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See here some ideas for a great feminine bathroom and a delicate design!

Dear ladies, whether you live alone or have your own bathroom, different from your partner’s, perhaps you want to have your own style when decorating it. Although it may sound easy to decorate it however you wish, for a special effect you should read our feminine bathroom ideas we prepared just for you!

1. Choose feminine colors. Of course, a feminine bathroom shouldn’t be all pink or pale blue, but dark colors do not actually reflect the delicate side of such a design. However, you can use your imagination: play around with pastel and neutral colors. For instance, you can combine peach shades with white accents or even turquoise details.

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2. Go for delicate accents. If you’re not a fan of feminine and delicate colors, you can use some smart tricks in order to still recreate this style. Choose dark or “serious” colors and complete them with delicate accents. For instance, if you would like a black bathroom because it’s definitely more elegant, you can combine it with pastel or even brightly-colored ribbons, large patterns and any decorations you can think of.

Feminine Bathroom Ideas: Mirror Tips

3. Use mirrors. Mirrors are a great way of establishing the style of a room, and this is perhaps one of the easiest feminine bathroom ideas for a decor. They can be a smart way of playing with the light in the bathroom, which is great if you don’t have large windows, but you can also use them as decorations. Choose one with intricate or elegant decorations on the edges and you’ll see how fast your bathroom can go from a dull room to a very feminine one. Pro tip: you can use small mirrors placed strategically around the bathroom to obtain the desired effect.

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4. Don’t be afraid to use lace. Usually people avoid lace because it looks too delicate or elegant, but in this case, if you want to enjoy the best feminine bathroom ideas, you should totally go for lace. Of course, you shouldn’t overuse it, but some lace around the mirror or decorative towels with such adornments are perfect. You can even use some thin curtains or something similar for the windows if you want to truly use the lace effect to the maximum.

Feminine Bathroom Ideas: Mirror Tips

5. Choose feminine patterns. Flowers, polka dots, delicate patterns are all great ideas for wallpapers and not only. Right from the start, the wallpaper counts a lot for the final image of the design, so you might want to think well about the pattern you intend to use. Further on, you can continue that pattern in other decorations in the bathroom: rugs, shower curtain etc. Some people even use the same pattern for other objects in the bathroom, like lids, for instance. Last but not least, what’s really important is to find your own style and your own kind of femininity so that the bathroom could reflect your personality the best: some women have a more aggressive style, while others prefer more peaceful decorations, so it’s all up to you!

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