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Make your bedroom much more healthy by following these simple and useful tips and tricks!

Healthy Bedroom: Clean sheets

Specialists say that we spend approximately a third of our lives in the bedroom. That’s why it’s very important to make sure that you have a healthy bedroom and that you don’t run any risks of getting sick from different bacteria or other stuff in the room. Read on our tips on how to keep your bedroom clean and healthy!

  • Check the mold history of the house. If the house is very old, it might not be properly termically isolated, so you should check for this. The temperature and humidity are perfect environments for bacteria in the mold to develop. And if you think mold is just an annoying thing on your walls, you might want to know that it’s among the causes of respiratory problems or skin and nail infections. If you’re not sure, you might want to talk to your allergist and ask him about the proper conditions. And since we’re here, you should check the status of your mattress too. Throughout the years, lots of dust mites and bacteria can hide in the texture, so be careful with that!

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  • Create the conditions for a proper sleeping session. Remove any light or noise from the bedroom. Doctors usually recommend a chilly temperature in the room for a more profound sleep, so you might want to follow that advice for a more healthy bedroom. Also, try to block any light coming from outside, so that nothing will wake you up, and try to remove as many tech objects as possible from the room. Apparently, they have a great influence on the quality of our sleep. Moreover, you could use a humidifier or a dehumidifier if you feel the air is too dry or too humid.
  • Keep pets out. As much as you’d love your dog or your cat, it’s better to keep it away from your bedroom. Try playing with it in the living room, for instance, but it’s not at all recommendable to have all that stray hair lying around. Think about the fact that you’re actually inhaling it all the time you’re sleeping or simply staying in the bedroom. For this reason, if you want a healthy bedroom, it’s recommendable not to sleep with your pet in the same bed.

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  • Use healthy cleaners and detergents. You might want to prepare them yourself, but if you don’t, you can always buy green cleaners from the store. There is a simple logic behind this advice: the less chemicals you bring into the bedroom, the better!
  • Stay out of the bedroom as much as possible. For a healthy bedroom, try not to bring in too much germs or bacteria from outside. That’s not as complicated as it sounds and you don’t need to have a space suit on before entering, but you should stick to some simple rules, like don’t lay on the bed with the street clothes, don’t walk into the room with the street shoes, even if they appear to be clean and so on.

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Maintain a healthy house if you want to protect yourself and your family by following some simple steps: clean as often as possible and keep a healthy level of humidity and temperature.

clean floors for a healthy house

Along with the development of science, more and more cleaning products or ideas have appeared. However, recently people have started to wonder if all those products are really healthy or they are doing more damage than you would think. The question of how to maintain a healthy house has been posed by many people, and especially in the UAE, where the level of dust particles in the air is quite high.

One great idea in order to maintain a healthy house is to buy a humidifier or a dehumidifier. Depending on the needs of your house (there are specialists that can assess how pure the air in your home is), you can buy one of these devices and solve the issue of humidity in your home. If you think this is not that important, just remember about all the bacteria that blooms whenever the environment is humid enough and that you unknowingly breathe into your lungs.

Another solution would be to be careful with the level of dust particles in the air. On the long run, it’s not good at all to have high levels of dust in your house, because all the dusts enters your lungs. You cannot isolate your home completely, but you can try to reduce the dust. Try to clean the house as often as possible, using the vacuum cleaner. Also, try to isolate the windows and the doors and install some protections (for instance, curtains) that would reduce the amount of dust that enters whenever you open the door or the windows.

Maintain a healthy house also by keeping the right temperature. However attractive it may seem on a hot day to set the air conditioner as low as possible, think that the difference of temperature between the indoor and the outdoor is not healthy at all for you. Plus if you keep going in and out of the house, this alternance will most likely “help” you catch a cold, even in the middle of the summer. Moreover, people who are more sensitive tend to have headaches, backaches or tooth aches when being exposed to air conditioning for long periods of time.

Careful with what cleaning products you’re using! Avoid as much as possible cleaning products based on ammonia or chlorine, since inhaling these substances on long periods of time can cause serious health problems, more serious than you would think. If you’re not a fan of doing your own cleaning substances or simply you don’t have time, try buying the bio version of them. You can find products based on baking soda, which is not harmful, but it does a great job in cleaning. Internet is a great source for finding what cleaners are good for your health or not, plus you can always read the label on them before buying anything.

If you have a dog or a cat, it is important to clean the entire house every once in a while, because inhaling or swallowing dog/cat hair is not recommendable and not that healthy. Even so, you can still maintain a healthy house by using the right products and cleaning everything at least once a week.

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