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make your garden look more than beautiful

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Good weather invites you to spend your free time enjoying your garden.

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Everybody loves their gardens and because good weather comes with the desire of spending longer time outside, we can greet Sun with beautiful gardens which will be our set for relaxing and refreshing.

Of course we all want to have the most beautiful gardens because we all love beauty and nature and our garden is the first impression of how our personality is.

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Let’s see some interesting ideas of how we can create wonderful gardens:

Make a garden from everything. If you had trees which sadly  had to be  cut, than in its beloved memory  make from its stump a mini lovely garden. It will put a big smile on your face every time you will see it because it looks lovely and it will remind you that you had replaced the beautiful tree that once stood there and protected you, with a joyful mini garden.



Because there are so many possibilities of creating a splendid dynamic garden, create a garden wall with cinded blocks and plant dainty flowers on them.  Look how adorable they look like.


Every garden needs mushrooms, is like a rule of gardens. You can’t own a garden without mushrooms. What garden is that anyway? So make sure you create your personalized mushrooms which will cheer up your yard even more than before.



Design your own garden fountain. The good news is that you can create it from almost anything, you just have to discover what do you think it  will suits the best to your garden and yard. Be inventive and engage your family in this action. You will all have fun and this way you will create something that everyone will enjoy watching on their time dedicated to relaxation.

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If your husband keeps all the tires from his car only because he is attached to them ( I don’t know which could be the explanation) than it’s time for play. Start combining colors and imagination and create pretty genial planters. Your garden will look very happy and smiling and you will always feel full of energy and joy.



If you think there are not enough butterflies in your garden and you need more fairies because you want to feel that magic is everywhere, buy some artificial flowers and decorate your garden with them. Every morning you will think that there is a fairy ball in your garden. It will look marvelous.



Be even more daring and adventurous and make your garden even more unique by using some chicken wires and spray paint and you will have some interesting decorations. You will just love you garden more that your bedroom.


For an opulent and more elegant aspect use vintage glass and transform it into light-catching decor. I am sure your outside dinners will be nicer from now on.

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Hope you find my ideas inventive and creative and you will start transforming your gardens in personalized oasis of relaxation and joy and from now one you will spend your free time outside breathing fresh air.


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