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A home theater is a great investment that offers you indeed the full experience of watching a movie. However, after you decide to have one, you should have a look at some home theater designs to get inspired.

Interesting Home Theaters: Cinema-like

Watching a movie is an activity everybody loves, so why not take advantage of it and have a nice home theater that you can enjoy whenever you want? It’s much more comfortable to enjoy the conditions of a great cinema in the comfort of your own house, so have a look at these great interesting home theaters.

High Tech Interesting Home Theaters. There are lots of high tech home theaters that have a futuristic design. They are great if you have a modern design in your home and if you want to create a more cold and tech-y atmosphere around.

’20s Style. You can go for a more elegant and stylish design for your home theater, especially if you love that era. Perhaps one of the most interesting home theaters style, the ’20s style is suitable for those who are nostalgic of the time and love to decorate and adorn the walls, the couches and anything around. However, when you decide to use this style, you should buy other similar decorations as well.

Oriental Design. For those who love the oriental style, you might want to know that you can decorate your home theater in this way. Just add extra large pillows, curtains and choose some specific oriental pattern to complement the rest of the arrangement. Furthermore, you can use some aromatic candles or oils to make you feel like you’re in an exotic country.

Luxurious Style. If you have seen “Titanic”, you may know what’s true luxury and excessive decorations. Usually, for more luxury you should combine red velvet on chairs or walls with golden or silver adornments.

Childish Playroom. You can choose a color scheme with bright colors like yellow, blue, green and red for a more relaxed and childish atmosphere. This is a great idea for interesting home theaters especially if you have children and want to watch often movies together with them.

One Color. If you love so much one color, you can obtain one of the most interesting home theaters by using only one color. For instance, you can paint the walls a light red shade and choose the chairs or sofas a bright red.

Neutral Colors. If you don’t want to get distracted from the movie with strong colors, it’s much easier to choose neutral ones. White, grey or beige are ideal for a simply elegant home theater. More than that, they are perfect if you want to further accessorize them or change the decorations around, so they offer you a flexible design.

Minimalist Design. If you like minimalist modern designs, you can try continuing the idea in your home theater as well. Just choose simple minimalist chairs and colored cushions or furniture. A glass coffee table may be very useful but it can also add to the minimalist overall design.

Spacecraft Design. You should really put some work into creating a futuristic spacecraft design if you like S.F. movies, for instance. Also, blue is the most recommended color for this style, since it’s cold and very bright.

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