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If you love animals, you will be happy to see here some useful tips and ideas to make a pet friendly interior decor!

Pet Friendly Interior Design: Pet Door

Pet lovers, gather round! Today we have prepared you a great list of tips on how to make your home more suitable for pets. The issue isn’t only about the design, but also about their safety. Many people tend to think that when you have a pet, it’s enough to buy them what they need and that’s it, but things are not that simple. There are lots of things that can or need to be changed around the house after you get a pet, so that everybody can be safe. Let’s see some tips on a pet friendly interior design!

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1. Replace some of the furniture. It might sound quite expensive or tiring, especially if you do this for just one pet, but if you have several, then it might be really important. Of course, we’re not talking here about pet fish or parrots, but cats or dogs, for instance, that is, if you prefer classic options and not exotic pets. In this case, cats and dogs can easily turn over a light furniture item and cause some trouble by breaking objects, injuring themselves and so on. Therefore, make sure that the furniture you have is well fixed onto the walls or floors and that it doesn’t flip over very easily!

2. Install furniture items and objects especially for them. Just like some pets love to chew on their toys, others love to cuddle in a corner or to relax on a huge pillow, for instance. Make sure you see what your pet prefers to do and arrange for them such corners of relaxation where they can sleep or relax. It might not seem much, but you won’t be bothered by occupying a corner you weren’t using anyway and your pet will be happy to have its own spot!

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3. Learn not to care so much about cleanliness. Of course, keeping a proper hygiene in your home is important both for you and for your pet, but there’s no use in exaggerating. Pets love to be dirty from time to time, and remember it’s not natural for them to have daily or weekly baths. So whenever you clean up your home, make sure you’re not using dangerous chemicals or that you don’t store them somewhere where you pet can reach.

4. Install small doors for them. If they are too tiny to reach the door, a pet friendly interior design would definitely include small special doors for the cats or dogs to walk through. They also feel the need to walk a lot around the house, to explore and so on, and it’s cruel to keep them isolated just because you don’t have suitable doors for that. Last but not least, remember to take them out for walks around the block as often as you can, because not even the most pet friendly interior design can replace the beauty of a walk outside!

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