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If you're a dreamer and keep thinking about travels and holidays, you might want to decorate your home in a Mediterranean style!

Mediterranean Home Decor Style: Airy Atmosphere

If you’re wondering what exactly is the Mediterranean home decor style, you must know that it comes from countries found north of the Mediterranean Sea, such as Greece, Italy and Spain. You may also find it under the name of “Spanish modern”. In general, this style is about relaxation, sea and sun. So read on if you want to bring a little bit of holiday always in your home!

The colors in the Mediterranean home decor style are, as we said, similar to the sky and the sand. So make sure your room is based on light blue, white or dark blue. Whether you choose to paint the walls in these colors or you want to combine them in different ways throughout the room with furniture items and other decorations, they are a must when creating a Mediterranean home decor style. If you don’t want to restrain your creativity, you can use other light or pastel colors: peach, light yellow, sandy hues, olive green etc.

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In what concerns the furniture, for this style you will need short and with ornate legs and feet. Paradoxically, Mediterranean people also prefer hardware that is heavy and even burnished. This is how the this style brings together simply functional pieces of furniture like tall or short end tables, suitable for storing small things away or placing some beautiful flowers on them, and elegant intricately designed furniture items in warm colors.

Other things you should know about the Mediterranean home decor style is that it also includes mosaic tiles. Mostly in blue and white, mosaic tiles can be used in kitchen and bathroom, but you can also use your creativity and place them in a center row in the living room or in the bedroom. Make sure you match it with some similarly colored curtains or cushions and you can be sure that your home is an oasis of relaxation that reminds you of sea holidays!

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More than that, if you have actually visited the area near the Mediterranean sea, you can use your souvenirs to decorate your home! Instead of storing them away in boxes or on some obscure shelf, you can hang strings of seashells on the walls or pictures you took while traveling. Alternatively, if you want to have an original mix of styles, you can integrate in your design China vases and other decorations that match the color scheme.

Last but not least, an important part of the Mediterranean style is the texture. Generally, people in the area have textured walls. And if you wonder how that’s done, find that they use layers of paint and glaze and hand rub them onto plaster walls. Alternatively, they also use sand-textured walls for visual depth. For your home you can use tinted drywall compound and mix it with colored beeswax and obtain a textured finish.

Enjoy your wonderful Mediterranean home decor style and remember to relax and live life to the fullest with this great sunny design!

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