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Tackling DIY projects around your home can not only add value, but can also make the space more livable for you and your family. Find out the steps to transform your home on a budget.

luxury master bedroom

Are you looking to update your home on a budget? Tackling DIY projects around your home can not only add value, but can also make the space more livable for you and your family. The good news is there are plenty of easy upgrades you can do yourself without spending a bunch of money.

  1. Do Some Painting

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to update the look of your home  on a budget is to give it a fresh coat of paint. You can tackle the interior or even give your home a new look on the outside. Another easy idea that can change the look outside your home is to use gel stain to paint the front door to your house. You could also paint your garage doors to match, which will add plenty of curb appeal.

transform your home on a budget

  1. Update Your Light Fixtures

You can change the look of any room in your house by investing in new light fixtures. A drop-down chandelier could take your dining room or master bedroom from standard to exceptional. Or you could add dimmer lights to change the look and create ambiance in your living room. Here’s an article from Home Depot about how to use chandeliers in your home: http://www.homedepot.com/c/chandeliers_HT_BG_LF.

transform your home on a budget

  1. Revamp your Master Suite

Your master suite is probably one of the places you spend the most time in at home, even if you spend most of your time sleeping in it. Why not make it a place you can’t wait to escape to? You can completely revamp your master bedroom by investing in a few unique elements. You could purchase some beautiful new bedding complete with fluffy throw pillows. Or you could create your own little reading nook with a cozy chair and lamp. Another idea would be to create an accent wall with faux leather wall panels to add some beauty and elegance to the room. Talissa Decor has a great line of Faux Leather Wall Panels available.

transform your home on a budget

  1. Get Organized

Is your home really too small or are you simply not being efficient with the space you have? You would be amazed what getting organized can do for your home and your stress level. Common spaces that are in desperate need for some organization are cupboards, closets, and garages. You can maximize the space in your home by taking the time to go through your possessions periodically in order to de-clutter. You can also install new shelves and storage containers to help get things into order. Here’s a 30-Day guide to getting organized from Clean and Scentsible.

  1. Re-Think Your Space

We all have space in our home that could be used differently or more efficiently. For example, do you have an empty space near your kitchen? You could make a coffee bar and free up some space on your kitchen counter. Or if you have unused space underneath your stairs, you could add more storage, create an office area or even a fun kid’s play area. Pinterest has plenty of do it yourself inspiration to help you maximize your space!

transform your home on a budget

The key to transforming the look of your home is to focus on the projects that will make the biggest difference for you and your family. The project doesn’t have to be big or expensive to add value to your home and make you living there much more enjoyable. Some simple tweaks to your decor, organization and maximizing the space you have can make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

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Not everybody know how to use paintings when decorating a room, but after reading our article you will surely have a good idea on what's the next step!

People generally think that it’s enough to buy a valuable painting or one made by a specific artist to embellish a room and to make the design exquisite. Unfortunately, there is more to that than you might think. Starting from the smallest things and figuring out the bigger picture, there are some things you should know on how to decorate with paintings if you want a great result!

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1. Colors are important. If you don’t care about the value of the painting and are more interested in the aesthetics of the general design, you should look at the colors mainly. For instance, if your design is focused on warm colors, a painting with tones of red, yellow and orange is recommended to complete the general idea of the decor, regardless of the style in itself or the author.

Decorate with Paintings: Colors Everywhere

2. Style. Another important point to remember about how to decorate with paintings is the style. Matching the style and the period of the painting with the rest of the decor can be an easy job if you know what to do. Of course, it’s easier to start from the paintings you already have them, but you can also buy them after you decide the theme of the room. And if you’re not sure about what we mean, we can only tell you that a good example is if you have a postmodern design for the room: a surrealist painting or a postmodern one can very well complete the general idea of your initial decor and add some value at the same time.

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3. Size. Size is pretty important when it comes to choosing how to decorate with paintings. Bigger paintings can influence the look of the final decor by drawing attention to the more artistic side of the room. Smaller ones though may not seem that important, but they bring that small touch in the room that can define a certain direction of the style. A medieval style can be perfectly completed by an elegant frame for a painting, regardless of the style of the painting itself.

Decorate with Paintings: Special Style

4. Correspondences. If you really want your design to rely on paintings, you can always find similar elements both in the painting and in the room. Let us give you a simple example: if you love horses, you can choose a painting depicting black ones and at the same time look for statuettes of horses or use curtains, rugs or cushions with patterns with black horses. In this way you will create harmony throughout the room.

5. Customize! Finding the perfect painting can prove to be a difficult task sometimes, so that’s why customizing one can be a solution for you. If you have an artistic character, you can even paint it yourself, there are many ideas and ways to paint out there even if you’re not an expert. If not, there are artists who can help you have a painting exactly how you want, suitable for your own home.

Decorate with Paintings: Modern Look

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