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Living in the house where Leonardo DiCaprio used to live seems a real dream isn't it?

We all know who is Leonardo DiCaprio the famous actor whom every woman in the world has at least a dream with. This famous actor has several expensive houses which are designed with taste and elegance and you’d definitely fall in love with them.

Today we are going to take an inside look to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Malibu Beach House which he actually sold after he filmed the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” with the sum of $17.35 million.

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This marvelous house is not just the perfect home for everyone, it also includes neighbors like Tom Hanks, Sting or Bill Murray so who wouldn’t like to spend his life here? Located in the elegant and eccentric Malibu Colony community, this house is separated in 3 buildings. A four-bedroom main house, a two-bedroom guest house and even a loft with an extra bedroom, private gymnasium and office. When you step outside the symphony begins. Your eyes will be impressed by the beach view, the jacuzzi which waits for you to step in it, a spa that is ready to give you a relaxing time, a fire pit and remarkable gardens.

This property was bought by DiCaprio with $6 million in 2002 and he used to rent it with $175.000 per month.


Just imagine coming back to this house that seem to invite you to step in it and explore its elegance and the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio used to stay here makes it even more desirable.

dicaprio_miami_beach homecaprice

With a house located exactly next to the beach, life seems perfect. There is no doubt that coffee tastes better in the morning if you drink it practically on your own spot of beach.

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dicaprio_miami_inside house homecaprice

You need only o glimpse of this house to recognize elegance, fine taste and imagine Leonardo staying on the couch. I like the open space idea, the colors mixture and the accessories. It is both a house for gentlemen and for ladies.

dicaprio_miami_bedroom leonardo dicaprio

The bedroom is simple, yet elegant and very cozy. The furniture is what I like the most, makes me feel safe. I would definitely enjoy life in here.

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This beautiful house has everything especially the memory of Leonardo DiCaprio enjoying life in it. 


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