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Your kitchen must be beautified with the right curtains. Think wisely!

In order to have a completely beautiful kitchen design you have to think about the last element you choose for the kitchen and that is: Kitchen Curtains and Draperies. It seems that people feel more free and comfortable in their personal kitchen that is why this detail is very important. Combine your taste and visions with the size and the location of the windows and of course think if they would match with the other elements of the kitchen.

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First thing you should have in mind is what style is your kitchen and what style kitchen curtains should be.  Don’t opt for what you think is very beautiful or modern, take into consideration the furniture you have in the kitchen and the rest of the decorations. If your kitchen is vintage furnished you can’t go for modern minimal curtains, if it is more of a rustic here we go again. If you want a classical look I recommend you window treatments that have tab tops, they will bring a lighter look. People are more and more interested in casual fresh styles and for this to happen you need short length window curtains.If your dining table is located in the kitchen and you placed it near the windows, then you need full length kitchen curtains because dinner requires privacy.

How to choose the color of kitchen curtains: Depending on what impression do you want to create, the color of your kitchen curtains must be chosen wisely. There are people who want to shock with they interior design and if you are that king of person use a rich colored drape which is in total contrast with the walls. For a more elegant kitchen you should opt for neutral colors and you can even play with luxurious curtains. If you are a person full of energy and you are happy all the time go for solid colored curtains or even patterned ones.

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Style checked, color checked it’s time for the fabric which is also of a big importance. If you don’t want the sun to disturb you, then search for a dark heavy material kitchen curtain but pay attention to the fact that these kind of curtains will make you feel that the kitchen is smaller but on the other hand light, bright alive colors give the impression of space and are easily to clean.

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Tired of making always a chaos when you are cooking? Organize your kitchen smart and easy with some DIY tricks!

organize your kitchen

If you like to cook for sure you have so much ustensils and ingredients in your kitchen, and when you need them you just making a chaos.

But if you organize your kitchen smart, you will can handle more easier with all the things and you will see that you will be more faster when you will cooking.

organize your kitchen

Let’s see some triks for a organized kitchen

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1. Use the six-pack of beer for your fridge. Sometimes when you open the fridge you don’t find anything there, but the six-packs will help you with the saussage bottles, like ketchup, mayonesee, etc

2. Use jars and the plastic boxes. It will help you to find more easier the ingredients and you’re cabinets will be more organized.

organize your kitchen


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3.  Stickers everywhere. Write on the stickers the names of the ingredients, it will be more easier to found it and for sure you will organise your kitchen more easy.

4. Priorities. Make order in your ingredients and put the most used ingredients in a affordable place.

5. Magnetic spice rack. Create an magnetic spice rack, it will work well on the side of your fridge or on the inside of your cabinets.

organize your kitchen

6. Organize your cabinets. Put the small things in a plastic basket.

7. Hang the useful things. You can use the inside of cabinets to put hooks for rags and pot holders.

8. Vertical space. Use the vertical space and put some shelves on top of your shelves.

organize your kitchen


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9. Hangers again. Hang the pots and pans, it will be more easier to use them.

10. Recycle the old things. Use the magazines holders for the Ziplock bags and aluminium roles.


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Any meal deserves to be treated with the respect it needs, so decorate your table accordingly!

The kitchen table is often more than a place to simply eat. It’s the place that gathers together all the family and part of the beautiful moments shared with you friends and the loved ones. That’s why it deserves some special arrangements. Lacking inspiration? No worries, we’re here with some advice on decorating the kitchen table.

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1. Day to day. Many people tend to get quite lazy if we were to be sincere, and ignore the fact that the table needs some decorations even if you don’t have guests. Get to work and bring some magic to every meal by choosing a plain, but stylish vase with flowers, for instance. Ordinary flowers with just a little odor are recommended, since some that are powerfully scented can be disturbing while you’re eating. Chamomile, sunflower and tulips are great ideas, but it depends on your own personal taste in the end.

Decorating the Kitchen Table: Elegant Decor

2. Candles. Candles are the universal and classic decoration for any table. You cannot fail with these, whether they are for a party or simply for a romantic dinner for you and your partner. However, there are lots of options that can make your table decorated with candles look amazing, if only you use your creativity! Try placing candles in glasses for an extra touch, or in special candleholders if you want a more elegant atmosphere. Some people like to hang them with strings from the ceiling and make them seem like they float, while others choose extremely long glasses for this purpose.

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Decorating the Kitchen Table: Natural Decor

3. Flowers again. Yes, we already talked about vases, but there are other ways you can use flowers when decorating the kitchen table too. For instance, you can use only the petals to spread them around. Use differently colored flowers for a more jolly effect or for a party instead of confetti there. Branches and leaves can also be used to create a more natural atmosphere, especially if you have a country style design in the kitchen. You can complete a flower decoration by using a table cloth that has similar patterns and prints, to make a harmonious décor.

Decorating the Kitchen Table: Festive Look

4. Mirrors. This is another great idea you can take advantage of when decorating the kitchen table. If you have a flower or natural arrangement already placed there, a mirror underneath it can be a great enhancer of the effect. If you don’t want to use a full mirror on that, break it and use the shards (careful not to cut yourself though!) or you can buy smaller mirror glasses from the stores. The best part about using mirrors is the fact that they also reflect light and make the room more vivid. You can even play around with mirrors placed in different parts of the room so that they will reflect the sun rays and take advantage of the natural light all day long!

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How beautiful can a blue kitchen be? See here ideas and suggestions for a little bit of diversity in your life!

Blue Kitchen: Fresh Design

Blue has always been one of the most popular colors in interior design. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is the fact that it has a calming and soothing effect on your mood, and people usually look to relax in the kitchen. However, some hues and shades of blue can even be fresh or tiring for the eyes, especially the darker ones. But let’s see some ideas and suggestions for your blue kitchen!

1. Strong color. If you want to have an impressive blue kitchen, one option would be to go for a strong color right from the beginning. In this way you will obtain a colder and fresher kitchen that can help you wake up faster in the morning. More than that, it will be a statement kitchen and it will certainly impress everybody who will see it.

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2. Mixing shades. If you don’t want to get up to such strong colors, there are lots of different hues you can find for your kitchen. Pale blue is one of the most relaxing colors that can help you meditate and unwind while you eat or cook. Even more so since they say your mood and mindset can influence the quality of the food you’re cooking! So you should think twice before choosing the design of your kitchen.

3. Play around with colors. If you can’t decide on only one shade of blue, no problem! You can let your imagination run wild and combine several different hues in the same room. However, try not to choose them as opposite as possible, but look for some who offer a certain equilibrium to the room and that blend well together. You can place them in different parts of the room for more diversity or keep them for certain things. For instance, you can choose light blue for the furniture, and complete the design with dark blue accessories or other decorations.

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4. Less is more. Sometimes the details matter the most in an interior design, so why not take advantage of this? Choose different colors for the rest of the decor, let’s say white and green, and complete the aspect with beautiful blue accessories. The result will not only be harmonious from an aesthetic point of view, but you will also obtain a blue kitchen more original than anything you have seen!

5. One element. Sometimes it’s better to place all your bets on one element in the room. The brighter its color, the more it will brighten up the entire atmosphere in the room! However, it would be better to choose rather neutral background colors for this one, like for instance black and white, and add the central element. This element can be virtually anything in the room, but it’s important to be quite central and not forgotten in a corner. A blue central table or one chair can be really creative and can transform a dull kitchen into an awesome one!

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Red, the color of passion, is a great color for your kitchen. It helps in waking you up and it's one of the most beautiful colors!

Red Kitchen Design: Clean Aspect

Red is a wonderful color, live and optimistic, even though studies show that it makes people nervous and agitated. Even so, it remains the color of love, and in the right amounts, it can make a room original and beautiful. Such is the case with a red kitchen design, quite an unpopular option, but with results out of the ordinary!

If you want to have yourself a red kitchen design, there are some simple steps to follow. One of the most important things you should note is that you should control the amount of the color in the room. As much as you’d love red and the effect it has on your mood or on the aspect of the interior design, you should keep an equilibrium. Choose a neutral second color and use them in approximately equal amounts throughout the room. Most people go for combinations like red and white, red and black, but be creative and think of original combinations. Some suggestions would be red and beige, cream, yellow and basically anything you like.

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An extra tip if you want to have a glamorous kitchen design is to choose shiny furniture. There are beautiful kitchen closets in a bright red shade, so these would be perfect for your kitchen. Also, you can match red chairs and tables, but make sure that the shades are pretty close, so that there is a certain harmony throughout the room.

Decorations are also essential when trying to obtain an interesting red kitchen design. They can best underline the presence of this color into the room without making it look heavy and overdone. Choose red decorations like cushions, towels, rugs, curtains or other such things and place them strategically around the room. Make sure you don’t place them all in one corner and leave the rest without a bit of color!

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You can also follow the less is more principle and choose only one item in the room to be red. The central attraction of the room can be a bar in the middle of the kitchen or one of the closets, for instance. Even the table can make a beautiful red kitchen design simply by knowing how to choose the right shade and how to match it to the rest of the home decor.

Aesthetically speaking, red is one of the best options for a kitchen. It helps in waking you up in the morning and it creates the perfect atmosphere for a special romantic dinner with your partner, if you want to surprise them. However, many people don’t think it through and choose many furniture items in a bright red color, therefore making the room heavy and unpleasant for the eyes. Another mistake is to choose different shades of red. Unless you know very well which shades go well together, don’t buy lots of decorations or furniture items in different hues, because the room will appear cluttered and rather a random mix of elements instead of a well-thought red kitchen design.

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Brighten up your kitchen by trying a purple design for those days when you need something to wake you up together with your coffee!

Purple Kitchen Design: Purple and Lime

Purple, the color of royalty, is a wonderful idea for a kitchen design. Don’t be afraid to use it simply because it’s too bright, because your kitchen can be very fresh and it has to be helpful in waking you up in the morning. More than that, a bright color makes you more interested in what you’re eating, so it’s not at all a bad idea to choose a purple kitchen design.

An important thing you should know before choosing a purple kitchen design is to not overdo it. This color can be very energizing, but if you exaggerate in using it, it can become really tiring for the eyes. Therefore, it is advisable to combine it with other hues, more neutral or at least less bright. Create a nice blend using your imagination! In this sense, purple and white make for a wonderful combination, a lighter one, while the mix between purple and black might be a little too elegant for the kitchen.

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Of course, for those of you want a home decor statement in the kitchen, you can combine purple with any other color you want. There are also kitchen designs with purple and lime green, although it’s a very bright mix. Even so, the result may be  very beautiful as long as you respect some norms, such as don’t use more than two-three shades or balance the decorations and the furniture.

A complete purple kitchen design is nicely complemented by the lights. If you use normal white light, you might want to place some purple neon lights around the kitchen. Although during the day you will need the usual light, the special purple one can be used in the evening, for a romantic dinner or when you feel like having a more mysterious atmosphere in your home. Who wouldn’t want to spoil his/her lover with a special dinner in a romantic atmosphere?

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Otherwise, if you’re really a fan of this color, you can make a purple kitchen design with only purple shades. Instead of white or another neutral color, you can use a very pale purple hue that merges well with other bright shades. This option gives you more freedom, since you can basically choose lots of shades for the furniture and decorations, without worrying about having one certain color.

Last but not least, you should pay attention to textures too. If you want to go for shiny surfaces, you should make sure that this element is found equally throughout the kitchen. That means that you can’t combine wooden furniture with glossy furniture, unless you know very well that they work together. Likewise, you can’t place furniture items from different sets in a purple kitchen design because you would ruin the entire harmony and beauty of that room. Remember not to clutter the room, otherwise it will eclipse the aspect of the design you put so much effort into it. Good luck in achieving a wonderful decor with purple shades!

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If you feel uninspired in decorating your kitchen, have a look at these fabulous kitchen designs and use the following tips!

Kitchen Designs: Round Ceiling

The kitchen is a very important part of our homes. We spend there quite a lot of time, so its design is very important, not to mention about the practical aspect. However, imagining one of the most fabulous kitchen designs is not that easy. It’s not only about choosing some colors and furniture, it’s about doing all this while maintaining the functional parts of the kitchen. Have a look at the following fabulous kitchen designs ideas and see which ones are suitable for your own home!

One of the greatest kitchen design ideas is having a round table. No, not the kind of round table that you see in the movies, but something more like a bar. Place a smaller round table in the middle and surround it with a bar. This way, if you feel up for a drink, you can just use the bar, but when you want to serve a full dinner, you can use the table in the middle. This is a great idea not only because of the design, but also because it allows for countless drawers and shelves hidden under the bar.

Use stainless steel counter tops and elements. Not only they help in creating a great minimalist and modern design, but they’re also very practical. You can cut directly on them, without using a cutting board anymore, and you can simply wipe them fast after you’re done. Plus they have a great resistance to shocks or scratches.

Shiny surfaces are very trendy this season in interior design, so take them into consideration. They make some fabulous kitchen designs and their best quality is that they reflect light very well. You can use them for small spaces where you don’t have many sources of light in order to create a well lit kitchen.

Choose white as a color base. Most fabulous kitchen designs have white as a base color. You can have the walls, floors and the chairs white, for instance, and then add colored elements: the rest of the furniture, drawers, shelves and any other details that might complete this great design. Also, you can use kitchen towels or vases as colored points of attraction in the design.

For one of the most fabulous kitchen designs you can go for an elegant-themed one. If you use an elegant chandelier in the living room, why not use one in the kitchen too? You don’t even have to change the entire furniture for this, you can simply continue the design in neutral elegant colors like beige or golden touches, and that’s it!

Fresh colors are a great idea for a wonderful kitchen design. Lemon yellow or bright green are beautiful  touches for a airy, well lit kitchen that keeps a fresh and clean atmosphere around. Add some blue if you’re not happy with only one color added to the base one and have more freedom to choose the details of the rest of the design. Regardless of the option you choose for your kitchen, enjoy a beautiful kitchen that will make you feel comfortable in your own home!

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The modern design that is so popular these days has started to spread in the kitchen too. Read these amazingly simple steps to turn your kitchen into a modernly designed one!

Bright colors

Modernizing your kitchen is not only a matter of taste, but also it helps you organizing your stuff around and save a lot of time when looking for objects, cleaning and even cooking. It makes sense: if it’s easier to clean the surfaces, you won’t waste time doing this; if you know exactly where is each object, you won’t waste time looking for it. In this way a modern kitchen design will also help you cut down the time you spend in the kitchen.

Use proper lighting. Beautiful furniture items and materials are best highlighted when using proper lighting, so don’t be afraid to invest in a new lighting system or in new light bulbs. Also, modern means economic and environmentally friendly, so you may want to choose such types of lighting (for instance, economic light bulbs, LED light etc).

Shiny surfaces. Try to use shiny surfaces, because they are the definition of modern design. More than that, they are easy to clean and maintain and look gorgeous! Plus they will reflect the light better and you will have a much more bright atmosphere.

Metallic touches. Don’t forget to add some metallic touches to your modern kitchen design. They will add a completely new element to the rest of your design and will embellish an old wooden kitchen furniture for instance, in the case you want to redecorate using your old furniture.

Flat furniture. The flat design is getting more and more popular, especially when it comes to modern decorating. The time of the fully adorned furniture is long gone, and the heavy aspect is totally undesirable in a modern kitchen. Don’t be afraid to use simple-looking chairs, counters or bars, since the color is the one that will give a sophisticated air.

Bright colors. Modern design is all about living your life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it, so there’s no room for pale or dusty colors here! Go for the brightest colors you like and don’t be afraid to experiment with them!

Modern appliances. Of course, you can’t have a modern kitchen design if you still keep old-fashioned appliances. Don’t be afraid to renew all the devices around, whether it’s the fridge or the old oven. Such an investment will pay off in time, because new appliances will consume less electrical power and will be more environmentally friendly.

Resistant materials. When you redecorate your kitchen, you will certainly want to have resistant knives, pots or any other tools you use around. Nobody wants to buy things that will break in two or three days, so be careful with that. Also, if you want to have a totally modern kitchen design, you should also buy modern looking plates, knives, kitchen towels, rugs and any other complementary items you use to decorate your kitchen.

With these simple and easy steps anyone can transform their kitchen and adopt a modern kitchen design with little effort and investment. All you need to do after that is to relax and enjoy a modern air in your own kitchen.


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Unique modern Arabic kitchen design it's now closer to you! The Arabic kitchen is a great place for experimenting and playing with different styles like modern and Arabic interior design trends.

Different materials blend

Unique modern Arabic kitchen design is now closer to you!

Recently in the home decor tendencies in the UAE it can be noticed a certain blend between the classic Arabic style and modern nuances. Surprisingly or not, people in the UAE have accepted the intrusion of western and modern elements into their homes, and the result is quite unique. You would be impressed to see how well certain elements can nicely mix, creating an ever more pleasant aspect than it would have been if they were used separately.

Mosaic patterns are one of the examples. Used either for stairs or the walls, mosaic patterns are a sure way to bring an element of the Orient in your kitchen. Morning coffee can taste better surrounded by the wonderful motifs of the Arabians and if you don’t believe it, you should try it yourself!

Hard wood is definitely a mark of Arabic style. Either if you choose to use it for the furniture or for floors, for instance, it will bring that special oriental air into your kitchen. However, beware that hard wood requires special care if you want it to look beautifully on the long run.

Perhaps the easiest way to bring a piece of the Orient into your modern kitchen is to use Oriental dishes. They are not that hard to find, plus you can choose to combine whatever colors you like. One suggestion would be a bright intense blue color for the plates, for instance, with white Arabic patterns.

A useful trick for creating an Arabic atmosphere into a modern kitchen is the yellow lighting. Yellow lighting creates a nice atmosphere that resembles the intimacy and elegance in an Arabic house. Moreover, the shades of the rest of the furniture, cushions and other objects in the kitchen will appear much more darker, adding to the idea of mystery.

If you haven’t considered adding curtains to the decor in your kitchen, you might want to think again. They are a clever solution for a modern Arabic kitchen decor, plus they are really useful. If you decide to go for curtains, make sure that their shade matches the rest of the decorations there and that it’s a color you like, so that you will enjoy the time you spend in the kitchen.

The colors you choose can also change the look of the kitchen. The furniture for instance may not be in an Arabic style, but if you choose for the kitchen elegant colors such as pearly white, gold, silver or any other variations.

Last but not least, perhaps the most important element that can transform your kitchen into an Arabic one is the food. Once you choose to cook a specific Arabian dish, the flavors that will slowly come from the stove will definitely teleport you into the magical world in the UAE.

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Future Gadgets: Modern Kitchen

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