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If you're looking for a new way to decorate your home, try the Filipino style. Simple, smart and natural!

Filipino Home Decor: Warm Colors

Although it’s not such a popular style, the Filipino home decor style is indeed a very beautiful decorating style and one that is suitable rather for small spaces than large areas, though you can easily adapt it. If you’re not familiar with this way of decorating your home or if you’ve heard about it but don’t know how exactly to integrate it in your home, read on to find out what are its main principles and how to apply them.

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The most important principle you need to know about Filipino home decor is that it’s based on natural elements. It’s a logic consequence if you think about the placement, climate and the surroundings of the Philippines, so one of the first things you need to do when you want to use this interior decor is to look for light wood furniture. Light colors also help in creating this relaxing atmosphere that is in accordance with nature. Warm shades of brown are perfect for this, although you can try some white touches too.

Following the same natural principle, you can also integrate elements like water or stones into your home interior design. It’s not unusual to find small (or large if you want) waterfalls indoor, not to mention indoor swimming pools. The waterfalls can also flow in a beautiful and relaxing manner besides the white rocks that remind you of the sea. Moreover, you can place the stones in the plant pots you have around the house for an extra touch of style. Although it’s recommended to use white stones, you can also use grey ones. Extra tip: mix differently colored stones together in the pots for more originality and class.

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Hand in hand with naturalness, simplicity is another important characteristic of the Filipino home decor style. There is a small amount of patterns used here, and by this we mean you should choose simple furniture, avoid intricate designs, and choose uni models for cushions, sheets and everything else. Occasionally, you can use a bright pattern on small objects around, but don’t overdo it, otherwise you’ll lose the very charm of this style. If you don’t want you interior design to look dull but also want to avoid too many patterns for fear of ruining the aspect, you can choose one element to be in a bright color. For instance, a bright red couch can be the piece of resistance in the living room and will certainly brighten up the decor.

Last but not least, remember to take advantage as much as possible of the natural light you can get. Don’t place furniture items in front of the window so as not to block the light and if you are in the process of construction of your home, make sure you save space for large windows. Although it may not seem that important, lighting is so important in the look of an interior design, and especially in the Filipino home decor one, since it’s based on naturalness.

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