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Show your love and respect to the Earth that gives you air!

We live in a world of technology and technology uses a lot of energy which we should start saving it and how could we save it better then not with echo-friendly gadgets which are very ingenious and of course a friend of the Earth.

Today I decided to present you several interesting echo-friendly gadgets which you will find very useful and if you are looking for methods to save energy these are the best things invented for this reason. 

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1)Brunton SolarRoll: Everybody knows how powerful the Sun is and many people choose to use its power instead of consuming energy from the ordinary sources. Sunlight power should be used more often because solar-powered gadgets are of course echo-friendly. A solarroll is a panel used to charge cell phones, digital camera and even a car battery which is amazing. I am pretty sure you already heard about it. It was designed by Brunton in three models and each of them produces 3 different outputs. 4.5, 9 and 14 watts.The models are created of Tefzel fluoropolymer for a better resistance and they are waterproof in case you were thinking taking them with you on a boat. This device is not that expensive so everyone should afford it if they want to be an Earth friend.

echo-friendly gadgets sollar roll home caprice

2)RoboMower RL850: Forget about how you used to cut your lawn and start using a robotic lawnmower. There are several reasons you should start using these echo friendly gadgets. First of all, because they offer you free time when you can do whatever you want and of course this gadget doesn’t harm the environment because it doesn’t use gas or oil. All you have to do is to lay a wire around the outer edges of your lawn and then attach it to pegs. Being a very smart gadget, it will recognize the wire and it will follow it. It has sensors which detect trees, rock or any other obstacles. It is designed with a 5800-rpm blade speed, so you lawn will look amazing.

RoboMower-RL850T echo friendly gadgets home caprice

3)Kyocera FS-3900DN Printer: Your printer should be ecological too especially if you use it a lot. This printer works as a workgroup monochrome laser completely ozone free. An positive electrical charge was put to the printer rollers and in this way it won’t harm the environment.  It features a 500-sheet standard paper drawer, 64MB of RAM, USB host printing, and a recyclable plastic toner cartridge.

eco-friendly gadgets home caprice

4)The Lumen: This gadget is amazing. It uses your own body heat to produce light. It is a very small device and all you have to do is touch it and it works instantly producing electric current provided by your heat. It has a thermoelectric generator and its metal body acts as a radiator.

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Lumen-The-Eternal-Flashlight echo friendly gadgets home caprice

5)Garden Critter Solar Light: Those families who live in a house with a garden should think about their gardens to be lighten by echo-friendly gadgets. During the day, these gadgets steal energy from the sun and at night they beautifully glow.

echo friendly gadgets garden home caprice

6)The ClickStick is the world’s first smart deodorant. Pretty interesting isn’t it?  This deodorant has a push-button system which will give only the exactly amount of antiperspirant you need, not more and not less. It is synced up with your smartphone and follows up your personal habits and gives you an alert when you need to be refreshed. I just love it.

ClickStick-Deoderant echo friendly deodorant home caprice

Miito: Waste no more water and immediately search for this fabulous device. An echo-friendly gadget which heats your water. Fill only one cup of water from now one and place the device on the cup’s base, insert the rod and it will boil your water very quickly. It fits in any container you want to use and works in any container that is more important.

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Miito_Front_echo-friendly gadgets home caprice

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Meet the most innovative kitchen gadgets that will change your life completely!

We spend a significant time in a kitchen. Some of us serve coffee there, tea, snacks beside breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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But what if our time spent in the kitchen will be from now on changed forever by some unique incredible kitchen gadgets that are purely innovative. If you never heard of them before, now it’s high time to find out from where you can procure them.

  • Blade Herb Scissors by Kitchen Basics, helps you cut herbs five time faster. You just have to snip the herbs over your saute pan or directly on the salad. Forget about the cutting board or the knife, you can cut them directly into the dish you’re preparing.

kitchen gadget home caprice

  • Kitchen Pizza Scissors. If you are into pizza and you want to serve it perfectly you need this gadget immediately. An ingenious gadget cutting pizza which can be handled very easy. You just have to cut the pizza with it and serve it with the serving part.

Kitchen-Pizza-Scissors gadget home caprice

  • ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker. Beside being very ingenious, this gadget also is environmentally friendly manual espresso maker created with durable engine-grade metal guaranteed to last more than 10 years. It comes with a stainless steel frothier which produces rich milk great for lattes, cappucino or macchiato and the best thing is that you won’t use electricity at all.

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ROK-Presso-Manual-Espresso-Maker gadgets home caprice

  • Automatic Wine Opener with Foil Cutter. This is definitely that wine opener we all need and the only one we need! It operates easy and removes natural or synthetic corks. It can’t be lost or misplaces.You can recharge it and has the capacity to recharge 50 bottles on a single charge. The illuminated LED light shows you if it’s charging correctly.

Automatic-Wine-Opener gadgets home caprice

  • FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System. Because we want our food always fresh and healthy this gadget helps us keep it fresh five times longer. It combines form and function with a sleek, compact design and easy-to-use manual operation. Your kitchen really needs it!

FoodSaver-Vacuum-Sealing-System gadgets home caprice

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These gadgets are specially created to ease your work and to make time spent in the kitchen more interesting and nice. The above gadgets will change your life completely! 


Technology is catching up more and more even with the kitchen gadgets, thing that makes our lives much easier, so have a look at the latest futuristic kitchen gadgets around.

Kitchen gadgets: tower heater

Technology is incorporating in our lives more and more, and no wonder it has gotten into the kitchen too. Kitchen robots and ovens belong to the past now, it’s time for the futuristic kitchen gadgets to take over! Make some space for instant Googling of recipes, virtual chefs and iPad stands!

Bluetooth speaker and stand. This new invention helps you browse the web for recipes, watch cooking videos and entertain yourself while cooking with some music, as simple as it is to use your voice to command it. Moreover, it can be used as an iPad stand to keep you updated with all the news.

Cabinet mount. Let’s face it, many people bring their iPads in the kitchen to help them look for the recipe, check the news, Facebook and so on. But where do you keep it? It can get dirty or damaged if you place it directly on the counter where you cook, so a cabinet mount can be the perfect solution for this.

iPad stand. An iPad stand, eventually a wooden one, can prove to be very useful in the kitchen. If you use some protection on it you can safely handle it with wet or dirty hands and it will be just fine. More than that, a wooden stand can nicely complement the rest of the interior decor you have chosen for your kitchen, underlining the contrast between old and new in a fashionable way by incorporating futuristic kitchen gadgets.

Smart kitchen. How would it be if you used a counter for cooking on it, but at the same time you could see on it recipes, quantities, suggestions and everything you may need in the kitchen? Thankfully, among the newest futuristic kitchen gadgets there is such a smart kitchen counter.

Mobile kitchen. Sometimes you need a kitchen to go, since we’re in this epoch of speed, so you can find it available by Electrolux. The guys there designed a smart kitchen that resembles the design of a laptop, so you can easy carry it around. It’s especially useful when traveling.

Global Chef. This is an invention that makes you not so lonely in the kitchen. It basically uses holograms of famous chefs or even stars around the world to help you in the kitchen. Also, it can reduce kitchen noise, analyze the ingredients you place in the bowl and look for recipes using them and many other functionalities.

Tower Food Warmer. This brilliant idea, one of the most useful futuristic kitchen gadgets, keeps salads, pizza and any other food warm in this tower. It has separate containers, so the food won’t mix, and you can be sure that by the time you get home, the food will be warm and ready to eat. You can now say goodbye to cold and gummy pizza and have warm food at any moment you want. Now that’s useful technology!

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If you modernize your entire home, don't forget about the kids room. There are specially conceived gadgets for your kid and for his room that can be really helpful in what concerns his entertainment, but also his safety.

Activity motivator

Technology seems to be everywhere these days, and it does not exclude the children. As much as you’d want to delay as much as possible their first smartphone, tablet or any kind of gadget, statistics show that the age when a child gets his first gadget is lower and lower. However, if you think about it, gadgets can really make your life easier as a parent too. You can have the children under your watch easier and you can communicate with them more often. Here are some ideas of kids room gadgets to give you some inspiration.

Activity Tracker. It’s not a smartwatch, nor a smartphone, but it can surely keep you in touch with your kid. This solution is perfect if you don’t want to get your kid a smart gadget yet, but you still want to have the advantages of technological communication. This way you can keep track of him when he’s in a crowded place, or when he’s not at home, basically all the time.

Animated Toys. As much as you’d like to cling to the old toys, you have to admit that the little ones now have far more interesting toys than other generations had. For instance, animated toys are one of the most loved kids room gadgets. They can talk, laugh, tell stories, in a word, entertain the children all the time. But what’s even better is that you can always place a surveillance camera in it, for example if your kid is supervised by a nanny, to check how she is treating him.

Activity Motivator. You can place in the kids’ room or give the kid to wear an activity motivator. Through a really clever system, it determines children to achieve several milestones. It encourages them by using positive remarks and suggestions and it has been proven that can be really useful and motivating on the long run.

Chameleon Vision Goggles. These goggles are specially built so that you can have a 360 degree vision and so, to detect anything around you. They will be very loved by the children, who can select which angle they want to see, and they can even see behind them thanks to the hidden mirrors inside.

Special teddy bear that helps the children learn how to read. Yes, one of the kids room gadgets you totally need to buy is the teddy bear that helps them learn how to read. Quite a great invention actually, and pretty useful too. It uses simple games and sounds to help the children associate each letter with a sound and then to be able to read by themselves.

However, as useful as these gadgets may seem and as easier as they will make your job, don’t forget that at the end of the day no gadget can actually replace the love of a parent. Human interaction is something that is less and less valued these days, but it’s perhaps the most important resource a child can get from his parents.

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