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Tired of the old boring pillows and sheets? Check out these creative pillows and see which ones do you like.

Creative pillows: Couple pillow

The bedroom is probably the room where you spend most of your time home. And the pillow is the most important part of your sleep, so it’s important to be comfortable and qualitative. But more than that, some pillows are so cute that you’ll never want to leave the bed! Check out these creative pillows for your bedroom and inspire yourself for your own pillows!

Couple pillows. The couple pillows are probably the cutest ever. Whether they have a design with “thinking about you” or with drawings and cartoons, they are a great option for newlyweds or married couples and can even bring an element of fun into the bedroom.

Rock pillows. They are so much fun and look very cozy. More than that, you can even use them outdoors in your lounge or by the pool for an extra of comfort and design. It fits perfectly an industrial design and you can even customize them with some colors.

Ostrich pillow. The ostrich pillow is one example of creative pillows that find their place not only in the bedroom. It’s specially designed for traveling and it helps you take a nap even in the most unusual places: in the airport, train or even at the office.

Side pillows. Everyone who loves sleeping on one side knows how annoying it is that you don’t know what to do with the arm that’s under you. People who design creative pillows thought of that and designed one with a special place where to stretch your arm for a better sleep.

Body pillow. On the same principle, you can find available a body pillow. It’s perfect for those who love to cuddle but can’t or for those who enjoy hugging the blanket. Plus it’s huge and as long as your body, so that you can fully enjoy it.

Clouds, clouds everywhere! If you’re the kind of person with his/her head in the clouds, this is the right pillow for you. Soft and comfy, the cloud pillow feels like the seventh sky!

Blood pillow. Reminding you of a crime scene, the blood pillow is perhaps one of the most creative pillows you can buy! Although it might scare your parents or friends when they come over, it’s still a good investment and a funny thing to have in your bedroom.

Boombox set. For those who are nostalgic of the ’80s-’90s time, this boombox pillow set is awesome! It reminds you of that culture and you might even be reluctant to actually use it as a pillow.

Boyfriend pillow. A great replacement of the creative pillows for when your lover is away is the boyfriend pillow. It looks like half of a body and you can sleep comfortably in the arms of it, you can hug it and even carry it around!

Emoticon pillows. Since we’re living in the era of technology, you might want to bring your pillows to the 21st century too! Choose the emoticon ones and use them to express your emotions even in the bedroom.

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