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Since organizing clothes is a never ending task, we bring you more tips to help you with this complicated task!

Any person who cares about style knows how hard is to organize clothes, especially when you have lots of them. But even if you don’t have many clothes, it’s ideal to know exactly where you can find every clothing item exactly when you need it. People who read other tips on how to organize your clothes asked for more, so here you have today other 9 organizing clothes tips!

Organizing Clothes Tips: Stack Them

1. Put labels on drawers. When you have lots of drawers, it can get really hard to remember where you placed the socks, the shirts and different other clothes, so an easy trick out of this is to place labels on each drawer with symbols or writings on them.

2. Plan your outfit for each day. Planning the outfit for every day of the week in advance may seem a little too much effort, but it actually saves you a lot of time every morning. Plus your clothes remain organized in the drawer!

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3. Choose colored hangers. Assign every hanger color the clothes for a specific season. In this way you will quickly bring to the front the summer clothes and hide the winter ones or the other way around, saving time and energy!

Organizing Clothes Tips: Rearranging Clothes

4. Use hanging racks. Big or small, hanging racks can save you more space than you would have guessed! You can use them for small accessories (even jewelry) or for big shoes, tall boots and so on.

5. Pants hangers can keep your floor clean. Even if it sounds weird, you can use pants hangers to hang boots and other types of shoes to prevent them from touching the floor. Whether you want to keep the floors clean or are just too lazy to clean the shoes every time, it’s one of the best organizing clothes tips!

6. Store bed sets in pillow cases. After washing them up, you can store the flat sheet and the fitted sheet in one pillow case from the set. You will find them more easily when looking for matching sheets next time!

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7. PVC pipes are not just for buildings! If you cut fitted pieces of PVC pipes and put them together, you can have a great corner for storing away shoes without bringing them in the closet. Plus, they can stay closer to the door whenever you need them, rather than hiding them away in boxes. Place them horizontally in the closet and you can now separate scarves, belts and similar clothing items!

Organizing Clothes Tips: Smart Drawers

8. Hook hangers together. Nothing doubles your space like hanging two hangers with clothes together. For this you can be creative and use average soda pull tabs. And if you don’t have heavy clothes there, why not stack multiple hangers and free even more space? That’s another one of the best organizing clothes tips!

9. Buy a garment rack. A garment rack can serve as a decorative tool for organizing clothes, so why not use it for two purposes? It’s fancy and it also helps in storing clothes you need easy access to!

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Read here some tips and tricks on how to organize your desk and keep it organized for a better efficiency!

Organize Your Desk: Post Its

Organizing your desk is not just a problem related to your productivity or to the looks of the room. It is very important for your health, for the eyes for instance, and also for the mind. It has been proven that you are most productive when the desk is clean and smooth. And if you’re not sure about how to proper organize your desk, check out these tips and tricks!

Take out all the things. As paradoxically as it might seem, the first step toward a proper organization of your desk is to place aside all the things. Seeing all of them put together will help you realize which are the most important or the most often used and which are not. Also, you can categorize them depending on their domain of use.

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– Next step when you want to properly organize your desk is to place the most important and most used things within easy reach. For instance, keep the first drawer of the desk only for the things you use more often, the second one for those who are rarely used and so on. It’s very important to respect their place all the time, so that you know where to find them instantly.

Important healthy tip! Never place the monitor of your desktop up! It’s recommended to look down to it for the health of your eyes and your back, so don’t put it higher than the level of your head. Also, try to place the desk or the screen in such a way that the light coming through the window reflects on it. It’s very tiring for the eyes and it will distract you while working.

Don’t store unnecessary things on the desk! If you don’t use it regularly or it has nothing to do with your work, it shouldn’t be there. Of course, you can add small decorations here and there, a photo or a glass with some flowers to freshen up the air, but refrain from keeping items like keys, storage boxes, glasses and other like this.

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Use storage compartments from shops. It’s not hard to organize your desk in a great manner if you use some clever tips and tricks. For instance, there are paper trays, magazine holders and similar small storage compartments that do a really good job in keeping your desk organized.

– As much as possible, avoid using post-its. Although it may seem that they help you a lot in reminding you of your tasks, they are actually quite annoying from a visual point of view. Try to use virtual ones on your computer or laptop!

– Last but not least, organize your desk by keeping a small trash can under it. You often need to throw things away, but you don’t want to walk all the way to the bin? Keep a small one there for waste paper and other things you don’t use. Remember to keep it clean!

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