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See here how you can turn white, a not-so-popular option when it comes to interior design as a main color, to a perfect background color for your kids room!

White kids room furniture: Dream-like Decor

White is generally avoided as a main color in interior design, probably because it is quite cold and some find it inexpressive. However, it is quite popular as a secondary color, because it matches well with almost anything and it creates an awesome background for other bright colors to make their appearance. When it comes to kids room though, even more people are afraid of using it because it gets dirty quickly and children are sometimes a little bit too creative. But let’s see here how you can use white kids room furniture without making it look nasty or cold!

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1. Let just the furniture be white. White won’t be overwhelming if you contain yourself and choose only the furniture to be white. Bed sheets, decorations, textiles and toys can definitely receive the bright colors in the room, leaving thus more space for the neutral white kids room furniture. If you also have white walls, it’s not recommended to add even more white decorations or accessories. In moderate quantities, a white room looks neat and clean, but if you overdo it, it might resemble a hospital room.

2. Customize your white furniture. If you’re brave enough, you can let your own kids decide the future design of their furniture! Otherwise, there are plenty of ideas that can stimulate your imagination and make you find new ways of customizing it. You can use colored duct tape to create stripes on it, stickers or even random colored paper to bring some color. Newspaper cuts are also awesome or, depending on your kids’ preferences, you can go for cartoons and famous characters that they enjoy most.

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3. Take advantage and make an elegant room! If you’ve decided to use white after all for the kids room, you might as well make this a starting point for creating a truly fairy tale land! It’s mainly an idea for girls, since you’ll be using lots of lace and other fancy decorations which boys generally despise. Choose some princess bed sheets and improvise by adding lace to other things around the room, such as the curtains, the rugs or whatever you plan on adding next. You can be sure your girl won’t regret it!

4. White is a versatile color. Which means that you can change the aspect of a room with minimum effort and with keeping the same furniture set. For instance, if when the baby is young you tend to use rather pale and pastel colors that work perfectly with white kids room furniture, when they grow up you can make the room look a little bit more serious to encourage them to study. From peach and pale blue you can move on to darker shades, marine blue or teal, dark green shades and so on. You can even play along with some black element in the room, but make sure you don’t use too much of it, since in the end it’s still a kids room and it doesn’t need to be black.

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Find some inspiration for your kids room with these excellent ideas for wallpapers!

Kids Room Wallpaper Ideas: Creative Design

The wallpaper is a very important part of a design, mostly because it dictates the atmosphere and it greatly influences the rest of the colors in the room. And if we’re talking about kids room, it’s even more important! Although most kids have their own preferences when it comes to decorating their room, you can also use some general guidelines for kids room wallpaper ideas.

Green is an excellent idea when choosing a wallpaper for kids room. It is said to be the most relaxing color for the eyes, but more than that, it has an energetic effect on kids and it makes the room look happy and jolly, being a great place to play. If you don’t want to have a plain green wallpaper, you can play around with black decorations like stick figures or even your kid’s favorite photos.

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Of course, since it’s a kids room, you can’t expect it to contain only one or two colors. Therefore, one of the best kids room wallpaper ideas is to use your creativity and combine lots of colors. You can simply blend them randomly or let your kid paint the walls as he wishes, for instance, but you can also choose a wallpaper that depicts thematic designs: a zoo, a park, a playground, a sea ship, a train stations etc, depending on your kid’s preferences and taste. Don’t forget to ask him for an opinion if he’s old enough because in the end he is the one who will spend the most time in that room and not you.

Nature is another one of kids room wallpaper ideas that’s worth a thought. As we said, green is a popular option indeed, but you can resort to relaxing and fun landscapes: a desert, a savannah, a jungle or anything that can stimulate your kid’s creativity. More than that, perhaps a natural setting in his room will make it love the outdoors more and spend more time outside than indoors playing all day long with different devices.

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Bright colors in excess are not normally recommended for kids room. Although they are happy and fresh, they will not help the kid relax and might even affect his sleep and other activities. The best option would be to go for pastel colors, and in this area you can choose from pale yellow, light pink, washed green, blue and other variations, but you can also use the classics black, white, grey etc.

Or you can even try combinations in different geometrical patterns. For instance, dots are one of the most popular kids room wallpaper ideas because they offer you the freedom to choose up to 3 or even 4 different colors to combine on the wall. More than that, you can get creative and go for a wallpaper with overlapped dots of different sizes and colors that will create a nice ambient, perfect for playing or sleeping. Add some cartoon characters around and you can bet that your kid will love his room!

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If you think a rug is great for your kids room, check out these suggestions for choosing the right one!

Kids Room Rugs: Safe Rug

An attractive kids room rug will definitely complete your room design and will make your kid very enthusiastic about spending time in his room and playing around. Although many people overlook this detail and don’t give it much importance, kids room rugs are great because they can help you achieve a certain tone of your design and allow your child to play safely on the floor.

Thankfully, nowadays you can find lots of modern rugs, for instance. Modern ones include interactive rugs, like the ones that teach your kid how to dance by lighting one small square at a time. Others let him play some music, exactly like a giant piano. You can even find some that allow him to draw on them and customize it himself. Another option you have is to choose kids room rugs that already have games drawn on them: for instance, you can find on the market rugs that have highways on them for boys to play with their cars on.

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For those who are more conservative regarding kids room rugs, you can still go for classic designs and colors. What’s truly important when choosing kids room rugs is that you respect the color scheme you have chosen for the room. That means that the entire design must be fluid and go along the lines of one or two main colors. Even though in the kids room you’re free to use as many colors you like, it’s not recommended to create a tiresome design with overlapping bright colors. However, you can play around with patterns and designs. An easy way out is to choose kids room rugs with characters from their favorite TV shows or cartoons, but you can also choose a specific pattern and place it on the rugs, sheets or curtains, for instance.

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Simple is always the easiest way of doing things, so decide for plain kids room rugs for a tidy effect. Of course, light colors are not that practical since they can get easily dirty, but they’re better for creating an airy atmosphere and a light room. Dark colors however are not generally recommended, but you can use them if you want a more masculine bedroom for a little boy. If a plain design looks too dull for you, try buying rugs in funny shapes, animal shapes or geometrical ones.

Last but not least, pay attention to the material of the rug. Since young kids tend to spend a lot of time on the floor, playing and running around, you will need to get a qualitative and thick rug to protect them. Generally, the floor is colder than the rest of the room, so if you get a chance, you should ideally install some heated floors. Be careful with the material too. Some children are more sensitive than others and some kids room rugs can harm their delicate skin and even trigger or aggravate some allergies. Moreover, use special detergents when cleaning the rugs and floors and everything will be okay!

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If you're looking for an idea to redecorate your kids room, you've come to the right place! Get some inspiration and get to work!

Creative Kids Room Designs: Funny Bed

If you want to make a surprise to your kid, redecorate his/her room! Yes, creative kids room designs are quite hard to find, and in general interior designers’ ideas rarely match your own, so what’s to be done then? Think about some of the following creative kids room designs and get inspired for any other ideas that will fit your kid best!

One idea if your kid is passionate about pirates is to make him a pirate ship room. Although it requires some effort, it’s totally worth it! You will need some wood, to built a part of the ark. Here you can even incorporate the bed into a ship facade to save some space. If you want to take it to the extremes, you can even build a rope bridge from one corner of the room to another, which is a great idea for your kid to play.

Pop culture inspired another one of the creative kids room designs: the Narnia design. If you have another smaller room and you would like to make it a play room for your kid, you can hide the door inside a drawer. The smaller play room can be decorated just like the forest in the books/movie. You can simply paint the walls like this or you can even use real branches or plastic ones. Add a soft rug in the middle and bring all the toys in!

Get inspired from the Native Americans and build your kid his own teepee! This is one of those creative kids room designs that allows for a special space of storytelling, playing and even reading. Just install some wooden bars like you do for a tent and place a sheet above, nothing complicated! Fill it with cushions and blankets and let your kid have a great time there!

Spaceship design. Lots of kids are crazy about spaceships and cosmic stuff, so why not take advantage of this? You can use a control board with lots of buttons or you can even craft one yourself. Collect buttons from TV remotes or control panels that don’t work anymore and place them just like in a space station. Buy your kid an astronaut suit and fill the room with themed pictures.

Make a house in the kids room! Even though the design is not that popular, it is still one of the creative kids room designs which is loved by many kids. Simply craft a house facade and place a window next to the bed. For more kids you can even place the bunk bed inside and paint the facade just like a regular house would look.

Another great one of the creative kids room designs is the circus design. This is perhaps the easiest design to craft: simply gather as many striped materials as you can. Use the materials for curtains, sheets, pillows, cushions and anything else. Then use as many bright colors as possible. Red, yellow and blue are great options, but you can think of every combination you can! Next, place the toys all around and you’re set!

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If your kids love the Arabian Nights story, they will certainly be very happy to have their own room decorated as if from a fairytale.

arabic kids room

A nice way to make a surprise for your kid and redecorate his or her room is to bring Arabic decor accents. Maybe you want to create a special room on an Arabian nights theme or you want to blend in modern accents and Arabian elements, but either way, how can a kid not be happy with a new room?

A baldaquin is perhaps the most simple way to make the room look totally different. You actually bring a piece of the EAU to your kids’ room by placing a nice quality material over the bed. Choose the color your kid likes and decorate the material with golden stars or Arabic accents and patterns for a full effect. The kids will certainly love it and don’t forget about the practical part of this idea: it protects the kids from mosquitoes, bugs and other “dangers”.

Bright colors. Use bright colors for decorating the kids’ room for a more oriental air. Bright pink, blue or red are great colors to choose for curtains, cushions or rugs, especially if they are decorated with Arabic patterns in silver or gold. The contrast is really beautiful and elegant, plus it reminds you of the home designs in UAE.

An Arabic pattern wallpaper can also do a great job in redecorating a room, plus it can nicely fit in with some modern furniture. The square edges of modern furniture can blend in wonderfully with the round and snaky patterns on the wall, creating an unique style just for your kid’s room.

Another great idea for bringing the air of the UAE homes into your own home is to hang some lanterns. Whether you prefer them all to be in the same color or to pick different colors for them, lanterns create a dim light that matches the mysterious air in the Emirates, specific to the Oriental style. Add some patterns on the lampshades around and watch how your kid is taken to a fairytale world!

Arabic pattern sheets. Don’t forget to change the sheets to match the general new decor. Again, the Arabic decor accents can do wonders, plus it will remind the children about Arabian nights and make them fall asleep much easier. That is, if you read them a bedtime story that will match their decor.

Strategically place rugs all over the room. Not only you can choose Arabic patterns for a redecoration, but you can also make sure the kids have warm feet at all times and they will also like it. More important, if you do a good job in making an Arabic kids’ room, they will feel like they enter a completely different world whenever they step into their room. You can even make special storytelling nights, lighting some candles and telling Oriental stories, which will be a definitely special experience for the children.

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