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Try a new design for your kitchen with the Scandinavian interior design style and you definitely won't regret going Nordic!

Scandinavian Kitchen Design: Wood Blend

Most people consider that the kitchen does not deserve a special design or don’t give enough time or thought for that. However, the kitchen is an important part of our home and deserves equal attention, as do the rest of the rooms. For those of you who are fans of the Nordic fashion and interior design, today we bring you the Scandinavian kitchen design! Quite an innovative trend in the interior design industry, it’s definitely a style that’s worth your read, so keep on reading!

A word that would describe the Scandinavian kitchen design is “neat“. In general, the furniture used is very practical and simple, easy to clean and to use, but this thing does not take away from its beauty, quite on the contrary! So whenever you decide to create such a design for your kitchen, don’t forget to choose simple furniture items and plain colors.

And since we’re talking about colors, it’s time for you to know which colors are appropriate for this type of design. Since it’s based on simplicity and elegance, the most common colors you will encounter are white, grey or blue. They really remind you of the Nordic countries and landscapes and they are also very soothing and help in creating a calm atmosphere. However, this does not mean that you cannot play around with colors! You can choose one of the colors mentioned above as a base one and then you can add to it various details in bright colors. For instance, you can choose a white furniture complete with bright orange cutlery or towels, napkins, glassware and so on.

In what concerns the materials used in the Scandinavian kitchen design, it is a good idea to use wood. Not only that it brings some warmth to the cold color scheme, but it also reminds you of the cold Nordic forests and the snow there. The more warm the color you choose, the bigger the contrast with the rest of the design. If you don’t particularly like wooden floors, you can go for models of log furniture or even simple wooden cabinets or countertops. Your imagination is the limit!

Don’t hesitate to use metallic details! They are a great addition to the cold color scheme we mentioned above and they’re also practical, being easy to clean and easy to match in the room. Ideally, you should use stainless steel, but you can also opt for warmer variations like copper.

Last but not least, sculptural elements are a must in creating a perfect Scandinavian kitchen design. By this we mean that you can use for instance a round chandelier or round armchairs. The shelves are a great place to start playing the shapes and there are lots of stores where you can find segmented book shelves, for instance. The effect is even more impressive if you combine sculptural elements with bright colors. For instance, if you have a neutral background in shades of white, beige or blue, you can choose only one furniture item in a different bright color, like orange.

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