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Protect your furniture with these elegant pet covers.

Every pet lover must know that animals come with some risks that is why you need to protect your furniture because they use to destroy everything just for fun.

In order to protect your sofas, armchairs and other furniture buy some pet furniture covers and don’t worry about them being destroyed anymore.

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Reversible Flannel and Sherpa Chair Furniture Cover in Loden: Your lovely sofa will be well protected with this flannel and your pet can lie without stress on it. It is also very beautiful and elegant. Made of micro suede captures loose hair and protects furniture from dirt and digging claws.

sofa flannel pet home caprice

Memory Foam Quilted Chair Furniture Cover in Burgundy: Paws and pet hair will now be allowed on your furniture anymore. It is a removable memory-foam pad and diamond-pattern quilting. It is a luxurious item which offers high-class comfort. It includes convenient pockets on the arms to store remotes and more.

armchair protect against pet hair home caprice

Deluxe Pet Burgundy Furniture Loveseat Throw Cover:  This is an easy pet cover which will protect your furniture against dogs, cats, pet fur and stains. It is very easy to install: you just simply drape over your furniture and that’s it.

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sofa pet cover home caprice

Posh Faux Fur Pet Blanket in Brown: this machine-washable with a soft faux fur brown cover and a white sherpa inside. You can use it as a warm spot on the floor or in a crate for your pet. It protects furniture from paws.

paws cover home caprice

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Take these for your house and protect your beloved furniture with these elegant covers. Your pet will be comfortable on them, your furniture happy and yourself relaxed.

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If you get attached to things very much, don't throw them away, reuse them!

We get attached with things, especially those in which we invest money and feelings. There are things that we can’t just throw them away or pass them forward because they remind us of things that happened and they seem to keep the memories impregnated in them.

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So what will we do with the furniture we don’t longer use? We reuse it:). More explicit we find unusual but interesting way to make it useful.

  • Vintage Message Board: if it happens to have a vintage message board and you want to keep it but you don’t know where to store it or what to do with it than it easy. Hang a mattress spring on the wall, clean it from rust and treat it with a clear overcoat for a more vintage look.

vintage oversize furniture homecaprice

  • Cottage-Style Display Shelf: don’t underestimate the power of imagination and interior design and never think of an item is has no use. For example, Melissa Michaels who works at The Inspired Room, took a small, funny colored stepladder and transformed it in a display shelf and eye-pleaser. The great thing is that the room will look more creative and stylish

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Original_Melissa-Michaels-repurposed-ladder home caprice

  • Transformation of a dresser: Everyone has an old dresser that they want to change, but instead of changing it why not transforming it in a bright funny kids dresser. Paint it with a bright color that your child loves, write something funny on it or paint your child’s favorite animal and it seems you have a brand new playful dresses. You can even let your child paint on it or draw it with chalkboard, in this way it will look even more irresistible.

dresser transformation home caprice

  • Storage Container: If it happens to have tea tins then don’t throw them away. Play with them. Transform a storage container in a stylish one by painting it in different styles.

“Fill the tin with office supplies, kitchen dry goods or bathroom toiletries,” Marian Parsons of Mustard Seed Interiors

-storage-container_home capirce

  • Make it Practical: don’t be afraid of your own creativity and take a piece of furniture and make it functional again. Hoosier cupboards used to be very popular back in 20th century. If you have one of this and you don’t know what to do with it, refinish and paint it and you will have a new practical office desk. It will look vintage and modern at the same time. Because it has many drawers you can storage anything you want right next to you.

refinished-white-cabinet home caprice

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I will come back with more ideas about how can you reuse the furniture you don’t want to throw. Have fun.

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If you can afford to spoil yourself in every possible way, you should not forget about buying luxury furniture for your house. However, you should be careful when arranging all the details indoor, since some wrong placements can ruin the general effect.

Round edges

UAE is a wonderful country, and if you think about Dubai, what comes to mind easier than luxury? This global capital of luxury alone has a great industry and has faced a huge development very fast. In this context, the luxury furniture is a very popular thing in the UAE. Here are some tips regarding this type of furniture:

Shiny accents. Every luxurious piece of furniture should have a shiny accent to underline its exclusiveness. Try using crystal or simple glass as adornments to chairs, armchairs and so on. Alternatively, as a clever trick you can use mirrors around the room. Not only they make it look more elegant, but also give more light and the illusion of more space.

Adornments. Simple pieces of furniture make you think of a rather minimalist style of decoration, so for luxury furniture go for adorned mirrors, armchairs, couches or tables. It doesn’t matter if it’s flowers, garlands or small statuettes, all that matters is the general appearance of the luxury furniture.

Quality materials. Choose high end materials for the furniture items: velvet for couches, satin for curtains or decorative cushions, quality rugs or bed linens if we’re talking about the bedroom. Although this may not seem important, the overall aspect of a room when using quality materials changes completely. Of course, these can also have richly adorned patterns to complete the general idea.

Elegant colors. Surely, luxury furniture must come in matching colors, you can’t have a luxury armchair in bright pink, for instance. Choose calm or warm colors, such as dark beige, purple, pearly white etc. Also, you can combine strong colors with designs of silver and gold, for extra effect.

Wallpapers. Ideally, you should have elegant wallpapers that will match the patterns in the rest of the room. However, you shouldn’t choose the same shade of the furniture, but create a contrast that is pleasant to the eye. In this sense, it would be better to consult a specialist in what concerns combinations of colors and patterns.

Use art. There’s nothing more appropriate to match some luxury furniture than art. Use paintings, sculptures or any other works of art that will complete your room’s look. The best part about this is that you can choose your favorite works of art and see them every day. They can even replace the burden of thinking about what to decorate the room with.

Round edges. Last but not least, round edges really create an impression of elegance and luxury. Almost all luxury furniture items have round edges. That’s logical if you think that edgy furniture transmits aggressiveness and round one makes you think of soft things, comfort and relaxation and therefore, luxury.

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