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Any meal deserves to be treated with the respect it needs, so decorate your table accordingly!

The kitchen table is often more than a place to simply eat. It’s the place that gathers together all the family and part of the beautiful moments shared with you friends and the loved ones. That’s why it deserves some special arrangements. Lacking inspiration? No worries, we’re here with some advice on decorating the kitchen table.

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1. Day to day. Many people tend to get quite lazy if we were to be sincere, and ignore the fact that the table needs some decorations even if you don’t have guests. Get to work and bring some magic to every meal by choosing a plain, but stylish vase with flowers, for instance. Ordinary flowers with just a little odor are recommended, since some that are powerfully scented can be disturbing while you’re eating. Chamomile, sunflower and tulips are great ideas, but it depends on your own personal taste in the end.

Decorating the Kitchen Table: Elegant Decor

2. Candles. Candles are the universal and classic decoration for any table. You cannot fail with these, whether they are for a party or simply for a romantic dinner for you and your partner. However, there are lots of options that can make your table decorated with candles look amazing, if only you use your creativity! Try placing candles in glasses for an extra touch, or in special candleholders if you want a more elegant atmosphere. Some people like to hang them with strings from the ceiling and make them seem like they float, while others choose extremely long glasses for this purpose.

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Decorating the Kitchen Table: Natural Decor

3. Flowers again. Yes, we already talked about vases, but there are other ways you can use flowers when decorating the kitchen table too. For instance, you can use only the petals to spread them around. Use differently colored flowers for a more jolly effect or for a party instead of confetti there. Branches and leaves can also be used to create a more natural atmosphere, especially if you have a country style design in the kitchen. You can complete a flower decoration by using a table cloth that has similar patterns and prints, to make a harmonious décor.

Decorating the Kitchen Table: Festive Look

4. Mirrors. This is another great idea you can take advantage of when decorating the kitchen table. If you have a flower or natural arrangement already placed there, a mirror underneath it can be a great enhancer of the effect. If you don’t want to use a full mirror on that, break it and use the shards (careful not to cut yourself though!) or you can buy smaller mirror glasses from the stores. The best part about using mirrors is the fact that they also reflect light and make the room more vivid. You can even play around with mirrors placed in different parts of the room so that they will reflect the sun rays and take advantage of the natural light all day long!

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See here some useful kitchen cabinet ideas for a great design!

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas: Modern Kitchen

The cabinets have a major importance in the kitchen design, even though many people overlook them. They can further define or enhance an interior design or can simply destroy its harmony if you don’t choose the right color or style. That’s why it’s important to check out the next cool kitchen cabinet ideas we prepared for you!

1. Choose the right color. As we said, we cannot stress enough the importance of matching the color of the cabinets with the colors used in the rest of the design. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same color, of course it’s sometimes impossible to nail the exact shade in every furniture set, but at least similar hues around the room will help for a harmonious decor.

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2. Think about the style. Of course, your kitchen has to have a homogeneous style. It is not generally recommended to have antique furniture and a futuristic style with cabinets, so you might want to think this ahead and decide for one specific style in your kitchen. Sure, if you’re willing to experiment or you want to try a more eclectic style, you can combine different types, but you have to know what you’re doing.

3. Placement. Yes, everybody knows cabinets are placed up, above the counters, but you can get a little more creative with that too. Try arranging them in a new way or in different corners around the kitchen. In this way you will avoid having the same classic and boring kitchen design, but you will also need to pay attention to the practical aspect of it, nobody wants to run miles from one cabinet to the other to have what they need.

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4. Aspect. Usually kitchen cabinets look very neat and don’t stand out, especially because they’re not the main focus of a kitchen design. However, if you choose a bright color for them, they might actually become the central element in a decor and rule the rest of the room through style and aspect. Depending on that, you can further add or take some of their aesthetical components.

5. Decorations. Decorations might be some unusual kitchen cabinet ideas, especially if you don’t want them to be the central point of the entire design. However, you can still decorate your cabinets. Whether it is in order to bring a new and fresh look to the room or you simply want to decorate them right from the beginning, you should consider some minor details before getting to actually ornate them. First of all you should look for some decorations that are practical: for instance, choose stickers or door handle fringes and tassels; they are easy to place and to remove and they are a nice addition to certain interior design styles. Secondly, if you don’t go for these options, make sure they are somehow removable, because at some point you will want to change them. Alternatively, stick to some wallpaper and you’ll be just fine.

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