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If you're wondering how come different cuisines from all over the world left their marks on your own diet, you might want to know which recipes have become an international success and where do they actually come from.

Curry from India

Somehow among all the local specialties and the specific of the places where people live, some recipes had a great success and are now favored by people all over the world. Although we can’t explain why this happened, we can for sure make a list with the best international recipes.

Pasta. The whole world has something to gain from Italians, the wonderful pasta recipes. Hot, cold, sweet or spicy, with meat, vegetables or seafood, who doesn’t love pasta?

Pizza. Also from the Italian cuisine, pizza is a recipe that quickly spread all throughout the world. Perhaps one of the reasons for which is one of the best international recipes is that it can be adapted to any local preferences regarding what you put on it.

Tortilla. The Mexicans surely left their mark on the international cuisine with tortillas. Easy to do, tasty and customizable, the tortillas are favored all over the world, and there are even some local variations depending on the country.

Curry. The curry sauce has been “imported” by many countries that added it to their local dishes, enhancing their taste with an Indian spicy touch.

Kebab. Similar to the tortilla in Mexico or the shawarma in the Arabic cuisine, the kebab has been “stolen” from the Greeks and has since gathered numerous fans all over the world.

Seafood. Initially a dish restrained only to the countries who had access to the sea or the ocean, nowadays it’s definitely one that you will find in the menus of restaurants all over the world. Even so, not everybody enjoys it, although generally they are quite easy to cook.

Fresh salads. Borrowed from the Mediterranean cuisine, fresh salads are great! Not only they are healthy, but they also give you a boost of energy. Use olive oil, lemon and fresh vegetables for a tasty recipe.

Barbecue. This American recipe has lots of fans all over the world. Barbecue is among the most healthy dishes you can have, and if you add to it a side fresh salad, you have a healthy meal guaranteed, not to mention tasty.

Spring rolls. This dish entered the international cuisine directly from China. They’re small, fun, easy to make and delicious!

Sushi. Although this one is not for everybody, it certainly deserves its place among the best international recipes around. Surprisingly enough, you can find it in special restaurants in places very far from China, and even more surprisingly, it’s a real success.

French pastry. Whether we’re talking about croissants or jams, the French cuisine definitely left a great mark on breakfasts all over the world.

Sausages. Taken from the German cuisine, sausages are absolutely delicious, great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The best part is that you can use whatever meat you like, match it with salsa sauce or tzatziki and you’ll enjoy a great international meal!

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