value, but can also make the space more livable for you and your family. The good news is there are plenty of easy upgrades you can do yourself without spending a bunch of money.

  1. Do Some Painting

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to update the look of your home  on a budget is to give it a fresh coat of paint. You can tackle the interior or even give your home a new look on the outside. Another easy idea that can change the look outside your home is to use gel stain to paint the front door to your house. You could also paint your garage doors to match, which will add plenty of curb appeal.

transform your home on a budget

  1. Update Your Light Fixtures

You can change the look of any room in your house by investing in new light fixtures. A drop-down chandelier could take your dining room or master bedroom from standard to exceptional. Or you could add dimmer lights to change the look and create ambiance in your living room. Here’s an article from Home Depot about how to use chandeliers in your home: http://www.homedepot.com/c/chandeliers_HT_BG_LF.

transform your home on a budget

  1. Revamp your Master Suite

Your master suite is probably one of the places you spend the most time in at home, even if you spend most of your time sleeping in it. Why not make it a place you can’t wait to escape to? You can completely revamp your master bedroom by investing in a few unique elements. You could purchase some beautiful new bedding complete with fluffy throw pillows. Or you could create your own little reading nook with a cozy chair and lamp. Another idea would be to create an accent wall with faux leather wall panels to add some beauty and elegance to the room. Talissa Decor has a great line of Faux Leather Wall Panels available.

transform your home on a budget

  1. Get Organized

Is your home really too small or are you simply not being efficient with the space you have? You would be amazed what getting organized can do for your home and your stress level. Common spaces that are in desperate need for some organization are cupboards, closets, and garages. You can maximize the space in your home by taking the time to go through your possessions periodically in order to de-clutter. You can also install new shelves and storage containers to help get things into order. Here’s a 30-Day guide to getting organized from Clean and Scentsible.

  1. Re-Think Your Space

We all have space in our home that could be used differently or more efficiently. For example, do you have an empty space near your kitchen? You could make a coffee bar and free up some space on your kitchen counter. Or if you have unused space underneath your stairs, you could add more storage, create an office area or even a fun kid’s play area. Pinterest has plenty of do it yourself inspiration to help you maximize your space!

transform your home on a budget

The key to transforming the look of your home is to focus on the projects that will make the biggest difference for you and your family. The project doesn’t have to be big or expensive to add value to your home and make you living there much more enjoyable. Some simple tweaks to your decor, organization and maximizing the space you have can make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

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Feng Shui can be a really life changer if you know how to use it properly, so learn here how to arrange your bedroom in a balanced way!

Bedroom Feng Shui: Warm Colors

There are more and more people who have discovered the ancient belief of Feng Shui and who want to bring this harmony into their homes as well. Even though it sounds quite complicated, we will help you obtain a correct bedroom Feng Shui that will keep positive energy in your home and keep bad one away.

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1. Choose a good headboard. Yes, it might seem a little strange to start off with this advice, but truth is that it matters for a good sleep and for a positive energy. During sleep our body repairs itself on several levels, so it’s important to have solid support for the head. That’s why it’s recommendable to choose a solid wooden headboard or even the entire bed. Upholstered ones can do as well, so you have where to choose from.

Bedroom Feng Shui: Balanced Design

2. Keep free space under the bed. The bed is the central piece in the room and it has to have a proper height and free space underneath. Good Feng Shui energy needs to flow freely under the bed, and this is not possible if you fill up the space with boxes or if you choose beds with built-in drawers. Anything that’s under the bed will block this good energy and the results will be visible.

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3. Keep the bed away from the door. Proper bedroom Feng Shui never allows for the bed to be close to any door. Whether we’re talking about the door of the room or those from the closet, the bed should never be aligned with them, because negative chi will flow towards it. Being too close to the door may distract you and surprise you, forgetting your purpose, and that’s an important reason to follow this advice.

Bedroom Feng Shui: Proper colors

4. Don’t sleep near the window. The window is a great thief of personal energy over time, so sleeping next to it may weaken you over the years. Instead, a solid wall will add even more stability to your sleep and to your position, just like a good headboard does. Combine the two of them and you’ll have a perfect bedroom Feng Shui!

5. Balance the design. The design is a very important part in the energy of your room, so when planning on using the furniture, you should make sure there is some balance around. For instance, if you want to use nightstands, make sure they are similar and placed quite in the same place alongside the bed. This makes for the equilibrium necessary for a good night’s sleep and it balances the design!

Bedroom Feng Shui: Positive energy

6. Avoid the next items in your bedroom. A good bedroom Feng Shui never contains the following: mirrors that reflect the bed or closed doors, fish tanks or paintings with water (oceans, seas), plants (they have too much yang), television, computer or other electronics (they bring bad energy into the room) and books (too many can be overwhelming). Remember to use the right colors and your bedroom is prepared to bring you the energy you need in your life!

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The bedroom ceiling also plays an important role in enhancing your design, so make sure you know how it's better to arrange it!

Bedroom Ceiling Design: Colored Light

A great part of the design of the bedroom is the ceiling. As simple as it may seem, the ceiling can be a great place to use your creativity and to introduce new and original elements to the interior design of your own bedroom. Therefore, we thought of some useful ideas to help you see the possibilities of decorating your ceiling.

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1. Use your own skills. Nothing compares with a drawing or a painting you made yourself. It brings the entire design a whole different atmosphere and it makes it unique, not to mention that you will also feel more attached to that specific design more than if you had used someone else to paint it. In this matter, you can be as creative as you wish, using any source of inspiration, from personal imagination to nature, traveling, books, movies and virtually anything. For a sense of equilibrium though, it would be better to continue the main idea of the design (for instance, if you have a blue design, you can paint marine themed images).

2. Fake ceilings. Using a fake ceiling is a growing trend in the last years, so you might consider it for your bedroom ceiling design as well. Thankfully, this can prove to be very creative too. You can shape the fake ceiling in various ways, from geometrical patterns to delicate or even daring ones. The best part about fake ceilings is that you can color them differently than the rest of the walls. Pro tip: if you want to create an awesome effect in the bedroom, try placing colored lights in between the actual and the fake ceiling.

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3. Use an impressive chandelier. Who says that an impressive chandelier can be used only in the living room or dining room, for instance? Use an elegant or a modern one in your bedroom too for an amazing home and a great interior decor! Of course, you have to adapt the design to the rest of the room, so make sure the style of the chandelier isn’t so different so as to spoil the harmony of the entire decor. More than that, check that the material is appropriate for the room: a glass chandelier might be a little too elegant for a casual or industrial bedroom.

4. Use canopies. A canopy is a great way of decorating the ceiling in a bedroom when you want an Oriental bedroom ceiling design. Choose a quality material if you want an exquisite look or simply use more material to hang from the ceiling. You can further adorn the canopy with small crystals, flowers or choose a patterned fabric in the case you want to brighten up an interior decor made up with only solid colors. Last but not least, if you choose a canopy, you can complement the textile appearance of the bedroom with similar fabric used for the curtains and the rugs. All you have to do after that is to relax in a wonderful bedroom!

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Many people are afraid to experiment with their bedroom furniture, but why not consider choosing a round bed design for your own home?

Round Bed Designs: Luxurious Design

Although not many people go for round bed designs, this can make your bedroom look much more interesting. Keep reading if you want to find out more reasons for which you should totally choose a round design for your bed instead of the usual rectangular type.

You might say that it covers up a lot of space that could be used as a storage space. There are indeed beds that include a special empty space underneath for storage purposes. So the lack of square furniture can be easily compensated through smart solutions in the room! More than that, you can go for minimalist furniture and make the round bed the piece of resistance in the bedroom!

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Round bed designs are much easier to integrate in a decor. Especially if you want to choose a fluid interior design or a modern one, the round shape usually gives you the opportunity to include other round patterns in the decorations. For instance, you can use polka dots curtains or rugs and even adapt the beddings to this shape.

And if you’re worried that you can’t find that easily bedding sets for round beds, rest assured that the market is full of sheets and pillow cases just as amazing as those for regular beds. But if you’re not satisfied with the beddings for round bed designs, you can always craft yourself one. Example: Take old or unused normal beddings, cut them into pieces (larger or smaller, as you wish) and sew them together to obtain a beautiful round sheet.

Many people believe that round beds are actually a waste of space not only in the room, but also the personal space you take up when you sleep. This is not accurate at all! Round bed designs are extremely spacious and don’t make you feel like you’ll fall over any moment now and for simple reasons, since they require extra space to reach this geometrical shape.

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Another reason for which you should definitely consider round bed designs is that it’s the most elegant bed design you will find. Usually the elegance of a bed is given by the beddings, but here, this furniture item itself will change the way your room looks. You can also use poles around the bed and complete the wonderful decor with a canopy, for extra elegance and mystery.

And the argument that seems to convince most people that round bed designs are a good idea is that they are very original and unusual. You don’t find many homes with round bed designs, so if you choose it, you can be sure that the home decor for your bedroom will not be common and dull at all! Simply playing around with shapes and patterns can result in a design worthy of world’s most renowned specialists. And that happens without too much effort, too. What more can you ask for when looking for an easy, stylish and at the same time modern interior decor?

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If you never thought about choosing a black bedroom design, this is the moment! Read on to see why you should do that!

Black Bedroom Design: Elegant look

Generally, many people avoid black when imagining interior designs. However, recent trends show that black is a great idea for bedroom designs and you should be considering using this color, too. Read on to see what advantages you have if you go for black bedroom design!

One of the first things a black bedroom design brings in your home is elegance. Black has always been the color of elegance and no matter what kind of surface you choose (matte wood or shiny light one) it’s definitely going to bring you a fresh touch around. However, make sure you don’t use too much of it or else you will have a room that is too dark!

Another reason for which you should totally choose a black bedroom design is that it’s practical. And by practical we mean easy to clean. Did your kid spill soda or milk on the bed? No problem, you can just wipe it off without any worries that it will be stained. You can now relax and bring some food into the bedroom when you want to watch a great movie without any worries about the furniture!

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Who doesn’t want a totally new bedroom that will impress even the most pretentious visitors or interior designers? And it’s not even hard to achieve the luxury of a black bedroom design! Once you see how great it is, you just have to decide on a furniture model and see how you can fit it in your own home. Also, note that ideally, the furniture should be a set, not different patterns and models, even if they are all black.

You might say that a black bedroom design brings a negative atmosphere. And it’s totally okay if you don’t want a dark, ominous bedroom. But you can use some smart tricks and tips. For instance, you can simply choose the details to be black, like curtains, rugs or sheets, and choose another color to complete the design. Otherwise, you can reduce even more the amount of black, using only some details or decorations: black statuettes, black wall design, or the bed frame, chairs and so on.

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Another reason for which you should choose black for your bedroom design is that it allows you to use several other colors in beautiful combinations. For instance, you can easily integrate silver in a black bedroom design, while in different styles and other colors it’s harder.

Last but not least, after you see that black is not a color you should be afraid of, you will see how easy it is to create an original and interesting and probably this is the reason which gains more and more adepts of this style. Generally, it’s recommended to combine them with your favorite colors, even bright yellow or orange for instance, but probably you would like to have more relaxing surroundings, so go for silver, beige, cream, warm red or gold for absolute elegance. Either way, it’s easy to choose the color scheme for a black bedroom design!

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When you want to redecorate but you feel no inspiration, read this article and prepare to get inspired!

Amazing Bedroom Designs: One Color

The bedroom is probably the room where you spend most of the time when you’re at home. Since this is the place where you charge your batteries and relax, it is very important to have a proper room that can facilitate your good sleep. The ambient is the main concern in a bedroom, and for this you might want to have a look at these color ideas for your bedroom design for further inspiration.

  1. Elegant Colors. If you want to have a room where you can relax and enjoy a beautiful decor, it is better to choose elegant or neutral colors. For instance, you can choose a burgundy red or a warm chocolate shade and combine it with white or beige for a contrasting effect.
  2. Fake Ceiling. Recently there has been an entire trend going on with the fake ceilings made of plaster. Indeed, if you choose a special shape and color it by matching the colors of the room, you will have one of the most amazing bedroom designs. More than that, you can even consider adding adornments and other decorations if you find it suitable for your design.
  3. Fresh Colors. If you want to focus more on the getting up part in your bedroom, it’s a good idea to use fresh and bright colors, like light green, strong blue or combinations between them. However, these colors are more suitable for a modern or Mediterranean style of design, so check if this would match the rest of your house.
  4. Black and White. What can be more elegant and classic than the old combination of black and white? Modern trends are going back to basics, so current amazing bedroom designs often include variations and plays upon these two colors. If you find them too simple, you can always choose a third color for certain details around the room: stickers, cushions, rugs etc.
  5. Special Lighting. The bedroom needs to have a quiet and even mysterious atmosphere, so you might want to place the lighting carefully around the room. You don’t need strong light anyway in the bedroom, so go for dim lights that help you relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of the day.
  6. Delicate colors. If you want a more feminine bedroom or simply you like the delicate shades, using delicate colors in the bedroom is not a bad idea at all. A royal purple or subtle shades of pink, peach, light oranges and even grays can be a perfect match for a relaxed, airy bedroom. On the same note, you can also try golden notes and if you’re daring enough, even golden wallpapers, lighter or darker, depending on the rest of your color scheme. Indeed, golden is a very elegant color, but it can become also modern in combination with black or white.
  7. One Color. Yes, you can decorate your bedroom using one color in two different shades. You can play around all throughout the room with, let’s say, light purple and dark purple, and the effect will be truly amazing!

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