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Sometimes it’s good to know about each other, and if we find ourselves in another culture we can apply something from there in our home.

oriental style

We all know that every country and every culture have a different style of living. The interior design and the decoration is just another aspect that represent the people’s culture.

For the lovers of the details, warm and strong colors, patterns and for sure luxury, we have the Arabic style.

The Arabic interior design is very extravagant, most of all with unique details and with a magnificent blend of color, but it always offers  personality to your home.

If you decide to bring some oriental style in your home, you can use small and subtle  details which represent this beautiful culture and creating a balance between the stiles, and for sure to offer an elegant solution for any space.

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1. Mixing the traditional with the modern. If you choose to decorate your space with some oriental pieces, you can use just a pendant lighting and a metalwork items for your walls, and for sure don’t forget about the patterns, in this example you can find it on the floor. To create a mix between traditional style and modern style you can use neutral colors, that helps your space atmosphere to become more soft and light.

arabic design
arabic design

2.  Prints and details everywhere. The details and the color palette are very specific for the Arabic style, in specially the baroque print will always have a first place in this kind of decorating. It’s good to know that in Arabia the golden is one of the most used color, but blue and turquoise looks great in this example.

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arabic design
arabic design

3. Subtles details and curved lines. If your home have some arcades, you can decorate them with some Arabic prints, like the MIMAR interior exemple, and don’t forget that the curved lines are another specific thing for this excentric style. And, like in the all the styles, the lighting design is very important, so if you want just to bring a little part of Arabia in your home, you can choose a chandelier with a lot of details, and in the evenings you will have the walls, ceiling and floor full of oriental patterns.

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arabic design
arabic design

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Know now everything you wanted to know about how to use patterns when decorating a room!

guide to patterns in interior design

Even though lots of people think it is quite easy to use patterns all around the room, we must disappoint you and let you know there are techniques and ideas that must be taken into account when decorating a room. It’s not for nothing they use professional decorators, is it? That’s why we created a basic guide to patterns in interior design, to introduce you to this art of creating beautiful designs!

Guide to Patterns in Interior Design: Beautiful Pattern

1. Theoretical notes. Just like in school, there is a short classification which helps us distinguish between different kinds of patterns. The most common types are: stripes, floral/organic, motif, geometric and animal. Also, complex patterns can really turn into a downer of your interior design if you’re not careful. But more on this, later.

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2. Complex patterns. As we were saying, complex patterns are something wonderful, but at the same time scary for your decor if you don’t know how to use them. Usually, patterns that are based on several bright colors, diagonal lines and criss-crossing details are tiring for the eye. Therefore, it is recommended to use them only in open spaces or large rooms. They are really an easy way out of designing a large area, so make them the central point of your decor.

Guide to Patterns in Interior Design: Modern and Futuristic

3. Vertical or horizontal? After reading this guide to patterns in interior design, you will always know when to go for vertical lines and when for horizontal ones. Vertical ones are very helpful if you have a small and/or short room. They add more height and make the ceiling look higher. More than that, they are more elegant and can be used for a more sophisticated design, and even historical recreations of designs. Meanwhile, horizontal designs give the illusion of more space and width in a room. Also, they have the opposite effect of the vertical ones: they “lower” the room and can make it look smaller.

4. Floral prints. One golden rule when it comes to using floral prints and patterns for an interior decor is to match the size of the pattern with the size of the room. This is recommended for a harmonious and equilibrated design, but of course, you can always go for oversized patterns for a more modern touch. Other than that, you can let your creativity flow freely and create an original design for your home.

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5. Motif patterns. Motif refers to a pattern that is repeated again and again on a surface. Usually it consists in abstract shapes, but again, you are free to use whatever motif you like. They are a great trick to bring harmony into a large area and an open space: just use the same motif in different places around the space and it will create a homogeneous flow of color and design.

Guide to Patterns in Interior Design: Rules in Interior Design

6. Colors. Colors are, obviously, very important when choosing a pattern for your design. Another rule you should know is that high contrast patterns result in a very energetic feeling, and are therefore suitable for the kitchen, while a more subdued atmosphere for living room and bedroom can be obtained with colors which are pretty close.

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