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Tired of making always a chaos when you are cooking? Organize your kitchen smart and easy with some DIY tricks!

organize your kitchen

If you like to cook for sure you have so much ustensils and ingredients in your kitchen, and when you need them you just making a chaos.

But if you organize your kitchen smart, you will can handle more easier with all the things and you will see that you will be more faster when you will cooking.

organize your kitchen

Let’s see some triks for a organized kitchen

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1. Use the six-pack of beer for your fridge. Sometimes when you open the fridge you don’t find anything there, but the six-packs will help you with the saussage bottles, like ketchup, mayonesee, etc

2. Use jars and the plastic boxes. It will help you to find more easier the ingredients and you’re cabinets will be more organized.

organize your kitchen


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3.  Stickers everywhere. Write on the stickers the names of the ingredients, it will be more easier to found it and for sure you will organise your kitchen more easy.

4. Priorities. Make order in your ingredients and put the most used ingredients in a affordable place.

5. Magnetic spice rack. Create an magnetic spice rack, it will work well on the side of your fridge or on the inside of your cabinets.

organize your kitchen

6. Organize your cabinets. Put the small things in a plastic basket.

7. Hang the useful things. You can use the inside of cabinets to put hooks for rags and pot holders.

8. Vertical space. Use the vertical space and put some shelves on top of your shelves.

organize your kitchen


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9. Hangers again. Hang the pots and pans, it will be more easier to use them.

10. Recycle the old things. Use the magazines holders for the Ziplock bags and aluminium roles.


Sometimes it’s good to know about each other, and if we find ourselves in another culture we can apply something from there in our home.

oriental style

We all know that every country and every culture have a different style of living. The interior design and the decoration is just another aspect that represent the people’s culture.

For the lovers of the details, warm and strong colors, patterns and for sure luxury, we have the Arabic style.

The Arabic interior design is very extravagant, most of all with unique details and with a magnificent blend of color, but it always offers  personality to your home.

If you decide to bring some oriental style in your home, you can use small and subtle  details which represent this beautiful culture and creating a balance between the stiles, and for sure to offer an elegant solution for any space.

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1. Mixing the traditional with the modern. If you choose to decorate your space with some oriental pieces, you can use just a pendant lighting and a metalwork items for your walls, and for sure don’t forget about the patterns, in this example you can find it on the floor. To create a mix between traditional style and modern style you can use neutral colors, that helps your space atmosphere to become more soft and light.

arabic design
arabic design

2.  Prints and details everywhere. The details and the color palette are very specific for the Arabic style, in specially the baroque print will always have a first place in this kind of decorating. It’s good to know that in Arabia the golden is one of the most used color, but blue and turquoise looks great in this example.

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arabic design
arabic design

3. Subtles details and curved lines. If your home have some arcades, you can decorate them with some Arabic prints, like the MIMAR interior exemple, and don’t forget that the curved lines are another specific thing for this excentric style. And, like in the all the styles, the lighting design is very important, so if you want just to bring a little part of Arabia in your home, you can choose a chandelier with a lot of details, and in the evenings you will have the walls, ceiling and floor full of oriental patterns.

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arabic design
arabic design

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Are you troubled by the fact that you have to design your living room? Check out our useful tips!

Living Room Decorating Tips: Modern Look

Decorating a living room is not such an easy task as it seems, especially if you want to obtain an exquisite design and a great room for relaxation. That’s why we prepared for you some useful living room decorating tips, to make this task easier for you!

1. Lighten up the room. If you have a small room or if you don’t get enough natural light, lighten and brighten it up by using white. It doesn’t matter if you choose white for pillows, rugs or walls, the effect will be lighter and classier.

Living Room Decorating Tips: Light Up

2. Mix styles. Usually living rooms that respect only one style are quite boring, so we would recommend you to mix several styles. Of course, you should be careful with keeping the harmony throughout the room, but this gives you the freedom of combining several furniture items and decorations that don’t belong to the same style.

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3. Divide the room. Use the walls, ceiling and other decorations to separate several areas in the living room, or even the living room itself from other spaces if you have open rooms. You can separate them for different purposes (e.g., one reading area, playing area etc) or just for design reasons: a red area, yellow one and so on.

Living Room Decorating Tips:  Layered Colors

4. Layer neutral colors. In order to avoid the plain boring look of an aesthetically neutral living room, you should layer them throughout the living room. For instance, use white for furniture items, but go for more elegant neutral colors for decorations: beige, cream, pale pink and so on. Placing a pastel colored cushion on a white sofa will create a truly special effect.

5. Fake your own art gallery. One of the smartest living room decorating tips is to fake an art gallery in your own home. You don’t need to have expensive paintings for this (although if you do, that’s even better!), you just need to hang all the paintings you have on just one wall. It will look beautifully and make your home much more sophisticated.

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6. Use historic elements. Why buy a new coffee table when you can improvise? Take grandma’s old trunk from the attic and put it to good use by replacing the modern coffee table! Not only you will have something that has sentimental value, but you will also spare the money and effort of buying a new one.

Living Room Decorating Tips: Colorful Room

7. Pull the furniture away from the walls. Although you might think that this helps in making the room look lighter or would use the space better, you might be surprised to find out that one of the most clever living room decorating tips is to pull it away from the walls. It creates extra space and the impression that the room is larger, plus it is more creative.

8. Use surprises! In order to make it look newer and more original, you can use surprising materials. For instance, think out of the box and choose an unusual fireplace or coffee table to bring an element of surprise!

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If you love animals, you will be happy to see here some useful tips and ideas to make a pet friendly interior decor!

Pet Friendly Interior Design: Pet Door

Pet lovers, gather round! Today we have prepared you a great list of tips on how to make your home more suitable for pets. The issue isn’t only about the design, but also about their safety. Many people tend to think that when you have a pet, it’s enough to buy them what they need and that’s it, but things are not that simple. There are lots of things that can or need to be changed around the house after you get a pet, so that everybody can be safe. Let’s see some tips on a pet friendly interior design!

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1. Replace some of the furniture. It might sound quite expensive or tiring, especially if you do this for just one pet, but if you have several, then it might be really important. Of course, we’re not talking here about pet fish or parrots, but cats or dogs, for instance, that is, if you prefer classic options and not exotic pets. In this case, cats and dogs can easily turn over a light furniture item and cause some trouble by breaking objects, injuring themselves and so on. Therefore, make sure that the furniture you have is well fixed onto the walls or floors and that it doesn’t flip over very easily!

2. Install furniture items and objects especially for them. Just like some pets love to chew on their toys, others love to cuddle in a corner or to relax on a huge pillow, for instance. Make sure you see what your pet prefers to do and arrange for them such corners of relaxation where they can sleep or relax. It might not seem much, but you won’t be bothered by occupying a corner you weren’t using anyway and your pet will be happy to have its own spot!

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3. Learn not to care so much about cleanliness. Of course, keeping a proper hygiene in your home is important both for you and for your pet, but there’s no use in exaggerating. Pets love to be dirty from time to time, and remember it’s not natural for them to have daily or weekly baths. So whenever you clean up your home, make sure you’re not using dangerous chemicals or that you don’t store them somewhere where you pet can reach.

4. Install small doors for them. If they are too tiny to reach the door, a pet friendly interior design would definitely include small special doors for the cats or dogs to walk through. They also feel the need to walk a lot around the house, to explore and so on, and it’s cruel to keep them isolated just because you don’t have suitable doors for that. Last but not least, remember to take them out for walks around the block as often as you can, because not even the most pet friendly interior design can replace the beauty of a walk outside!

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