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Choose your desk chair in such a way you will never feel tired again!

First of all when we think about a desk chair we need to focus on comfort, healthy and than elegance.

A desk chair must be chosen in terms of health first of all but lucky us designer know this and they have created elegant, stylish desk chairs that will make your office look spectacularly clean and powerful.

So let’s see what do you have to have into consideration when you choose your desk chair.

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Office chairs are not a simply item on which you sit on, they are part of the decor and you might not notice but you spend mostly the entire day sitting on it. But I repeat, do no choose your desk chair in terms of good looking because the health influences of a wrong chair are very bad. Above everything else, think about the design of an ergonomic chair.

recliner-chairs-leather desk chair

1)Lumbar Support

Always take into consideration the support for the lower back. If you want the best chair, you will notice that high-quality desk chairs have an adjustable lumbar support that allows you to fit the chair to your lower back.This prevents back strain that can become sciatica.


All desk chairs should have a height and arm adjustment, but these are not the most important details. You should look for those desk chairs that have at least 5 adjustments which also have another 14 different adjustments.Search for: lumbar support, arm width and height, seat back width and height, seat and back angle and tension control.

3)Wheel Base

If your office has carpet you need to search for wheels specifically made for carpets and many people ignore this aspect. Why is important rolling? Because prevents strain due to reaching across a desk.

4)Swivel Base

Make sure your chair swivel freely in order to allow you an easier access to various parts of the desk. If it doesn’t do this, you can have arm fatigue.


Brethable fabric that keeps the chair from becoming hot or uncomfortable after you sit hours on it. It has to have enough cushion to support anyone without feeling the base of the chair.

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Having a high-quality chair desk comes with many benefits including less back strain. Good desk chairs prevent fatigue and discomfort which are a result of siting in the same chair too much. If you feel comfortable your will be more productive and more positive.

desk chair home caprice

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I would also add that if designer created these chairs in a way that would suit in every kind of room. If your desk is located in your bedroom a fine black leather chair would look fantastic. Don’t worry about this detail anymore.

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Your desk must become your first inspiration!


Your desk must be a constantly inspiration and source of energy. That is why the accessories you pick for it must look phenomenal.

An important detail is that your desk must give you energy, it might sound weird but it really must look dynamic but at the same time ordered.

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And because I simply adore accessories of any kind and the desks ones happen to be some of my favorites, today we will take a look at some desk accessories because your desk must inspire you.

I want to begin with some accessories which have a special place in my soul and those are BookEnds. Bookends are adorable. They bring joy and order in your office and make your desk happier. I can’t imagine any person who doesn’t like bookend. Take a look:

Your desk and not only, but your laptop needs an elegant fancy mouse pad which allows you not only to work easier but to smile once in a while when you look at it. I like mouse pads because you can find them in different colors, shapes and design. You must search for that mouse pad which fits your personality. Let’s see some of those:

Of course that you need a pen holder on which you can put all your pens or crayons without loosing them. It is important that your desk is always clean and ordered because if not, you will loose time searching for things that should be at their special place. Because you don’t want loose creativity you can pick the most interesting and funny pen holders or you can always choose elegant ones.

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Next accessory is a ring holder which you might think you don’t need but believe me, you truly need one because rings can become an impediment when you work at the computer our you have to write hundreds of papers. A ring holder will keep your rings safe and at the end of the day you will find them as beautiful as you left them.

The first accessory which I think is indispensable is a lamp desk because people tend to work late and a lamp becomes your best friend when you work late so make sure you choose a lamp that doesn’t only give you a good light but it is also an elegant nice one. Depending on your personality choose a lamp that makes you feel full of energy to go on. This accessory also a great gift for your boss or a beloved employee.

I really hope I’ve helped you with some interesting creative ideas for your desk and from no one you will remember that you have to find inspiration where you work.

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Your desk must inspire you!


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