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A coffee table is more than a simple accessory. It is purely design.

In other posts I’ve shown you how to impress your guests right from the beginning, now let’s keep that good impression throughout the  whole visit. A good coffee can only be served on a wonderful coffee table. Make your guests fell the desire to come back. It will also make you feel more confident, give yourself an upgrade of style. Be elegant and creative at the same time.

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Drink your coffee like you really deserve it! Spoil yourself, don’t let anyone interrupt this moment of your day.  It’s your kingdom , act like a king, serve your coffee of a special coffee table.

Feast your eyes and imagination with these coffee tables:

Elegant crate design coffee table: Best things aren’t those you buy from a shop, are those created by you. Put a personal touch in the creation of your coffee table. It doesn’t take a lot of time and after you’re done you will be surprised of the result. Put together some thing that you thought were useless and push the start button to your creative side.

crate elegant coffee table home caprice

Unusual glass coffee table: I know I’ve said that the best things aren’t bought from a shop but if you can find a coffee table like this, by all means, buy it! Serve your coffee from this swirl of glass. Elegance at it’s highest level. Be careful though, as fancy and elegant it looks it is also fragile.

glass coffee tables home caprice

Living coffee table: What better feeling than drinking your morning coffee of a tropical forest? Combine elegance with a spark of life. This amazing coffee table will beautify your living room like no other. If you are a nature lover this is just the perfect coffee table for your visions.

forest coffee tables home caprice

Silver rock alike coffee table: Elegance is reflected in minimalist style. It’s simple, that’s what makes it so beautiful. Its curves will bring the futuristic style in your living room and it will make it more modern. Interior designers are always advising people to choose the idea of open space rooms and this coffee table will do the trick. Be that person who always thinks modern.

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rock coffee tables home caprice

Rustic coffee table: Coming back to that rustic touch that makes your living room warmer and more cozy. Take a look at this wood coffee table that leaves the impression of a friendly full of love house. If you are a handy man you can even build it yourself. Accessorize it with unique details and your living room will be transformed immediately.

log coffee tables home caprice

Antique detail coffee table: Visit an antique store and search for unique items which you can use to build a marvelous coffee table that will impress you every time you look at it. The taste of coffee will change because details make the difference. Don’t be afraid of being unique.

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propeler coffee tables home caprice

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The coffee table can easily be used to transform the entire design of your living room, so think about using a creative one!

Creative Coffee Tables: Futuristic design

The coffee table is an element often overlooked when imagining a home design. But if you know how to integrate it, you can obtain a special furniture item that will certainly enhance the effect you want. Don’t be afraid to go for creative coffee tables, since they are great in bringing up a personal touch of your living room design.

As much as you’d want to choose the craziest colors and patterns for your creative coffee tables, you should first of all think about your design. No matter how beautiful a bright yellow coffee table is, you can’t match it with a black and red color scheme in a living room design. Alternatively, you can go for creative coffee tables with customized designs in the colors you wish,  or you can even do them yourself. You can use stencils, stickers or simple paint to create your own design.

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Design does not only mean buying new things all the time, but also reusing them. With a little bit of imagination, you can craft creative coffee tables from old chests, old wooden boards or even scrap boards you have left from that time when you redecorated your home. Even more, you can repurpose parts of drawers or closets and build by yourself a beautiful and elegant coffee table.

For those who prefer a more rustic design, creative coffee tables can be crafted from sliced logs. You can ‘slice’ a log in several thinner or thicker pieces and put them together to arrange a nice coffee table. Place on top a longer piece of scrap wood and you can quietly enjoy your coffee in a rustic environment. You can easily make by yourself an industrial design coffee table, especially if you’re a car fan, if you take some scrap car parts (like a used, non-functional car engine or even a tire) and fit it nicely in a glass box. The effect will be wow!

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An all-black coffee table can also be creative. You can use black cubes and arrange them and rearrange them whenever you have company and need a bigger coffee table, for instance. Also, you can customize it by sticking personal photos or travel photos to it. If you have kids and are really brave, you can dare to ask them to customize one of the most personal of all the creative coffee tables in the world!

Go for an aquarium if you’re the kind that loves fish or the sea. An aquarium used as a coffee table can totally bring an exotic look into your living room and it will definitely remind you of your holidays, helping you to relax while drinking your favorite coffee. No matter what design you choose, make sure that it fits your taste and that you are all safe while using it. Especially if you choose to include glass in the design of your coffee table, make sure that your kids will not be put in danger because of it! Then you can relax and enjoy your coffee!

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