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Your shoes never felt more comfortable!

shoe rack

I know that shoe addiction can become a real problem when you no longer have  place to put them and than is why they become a problem.

But because we area creative persons with imagination and motivation, today I will give you some interesting ideas about how you can create your own shoe rack. This can be a very fun activity which allows you to create something by yourself and to make it exactly as you wish.

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And because in many parts of the world October comes with cold weather, shoes for this kind of temperatures must be the replacement of those Summer shoes.

  • REPURPOSE WALL MOLDINGS. This is that kind of rack that shows exactly your personality, especially because it is a rack for heels shoes and because you love your heels you feel the need to show them to other people and this is the simplest way they can admire your shoes. Jenna McArthur, took a disassembled picture frame and transformed it into an array of wall-mounted display racks.

Tip: Buy wall molding from a home improvement store, cut them to size and put the paint you want on them.


  • ASSEMBLE PVC PIPE CUBBIES, You would have never thought of this wouldn’t you, because you would normally hide the PVC pipes behind something, but when your imagination is let to create the result is this. All you have to do is the ask the supply store to cut the into pieces and after you just have to put glue and stick them on the wall.

home made ideas

  • SUSPEND WIRE HANGERS. Footwear on the wall looks interesting, you can put it on the back of your closet or in a bedroom corner. This is the best idea when it comes to sandals or flat soled shoes. You need a wire clothing hangers, a string, a yarn or rope.

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home made ideas

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These are the easiest ways of creating your own rack which is a funnier way of finding a place for your shoes. You can ask your family help you and have the opportunity to create something together.

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Start creating your own personalized vases.


Match your personality with interior or exterior accessories like vases and create your own magnificent creations. Nothing compares with something you design and create and you will definitely smile every time your eyes encounter them.

Your imagination can’t wait to be your partner in creating your personalized vases and I assure you that the result will be marvelous.

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Because flowers are a reason to be happy and they always bring energy in our homes, let’s create special vases for them to welcome them in a proper way.

Wooden Vases  can become your most beloved item in your home. Pick colors which go perfectly with your furniture and be amazed by what you can do with some sculpted wood and some paints. These can be either elegant and classy or you can make them joyful and funny for your children’ room.



Cardboard Vase can be a perfect reason for you and your family to start having some quality time together. Creating something together will help you bound and have an amazing time. This will become a fabulous family memory. Just let your imagination dance and the rest will come by itself.


Handmade hanging glass vase can be spectacular. You need a ball or a bulb and the rest is up to you. Its shape and how you play with it is your call. I assure you the result will astonish you and you will do this more often.

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If you have some bottles of milk which you kept for something, well the reason you kept them is because you can create beautiful vases of them. You just have to paint them and make them look as your entire soul is a part of their creation.





If you use to drink soda and you kept the bottles, leave them as they are and just hang them in a place where they will give light and airness to the room.


Jars are the perfect home for flowers because you can beautify them as you want. Paint, stick something on them, create them a piece of cloth, anything you think it will look special and unique.



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If you take a look really carefully around your house, you might notice that almost anything can become a marvelous unique vase, so start being more creative and never say you are bored again, because you can always create something new. Handmade vases will always bring more happiness to your home.



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