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Clean your House Echo Friendly

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Take care of your health and environment by using echo friendly cleaning products!

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Our house is our oasis of relaxation, comfort, joy and love or at least it should be. We want it always clean and fresh and a beautiful perfume to greet us when we enter inside.

Most of us use different cleaning products, usually we try to buy the most expensive one because we’re thinking that they are high-quality. It is important to know that every cleaning product we buy from the store, is toxic. Being toxic it will harm first of all us, then our children, our pets and so on.

A lot of people don’t know that you can clean your house perfectly, by using natural products which are even eatable.

So first of all REMOVE TOXIC PRODUCTS.  They are poisonous. Wasp, spray, oven, cleaner, waxes and polishes each of these are full of chemicals and they are very dangerous for your health and your family’s health. All these can be replaced with natural products made by you.

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Let’s see how you can clean your windows without polluting environment and without concerning about health.

1.  Combine a glass of water with a glass of Vodka and than put the composition in a spray bottle. Add a small scoop of lavender oil because you don’t want your house to smell like vodka. There is no need to use an expensive vodka, the important ingredient is the alcohol.

2. Make your clothes whiter: Admix 3% hydrogen peroxide, which you find in pharmacies, with water and some drops of lavender oil or any other aromatic oil and then use this composition for giving your clothes a brighter white. It is very effective. You can also mix a half of lemon juice with 1 L of hot water, it is also very effective for white clothes and they will smell incredible.

3. Cleaning your bathtub, toilet and sink: These elements must be very clean because most of the germs are living there and you can get infections even if you think that they are clean. Mix 4 scoops of soda with Kosher salt. Clean the bath tub, the sinks and the toilets with this solution. If you are afraid of grate them, use a softer salt. The bathtub can be also cleaned with soda and lemon juice. These natural solutions give great results and you don’t have to worry about side effects.


4.Natural odorant  Fill a spray bottle with water and some  drops of aromatic oil which you like the most. A great idea would be a tree oil which is stronger and give a more fresh smell to the room. Mix them very good and then just powder into the room.

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5. Clean your dinner services with lemon juice mixed with soda. Soda is also good for eliminating unpleasant smells from the fridge.

6. Clean the dust with a scoop of coconut oil mixed with water and juice lemon or vinegar. Your furniture will look cleaner and brighter. If you don’t have time to prepare the liquid than use only coconut oil, it is a very good anti germs and also gives bright. You can also use it for your shoes.

7.Anti mold solutions: mix lavender oil with lemon juice and water. Lavender is also good for banish moths.

8. Wash out your currents. Mix vinegar with soda in equal quantities and bulk them in the currents.

9.Clean your carpets: If you think that your carpets are full of dust, mix water with vinegar and just powder them. You can rub them if you think that they’re too dirty with a cloth. The blotches can go off if you mix vinegar with salt.



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Clean your House Echo Friendly and you will be healthier and your children can play without having the concern that they will inhale toxic solutions.




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