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British style is generally an elegant and high-class one, so there's no wonder this applies to their home decor too.

British Home Style: British Couch

The British are famous for their refined style and the elegance that characterizes their interior decor and personal choices. High quality furniture and of course, art, define probably the most high class of all the home decor styles you can think of. But let’s see more about this great British home style!

As we already said, high class items and elegance are a must for any British home. This reflects in shiny chandeliers, expensive materials and a careful organization of things around the room. It is recommended to choose wooden furniture, since plastic does not offer an elegant look, and if you decide on it, make sure you choose exquisite colors for heavy wooden furniture, like reddish shades, warm browns or shiny black.

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And since we’re talking about colors, of course they have to be stylish and beautiful. Neutral ones are preferred, since they are the perfect background for the elegance of a British home style. It’s a safe bet to use beige, cream, pearly white, pale yellows or pinks. Also, green could be another option, as well as bright red if you’re looking for a truly special effect. Marine blue can also be used as a motif, or other variations, since you can find it on the British flag.

Art is definitely something you can’t overlook when trying to recreate a British home style. It adds value to the aspect of the home, plus it reinforces the exclusive character of such a design. You can basically choose whatever type of art you’re into, although the most popular choices are the paintings with Victorian frames. You can combine various paintings on the same wall, things that is actually recommended for this type of home decor. But don’t limit only to paintings if you think you’re more creative than that. Use sculptures or even try to blend some modern touches through abstract paintings or sculptures.

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Decorations are also a handy trick through which to back up the British home style. Textiles are used quite a lot in this design, so you can surely use rugs, carpets, curtains and cushions to create a comfortable atmosphere and a relaxed environment. As elegant and high class as it could be, the British home style remains one of the most comfortable ones, since it uses lots of cushions and soft materials for extra comfort.

All in all, British home style is a beautiful idea for those who are passionate about British culture, but also want to obtain a classy and comfortable design. More than that, this style is not so often encountered since some think it’s quite hard to achieve, but if you follow closely the tips we exposed before, you will surely enjoy the beauty and the class of such a style in your own home. You can, of course, use your creativity and play around with several influences if you want to create hybrid and unique combinations when it come to interior decor, but make sure they all blend in and that the result is harmonious!

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