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If you don't know how to make your home look more modern, here are some ideas that help you with this by simply choosing the window design!

Modern window: Futuristic Building

Interior design styles have changed very much throughout the years, and window designs are not an exception to this rule. It’s natural for window designs to change over time, along with technological process and changes of taste, depending on the area, the climatic conditions and so on, so today we’re presenting you some ideas about modern window designs and how to recognize and use them!

1. Size. Everybody defines modern world as one built almost entirely from steel and glass, so there’s no surprise buildings and houses use extremely large windows in their architecture. Whether you choose to make an entire wall a window or simply go for large designs, a thing is for sure: for a modern look in your house you can’t have small windows! And of course, it depends a lot on the surroundings of your home, because nobody would want only glass for a wall on the living room or bedroom if anyone could see in their home!

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2. Shape. Modern means going for square shapes and generally more aggressive geometrical patterns. Oval or round windows are not usually preferred in such modern and minimalist designs, so the classic square shaped window type is a safe bet. Fragmentation though is an often-encountered trend in this domain, which means that instead of one large window you will have several square pieces or, if you really want to go for a less aggressive decor, round pieces.

3. Decorations. Since modern is usually associated with pretty simple stuff in general, not only in interior decor, there’s no wonder that window designs work under the same rule too. The days where the window sill or the frame were adorned with all sorts of intricate patterns and designs are long gone, and what’s trendy today is the simple and elegant frame. At most, some discreet geometrical shapes can be found here and there, but nothing too much.

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4. Color. Continuing the very idea of simplicity, colors for modern window designs are, as expected, simple. Black or white are still the most common and the safest option when you want to create a great design. Even so, for a more futuristic and minimalist design you should head to the metallic-looking ones, since this type of frame fits better large windows. Plus they make a nice and futuristic combination with the aspect of glass, making for a wonderful decor!

5. Position. As we already said, for a modern home the windows are as large as your intimacy allows it. But there’s also a catch regarding their position. Even if technology is very advanced these days, we have to take care of the environment. Therefore, it’s a great idea to place windows in strategic positions that will allow you to use as much natural light as possible all day long. The more natural light you use, the better for the environment, but also for you, since it can’t compare with the artificial one. So remember to take care of the nature while creating a modern home for you as well!

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Try a new and original combination by blending in romantic and modern styles in your home!

Modern Fireplaces: Bright Flames

Maybe the times have changed, but romance is not dead. It’s just reinvented! And this applies for your home decor too. If you have a problem if you think that your interior design should be modern, but you also miss the charm of old fireplaces, we have the solution for you: modern fireplaces! Yes, it may sound a little bit strange, but read on and you’ll find out how you can beautifully combine old and new!

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First of all, modern fireplaces do not depend only on wood anymore. Times have changed, and so have the fire sources. Nowadays they are connected to gas pipes and can be lit automatically or even using a remote. Alternatively, you can still use wood pieces if you are nostalgic. Truth be told, burnt wood has a certain charm and completely changes the atmosphere in the room, although you have to be very careful when using natural wood for burning. Alternatively, you can find on the market fireplaces that work with electricity and may have real flames there or fake ones. You can also use light bulbs in warm colors to mimic the effect of flames in a fireplace.

In what concerns the design of modern fireplaces, you have to know that it goes along the lines of any modern design. They have to have straight and sleek designs, although you can also go for rounded shape designs. The colors are generally neutral, usually black, white or grey. Be creative and original and make the fireplace the center of attention in a living room by choosing a vivid color for it, like bright red or even orange or yellow.

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You can let your imagination run wild when you choose modern fireplaces in your home design! You have the freedom to choose where you place it and how. For instance, you can choose to integrate it completely in your wall and mount it a little bit higher than the floor. This option has the advantage that it saves you some space in the living room and you don’t need to make any other adjustments in the room, though you certainly need to think it ahead and plan its placement without affecting the resistance structure inside the walls. Another option would be to make it come out of the wall, which offers you a great freedom to create a proper frame for it.

Last but not least, the materials for modern fireplaces must be modern. Usually they are made from materials that imitate glass, but you can also find modern shapes for fireplaces made of warm wood or neutrally colored materials. You can also choose a metallic edgy design to fit a more aggressive living room design if you’re into this kind of style. In this case, dark grey and even metallic or shiny decorations on it can do a great job and help you with creating a beautiful effect in the room. Whatever option suits your taste, make sure that it fits the rest of the decor in the room and don’t forget to enjoy a romantic evening in front of a modern fireplace!

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Spice up your interior design with some modern accessories and play with them around for a touch of originality and modernity!

Modern Home Accessories: White and Fresh Green

Want to give a modern touch to your design, but don’t want to have a full modern design? You can try placing just some modern home accessories here and there in order to bring that touch you want. Only you determine how much of a modern style you want in your design and it’s a great idea that you can customize it!

One important thing to know about placing modern accessories in your home is the fact that the material is very important. Modern design prefers using light and practical materials, like glass or light metal. Even though they may not be that resistant in time, they’re practical since they’re easy to clean and to maintain. Plus they’re easy to maintain and to clean.

Another element when looking for modern home accessories for your design is simplicity. Nobody wants furniture with intricate designs and decorations, but plain and even shiny surfaces that help in reflecting light and creating a more airy environment. Alternatively, you can go for light wood and plastic and choose either neutral colors, like black, white, grey or beige, or you can choose bright colors for a more vivid look: bright orange, fresh greens and blues or sunny yellows.

And since we’re talking about simplicity, your modern home accessories should have clearly defined geometrical shapes. Angular mirrors are not something unusual, just like geometrical decorative objects. You can also use simple geometrical patterns on cushions or even wallpapers for instance. Even if you don’t believe it, the right combination of geometrical patterns, colors and shapes can make for a great modern design in your home.

Lighting is also a very important aspect in designing a modern room and integrating modern home accessories. This kind of design chooses to focus on simple and economic lighting. The modern principles in interior design value very much economy and try to avoid wastage as much as possible, and for this reason we see how economic light bulbs or LED lighting have become more and more popular in the recent years. A great advantage of this type of lighting is that it can be easy integrated even in the furniture, for instance in a closet where you don’t get too much light or in hard to access spots in your home.

A great trick you should take into account when choosing modern home accessories for your design is the play on shiny/matte surfaces. Sometimes it’s worth to take a step outside the shiny surfaces like the fridge or kitchen counters. Matte is always more elegant and it will save you the worry of scratching the surface or spoiling the shine. A truly wonderful effect is given by the black matte objects, like decorative ones, the cutlery in the kitchen or even the useful small bowls around the house where you keep your keys or other small stuff. Remember not to spoil the harmony of the interior design by including too many or inappropriate modern home accessories and have fun playing around!

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The modern design that is so popular these days has started to spread in the kitchen too. Read these amazingly simple steps to turn your kitchen into a modernly designed one!

Bright colors

Modernizing your kitchen is not only a matter of taste, but also it helps you organizing your stuff around and save a lot of time when looking for objects, cleaning and even cooking. It makes sense: if it’s easier to clean the surfaces, you won’t waste time doing this; if you know exactly where is each object, you won’t waste time looking for it. In this way a modern kitchen design will also help you cut down the time you spend in the kitchen.

Use proper lighting. Beautiful furniture items and materials are best highlighted when using proper lighting, so don’t be afraid to invest in a new lighting system or in new light bulbs. Also, modern means economic and environmentally friendly, so you may want to choose such types of lighting (for instance, economic light bulbs, LED light etc).

Shiny surfaces. Try to use shiny surfaces, because they are the definition of modern design. More than that, they are easy to clean and maintain and look gorgeous! Plus they will reflect the light better and you will have a much more bright atmosphere.

Metallic touches. Don’t forget to add some metallic touches to your modern kitchen design. They will add a completely new element to the rest of your design and will embellish an old wooden kitchen furniture for instance, in the case you want to redecorate using your old furniture.

Flat furniture. The flat design is getting more and more popular, especially when it comes to modern decorating. The time of the fully adorned furniture is long gone, and the heavy aspect is totally undesirable in a modern kitchen. Don’t be afraid to use simple-looking chairs, counters or bars, since the color is the one that will give a sophisticated air.

Bright colors. Modern design is all about living your life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it, so there’s no room for pale or dusty colors here! Go for the brightest colors you like and don’t be afraid to experiment with them!

Modern appliances. Of course, you can’t have a modern kitchen design if you still keep old-fashioned appliances. Don’t be afraid to renew all the devices around, whether it’s the fridge or the old oven. Such an investment will pay off in time, because new appliances will consume less electrical power and will be more environmentally friendly.

Resistant materials. When you redecorate your kitchen, you will certainly want to have resistant knives, pots or any other tools you use around. Nobody wants to buy things that will break in two or three days, so be careful with that. Also, if you want to have a totally modern kitchen design, you should also buy modern looking plates, knives, kitchen towels, rugs and any other complementary items you use to decorate your kitchen.

With these simple and easy steps anyone can transform their kitchen and adopt a modern kitchen design with little effort and investment. All you need to do after that is to relax and enjoy a modern air in your own kitchen.


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A modern bathroom design can totally change the aspect of your house, making your friends think you redecorated the entire home. More than that, a modern design is also very easy and fast to maintain clean and it will look really good!

Color combination

If you modernize and fill the rest of the house with tech stuff and modern decor you can also opt for a great modern bathroom design. It is as easy to make a bathroom modern as it is for the rest of the house, or even easier, since you have less furniture and objects to take into consideration. Check the following tips on how to have a modern bathroom design!

Use glass. Modern designs are usually based on a light atmosphere and lots of light indoor, so use glass or plexiglass to create an aerated look. However, you should be very careful in the future, since glass can be really dangerous if broken. If you don’t want to use glass too much, you can strategically place mirrors in order to create the illusion of space.

Plants. In order to obtain the same fresh modern air, you can always decorate the bathroom with some plants. You should choose wisely the plants, because with all the steam and heat that’s in there, they might die sooner than you think. So careful with the type of plants you choose to keep in the bathroom, because it might get in the way of a modern bathroom design really fast.

Lighting. A modern bathroom design requires a good and bright lighting. But since modern design means also bright light and light colors, you really need to set up a good lighting system. Economic light bulbs or LED lighting are the latest trends when it comes to it, so you might do your homework before redecorating the bathroom.

Bright colors. Modern design is always about bright colors juxtaposed with nude or neutral tones. The brighter the main color is, the more spectacular the effect.

Easy to clean surfaces. Modern times are all about time-effectiveness, so for sure you’ll want to use some easy to clean surfaces, that look modern and are also almost self-cleaning. More than that, this will not help only in design, but it will generally ease you life, since you will keep the bathroom clean in virtually no time.

Square figures. Modernity means minimalism and more often than not, minimalism means square figures. So for a modern bathroom design, don’t hesitate to choose square furniture or edgy mirrors, for instance. Usually, round furniture and overly adorned one is associated with past centuries, now is the moment for “aggressive” pieces of furniture.

Quality materials. Choose for your towels, curtains and rugs quality materials to match the surrounding bathroom design. Remember that a cheap looking towel will for sure ruin all the appearance you worked so hard for. More than that, it is always recommendable to choose quality materials if you want the result to be a spectacular one and not to be obligated to invest some more in other decorations later on.

As you can see, it’s not hard at all to have a modern bathroom design, even by rethinking the already existing one and adding some smartly placed modern elements here and there.

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