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See how amazing black and white designs can be, even if you don't use more than two colors!

Black and White Designs: Modern Design

Perhaps one of the most controversial combination between two (non)colors, black and white still remains quite a popular choice. Probably the best part about such a design is the fact that you can create whatever style you want only by using these two colors. But let’s see more about black and white designs!

Some people say that it is too boring to choose only these two colors to complete a design. But the best part is that by doing this, you are determined to use your creativity to the fullest, instead of simply letting other bright colors to do their job. Also, since you’re using only black and white, there is no way you can fail in creating a great design for your living room, bedroom or kitchen.

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The most popular style where black and white designs are used is the modern one. Perhaps due to its sleek aspect, it incorporates well technology items, which are mostly found in these two colors. Black TVs, audio systems or computers are predominant, so you can base your design on these instead of planning ahead the elements in the room. The best part about such a design is that you can use both colors in different amounts throughout the room and it won’t look bad. It doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetric or to have a certain equilibrium, the design will look good even if you randomly place the furniture items.

If, however, you are afraid that black and white designs can look dull or not interesting at all, you can try some tips for brightening it up. One such hint is to use colored light. LED lights or neon ones are great in bringing just enough color as needed to a room in black and white. Of course, the more original the combination, the better, but if you’re stuck and don’t know what to choose, we would recommend you to go for very bright and daring colors, like orange, purple or green. The contrast will be amazing! Another option is to choose only one colored decoration (a rug, the curtains, cushions etc), though in this case you risk distracting the attention from the main idea of the design.

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A great advantage of black and white designs is the elegance. Just like when you’re dressing up for a fancy party, sometimes it’s better to choose the classic colors. If you want to obtain an elegant design, you should choose expensive or quality materials for the furniture or decorations. Just imagine how beautiful would a black satin curtain look on white surroundings! Or what an impressive contrast black silk cushions would make on a white leather couch.

In the end, it’s all up to you if you want to have a modern sleek design or an elegant one, what’s truly important is that black and white designs offer you the freedom of changing the entire style of an entire room simply by using these two colors and removing any other restrictions some colors might impose on your interior decor.

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