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Your house needs a little romanticism!


Romanticism mustn’t be celebrated only on February because love needs to be expressed everyday.

If you want to do some original for you beloved one prepare a romantic night for him/her and decorate your bedroom with some romantic decorations which will make him/her to appreciate you even more than before.

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Flowers are forever romantic and nothing expresses more romanticism than magnolias. It gives a marvelous aspect to the room especially when you put it in an elegant bowl. The famous interior designer Hal Williamson says that a magnolia is a flower of those who love passionately.


For a magnificent design which reflects your feminine and graceful visions you should opt for an elegant etched Venetian mirror and a perfect commode which goes whit it. Your house will express and feel love.


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Chairs must always be chosen to make you feel comfortable and ready to love, that is why you can’t pick any ordinary chair but a romantic designed one which only makes you envy it for being so sublime. A marvelous chair requires a phenomenal table on which you can arrange a romantic dinner with some special dishes.


Go for vintage romanticism and live your own fairy tale. I would definitely like to sit on an antique Biedermeier armchair which makes me feel safe and romantic. A 1950’s Italian cabinet is a must for a romantic atmosphere.


You definitely need a romantic bedroom because that is where all the magic happens. Soft sheets, fluffy but elegant pillows, a large bed and a glamorous chandelier is what gives the room life. This style expresses sophistication and class.


Because you want to enjoy a romantic cup of tea along with your beloved one or your friends, you need to beautify your house with a splendid cups of tea set which will show how feminine and elegant are you and will make the tea taste even more sweet.


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Assure yourself a splendid LOGGIA. Better than this make it luxurious and enjoy a glass of exquisite wine next to your love. You should opt for a Jordan furniture, from no one other than the Venetian Collection. Don’t mind to make it look perfect, itself is already perfect. Everything will look harmonious and ready to be savored. I would choose some pillows from Crate and Barrels and maybe some lanterns from Period Furniture Hardware. Magic.


Start decorating your house in a romantic tone!


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