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Outdoor welcoming accessories reflect your personality, choose them wisely.

Have you ever wondered which is the first thing that pops into your head when you see a house ? Well it’s the little details that may change your mood before entering into someone’s home. Funny, attractive or sometimes hostile signs can help you know what kind of people are living there.

Having a funny welcoming accessory,which brings a smile on your visitors face, can improve their entire day and yours of course. 

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Here are some ideas of outdoor welcoming accessories: 

An elegant front door mat: It’s the simplest way to impress your friends and visitors. An elegant yet unique door mat will give anyone that step foot on your front door the impression that this is a place for elegant, smart, sophisticated people. There will be no second guesses when it’s your birthday, they will all know that you are a man of class therefor they will buy you something classy and elegant.

front door mat

Garden welcome gnome: Even though a garden gnome is not such an unusual thing for your front door view, if you choose wisely and find a real funny one but also one who can give others the feeling of a cute, comfy home, than you hit the jackpot. Something like these guys, who are taking a nap on a tortoise. They are funny and kids will just love it.

welcoming accessories home caprice

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Crazy movie costumes: You know that you made the right choice when you decided to be friends with the guy who welcomes you into his home like this.  Movie fanatics will try almost everything to express the passion for their favorite movies. When you have a Darth Vader head torch in your yard you made your point: everyone knows that you are S.F. maniac and most likely the inside of your house is filled with S.F. accessories that will impress even those who don’t share your passion.

Darth Vader welcoming accessories home caprice

Vintage country fountain: It may seem a cliché but it’s one of the most relaxing view that can be fed to your visitors. Water is the symbol of purity and the vintage look gives it a fade of mysticism and power, power because it lasted for so long. It gives the owner an aura of steadiness , of a serious man that likes to preserve the roots of his family. You simply just cannot fail with this welcoming accessory.

country fountain

Funny figurines:It’s so important that your guests feel the love of your house even from the beginning. Some funny figurines can give them this impression. It’s almost like a clear statement: “no negative energy in this house, let’s just enjoy each other”.

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Outdoor welcoming accessories will bring light and joy to you house.

outdoor welcoming accessories



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