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If you like to spend nights together with your family, you should think of decorating the living room in such a way to suit your needs for evenings spent together dancing, singing or playing board games.

Family Design Living Room: Modern Design

The living room is a very important part of our home. It’s probably the place where you spend most of your time when you’re at home, so it’s very important to decorate it well. At the same time, everybody wants to spend more time with their family, and a specially conceived interior design may facilitate this in one way or another. This is why you have to create a family design living room, with a relaxed atmosphere that will allow you to communicate easily, to listen together to music or even to play some board games on a family evening.

Corner Sofas.

A corner sofa is a great idea for a family design living room. It allows for many people to sit together, plus it’s very useful when you want to use the space efficiently. Add a coffee table and you have a comfy corner to spend with your entire family, no matter how big it is.

Pair Together Couches and Armchairs.

If you think two sets of couches and armchairs look too uniform and make you lose the nice aspect of the rest of the interior design, you can combine two of them. For instance, if you want a neutral design, you can choose one set black and one set white and intercalate them around. Then you can build the rest of the design on this contrast.

Stools and Big Pillows.

If you want the room to be very flexible and in case you need extra space, to be able to space it up very quickly, you need to quit the sofas and armchairs. A great alternative for a family design living room is to go for stools and big special filled pillows. They can be easily moved, stored away or reused whenever needed, let’s say if you’re throwing a party or have some relative over for a night or two. Plus they’re much more fun than the normal armchairs and couches.


A family design living room needs to be intimate and cozy, so a fireplace must not miss from it. It offers the room a great atmosphere and it substitutes a campfire for a storytelling night. The kids will love it! But more important it’s to know that there are several types of fireplace you can use: there are electrical ones and even fake ones that use light instead of actual fire, so there are safer options if you’re of afraid of potential accidents.

Bigger Storage Spaces.

Whether you’re spending time there to read, to talk or simply to play board games together, you need a storage space for the games, for cups of tea or coffee and for extra blankets, so think it ahead and include some closets or shelves for depositing this. Plus, it’s much easier to have it all close to you than to make tens of trips to the kitchen to bring this or that.

No matter what type of design you choose and how you place the furniture, it’s compulsory to have a great time with your family and to do it as often as possible!

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