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For those days with unbelievable heat when the sun is shining high in the sky, you should try out these delicious fast fruit desserts!

Fast Fruit Desserts: Fresh Dessert

We all know those moments when we want to eat something fresh, delicious, but at the same time easy to cook. If there aren’t many cakes that need a short cooking time, thankfully there are lots of ideas for fast fruit desserts that will save you from spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Let’s see some ideas!

1. Use chocolate! Of course, what can’t miss from a delicious dessert? Chocolate! Probably the most popular dessert is made of strawberries covered in chocolate, but you can also vary the menu. Try bananas and chocolate and basically any of your favorite fruits will taste amazingly if you want this combination on your plate!

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2. Make crazy combinations! You like pistachio, coconut and pineapple? Why not combine them for a fast fruit dessert? Add cream, coconut milk and sprinkle chocolate over and you’ll have one of the tastiest desserts you have ever tasted in virtually no time! Also, the combinations can vary a lot, and the limit is only your imagination. Moreover, this idea is great if you have some guests over, since you can prepare a separate dessert for everybody, depending on their own taste and preferences.

3. Ice Cream. What reminds you most of summer other than ice cream? Don’t be afraid to use it in the craziest combinations. You can add the same fruit the ice cream is made of, for instance if you have a bowl of pineapple ice cream, you can add some fresh pieces of pineapple to complete the taste. Alternatively, you can combine several flavors, for instance, real cherries with chocolate ice cream, or vanilla with raspberry, strawberry, etc. Add some caramel topping for extra sweetness!

4. Alcohol. Even though it shouldn’t be used in large quantities, alcohol is a great idea for a fruit salad or a fast fruit dessert. Add some Grand Marnier and some lemon juice over strawberries and add whipped cream. You will be amazed to see how much this changes the original taste and how the dessert gets new subtle fresh hints.

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5. Freeze fruits. A great addition to any dessert are the frozen fruits. Cut pieces of banana, kiwi and berries and store them in the freezer. Then use them for any fast fruit desserts, combine them with the already mentioned ingredients or simply with a couple of them. More than that, this idea is brilliant because you can use the fruits for other things in the kitchen also. If you’re making a more complicated recipe, you can make it even more delicious by sprinkling frozen berries, not to mention that they are a great companion to ice cream or even smoothies.

6. Mix hot and cold. A surprising, yet tasty combination is the mix between hot and cold. If you love pancakes, try combining them while they’re hot with some ice cream and also some frozen fruits. The melting ice cream is absolutely delicious, while the fruits bring some extra flavor to a great dish!

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