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If you want to have a house that is something different from everything has anyone seen, Karim Rashid is the answer.

We all try to find inspiration in what interior designers create because of course we consider that interior designer never go wrong, or never choose wrong that is why we feel confident in their ideas.

Today I will present you the brilliant work of famous interior designer Karim Rashid who is a futuristic visionary who does excellent work with interiors. It’s like he had the chance to travel in future and steal some interior design ideas. His ideas are absolutely revolutionary and if you choose to inspire yourself from his work, your house will definitely look like no other.

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Ready to be amazed? Karim Rashid is an Egyptian designer like no other. He is very dedicated to what he does and has designed many products including interiors, fashion, furniture, lighting, art and even music installation.

His one of the best project is Smart-ologic Corian Living project, a work of art in the field of interior design and this fabulous creation was presented at an exhibition at Milan Design Week in 2010. Karim Rashid is an explorer. He is an explosion of modernism and energy. The colours he chooses are extravagant and unique, only for people who like being different. Its every creation is stylish and fancy. Karim’s signature are melting walls, transparent plastic panels rounded around the edges. You will see no right angles or sharp shapes in Karim’s art.

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famous interior designer Karim Rashid home caprice

famous interior designer Karim home caprice famous interior designer rashid home caprice

The bedroom is also something I bet you had never seen before, because everything is strategically ordered in such a way the visual impact will blow your mind with greatness. The bed is something from other space making you feel in a parallel world and the lights are inviting you only to relaxation or meditation

The desk and its chair are positioned in the middle of the room having an unusual but interesting shape having light under them. You will notice ordinary objects turned in pieces of art. There are not many things in the room, everything must be fresh and the feeling of open space it’s a must. Mirrors are an important detail because amplify the entire futurist design of the bedroom. Skeletons of bikes are used as art decorations, the carvings in the walls which are a support for flowers seem to be melted. You will feel exactly as in a fantasy story.

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famous interior designer bedroom desk home caprice famous interior designer bedroom home caprice famous interior designer bedroom homecaprice

I am pretty sure you are mesmerized with the beauty of Karim’s creation.

Beautify your house and life with glass ceilings and the entire aspect of the house will be changed.

I know that some time ago you were given some interesting information about how to design your ceiling. Well, today we are going to see some creative ideas of glass ceiling which are perfect for an elegant house where you create open space idea.

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Of course a glass ceiling is also great for natural lighting and the feeling of belonging to the nature.

We will begin with the idea of a glass ceiling in the bedroom, this time a modern bedroom, with a tall ceiling leaving the impression of incredible large space. Look how impressive does this simple bedroom looks like because of the idea of a glass ceiling. A lot of natural light, tickling your skin, watching the drops of rain having the feeling that it will touch you but at the same time you feel protected and the leaves which fall on the glass give a certain color to the room.

glass ceiling bedroom home caprice

Moving on to the living room, this next glass design will surely make you wish you build a new house all made by glass.This living room design receives a majestic touch with the tall glass ceiling and even the “walls” made by glass. The fact that you are surrounded by plants and nature and you are able to enjoy them at their most beautiful view, is what everyone should experience. I definitely love this living room.

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glass ceiling living room

If you have an attic, waste no time and create the perfect relaxation place where you can spend some quality time with yourself and the marvelous view surrounding you. Choose to build a glass ceiling because you want an accurate landscape adventure and nothing compares to some cold days spent in the warmth of your impressive attic.

glass ceiling home caprice

Your dining room deserves a glass ceiling because when I say nothing compares to a dinner accompanied by the stars, I am not joking. With stars watching over you and  your family, dinner becomes your favorite moment of the day.

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glass ceiling dining room gulf luxury

Your game room, or your personal cinema room transforms in an extravagant place if you add that glass ceiling detail. Imagine watching a movie with your friends and the sparkling stars seem to enjoy it too. It is simply magic and fabulous.

cinema room glass ceiling home caprice

Dear interior design lovers don’t forget anything is possible in art, and interior design is a truly art that can be played with in infinitely ways you just have to discover your inner designer.

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A world without an interior designer is a world without visions.

A world without an interior designer is a world without passion, without sparkles without magic.

I don’t know how but these amazing people are able to create things that go beyond our imagination and transform an ordinary house in something spectacular.

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Today we will meet the famous interior designer Thierry W. Despont a famous designer, popular in the entire world. He is a designer, an artist and an architect and his signature is old school. Born in France, he has that specific magic in his art. He traveled all around the world, having many exhibits in New York specially.

Thierry-W.-Despont home caprice

He has even been decorated for his majestic work. He is one of the members of the team who reconditioned the Statue of Liberty so if until now you didn’t remember him now it is surely ringing a bell.

Thierry W. Despont works only with clients from high society and of course his demands are equalizing this.

” Mr. Despont and his office have completed several very high end hotel projects.”

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For today we are going to let ourselves amazed by a Swiss chalet designed entirely by him, which you will simply adore. It is a signature work and express all his talent and visions. The project is fabulous.

The chalet is well hidden among trees in the Alps and you can’t imagine how elegant and stylish is inside. When you step into it you have the impression that you belong there forever and a day. Every detail, every corner is carefully decorated and the airy design leaves the impression of a huge building.

The ground floor is made of stone and the upper floor is entirely made of wood, something typical for mountain chalets in particular. The chalet impresses with enormous rooms each of them offering a remarkable view over the mountains and what makes them so perfect is that you can admire the views from the comfortable and large sofas places in the living room. Both the walls and the ceiling are covered with dark wooden panels and this make them look larger and bring more elegance. You’ll also notice luxurious carpets which cover the floors and the lighting is simply perfect.

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The fact that the architecture is so simple and the details like the heavy chandeliers and opulent coffee tables make them seem outlandish. Everything is made with good taste. The presence of a fire place is indispensable, an indoor pool is a must and the comfort is the key. This chalet has even a cinema hall decorated with expensive materials.

Thierry W. Despont is brilliant.

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Start creating your own personalized vases.


Match your personality with interior or exterior accessories like vases and create your own magnificent creations. Nothing compares with something you design and create and you will definitely smile every time your eyes encounter them.

Your imagination can’t wait to be your partner in creating your personalized vases and I assure you that the result will be marvelous.

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Because flowers are a reason to be happy and they always bring energy in our homes, let’s create special vases for them to welcome them in a proper way.

Wooden Vases  can become your most beloved item in your home. Pick colors which go perfectly with your furniture and be amazed by what you can do with some sculpted wood and some paints. These can be either elegant and classy or you can make them joyful and funny for your children’ room.



Cardboard Vase can be a perfect reason for you and your family to start having some quality time together. Creating something together will help you bound and have an amazing time. This will become a fabulous family memory. Just let your imagination dance and the rest will come by itself.


Handmade hanging glass vase can be spectacular. You need a ball or a bulb and the rest is up to you. Its shape and how you play with it is your call. I assure you the result will astonish you and you will do this more often.

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If you have some bottles of milk which you kept for something, well the reason you kept them is because you can create beautiful vases of them. You just have to paint them and make them look as your entire soul is a part of their creation.





If you use to drink soda and you kept the bottles, leave them as they are and just hang them in a place where they will give light and airness to the room.


Jars are the perfect home for flowers because you can beautify them as you want. Paint, stick something on them, create them a piece of cloth, anything you think it will look special and unique.



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If you take a look really carefully around your house, you might notice that almost anything can become a marvelous unique vase, so start being more creative and never say you are bored again, because you can always create something new. Handmade vases will always bring more happiness to your home.


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Having an Arabic bathroom design is easier than you think, plus you don't need to start decorating all over again.

If you’re passionate about the Arabic world, but you think it’s hard to decorate your bathroom in this style, you might want to think again. Having an Arabic bathroom design is easier than you think, plus you don’t need to start decorating all over again. More than that, the effect will be a relaxing and exotic one, so that you can enjoy every moment you spend there.

One easy trick to give an oriental air to your bathroom is to choose specially theme tiles. Choose tiles with Arabic patterns and you can even combine different types or colors. Usually, colors like beige, grey, gold and pearl white are ideal for this kind of decoration and give the bathroom a special exquisite air.

Another way to change the general appearance of the bathroom is to choose darker colors. If, for instance, for a modern bathroom people go for colors like white, light blue, light green and so on, for an Arabic bathroom design it is recommended to choose shades of brown, grey, beige and other variations. It might not seem much, but the overall aspect will definitely change.

Don’t forget about the furniture! Besides the fact that its colors have to match the walls and the tiles, it is generally recommended to choose sinks or tubs with round edges. Round edges are not so aggressive and offer you an extra feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Towels and curtains. Of course, for an Arabic style, you will need to accessorize the bathroom with towels
and/or curtains in this style. Choose quality materials and whatever colors you like, but be aware that they must match the rest of the ambiance. Who doesn’t love a nice soft quality towel to caress their skin? Especially when the whole bathroom brings the air of Arabian styles and exotic places right into your home.

Ornate models. Even if we’re talking about the towels, curtains, tiles or furniture, you will need to find ornate objects. Golden ornaments are the most sought in this style of decoration, but if you want to try something new, you can go for modern patterns with blue or white lines twisting and twirling all around the bathroom.

Go for a big mirror! Definitely one of the elements that must be in an Arabic bathroom is the mirror. The bigger (and adorned) the mirror, the more space and light it creates, giving a fresh air among all the decorations. For the most daring ones, there are mirrors the size of walls, beautifully adorned around the edges.

A final extra touch if you want a truly special bathroom after you decorated it in an Arabic style are the candles. Light up small candles and place them strategically around the entire room. The dim light will perfectly complement the rest of the decorations, making it the ideal place to relax and enjoy a long bath. If you add some aromatic oils or scented candles, you can be sure that you will instantly be carried to the Oriental world.


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