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Your jewelry need a fine home that resonates with luxury.

I don’t know if you remember but some time ago I talked you about how to create your own interesting spaces for jewelry and we were fascinated by what human’s imagination can design.

Well today I am going to be a little bit more concentrated on luxurious jewelry boxes because wealthy ladies adore them. They are also a magnificent item for decoration, a fabulous gift and they are very loved because they house our favorite things: jewelry.

This first jewelry box you will see is truly one of a kind and it will look simply amazing in an elegant luxurious bedroom. It is a Metamorphosis Secret Garden jewelry box in enamel plique-a-jour with gold structures. The idea of a lotus leave give impression of delicacy and value. The lotus is made of rose quartz and aventurine.

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luxurious jewerly boxes home caprice lotus

Grosvenor table top jewellery box in dove grey calfskin leather, at a price of £2,250, is something really magnificent with enough space for a jewelry ship. You’ll instantly adore it. Its elegant modern color reflect class and style.

smythson-grosvenorluxurios jewerly box home caprice

Cartier is already about luxury and softness and so is this jewelry box in limited edition called Exceptional box, having a lid of sun “Godrons” decor in sterling silver with palladium finis, nephrite jade sides and cabachon, green leather interior. Its price is  £27,700 and it simply takes your breath away.

cartier luxurious jewelry boxes home caprice

Next amazing jewelry box The Ah-Mwa has 7 interlocking, mitred drawers lined in soft rose lambskin leather, a concealed stationary compartment and bi-fold lockable doors which contain bevelled mirrors. It has separate necklace cases with leather straps and magnetic fasteners. Only 25 of this have been made.

treecouturedetail luxurious jewelry boxes home caprice

Delmere Jewelry Box made in ivory shagreen created from mahogany with ivory suede interior. It has 24-carat gold plated brass accents. Its price is  £4,295 and the designer is Ralph Lauren Home.

RalphLaurenDelmeereShagr luxurious jewelry boxes home caprice

Asprey designed this large jewelry in black ascot calfskin leather. It has hallmarked sterling silver locks and fitting and even a removable jewelry envelope.

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asprey luxurious jewelry box

Ladies will adore this Aspinal of London jewelry box which comes in an extravagant color that reflect a powerful woman’s vision. It is a Grand Luxe solid wood jewelry box in berry lizard print, calfskin leather and cream suede. Ladies make sure this jewelry box is part of your things and dear gentlemen next time you don’t know what to buy to your beloved ladies, this jewelry box is the perfect choice.

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aspinal luxurious jewlry boxes home caprice


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A world without an interior designer is a world without visions.

A world without an interior designer is a world without passion, without sparkles without magic.

I don’t know how but these amazing people are able to create things that go beyond our imagination and transform an ordinary house in something spectacular.

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Today we will meet the famous interior designer Thierry W. Despont a famous designer, popular in the entire world. He is a designer, an artist and an architect and his signature is old school. Born in France, he has that specific magic in his art. He traveled all around the world, having many exhibits in New York specially.

Thierry-W.-Despont home caprice

He has even been decorated for his majestic work. He is one of the members of the team who reconditioned the Statue of Liberty so if until now you didn’t remember him now it is surely ringing a bell.

Thierry W. Despont works only with clients from high society and of course his demands are equalizing this.

” Mr. Despont and his office have completed several very high end hotel projects.”

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For today we are going to let ourselves amazed by a Swiss chalet designed entirely by him, which you will simply adore. It is a signature work and express all his talent and visions. The project is fabulous.

The chalet is well hidden among trees in the Alps and you can’t imagine how elegant and stylish is inside. When you step into it you have the impression that you belong there forever and a day. Every detail, every corner is carefully decorated and the airy design leaves the impression of a huge building.

The ground floor is made of stone and the upper floor is entirely made of wood, something typical for mountain chalets in particular. The chalet impresses with enormous rooms each of them offering a remarkable view over the mountains and what makes them so perfect is that you can admire the views from the comfortable and large sofas places in the living room. Both the walls and the ceiling are covered with dark wooden panels and this make them look larger and bring more elegance. You’ll also notice luxurious carpets which cover the floors and the lighting is simply perfect.

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The fact that the architecture is so simple and the details like the heavy chandeliers and opulent coffee tables make them seem outlandish. Everything is made with good taste. The presence of a fire place is indispensable, an indoor pool is a must and the comfort is the key. This chalet has even a cinema hall decorated with expensive materials.

Thierry W. Despont is brilliant.


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