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Tired of making always a chaos when you are cooking? Organize your kitchen smart and easy with some DIY tricks!

organize your kitchen

If you like to cook for sure you have so much ustensils and ingredients in your kitchen, and when you need them you just making a chaos.

But if you organize your kitchen smart, you will can handle more easier with all the things and you will see that you will be more faster when you will cooking.

organize your kitchen

Let’s see some triks for a organized kitchen

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1. Use the six-pack of beer for your fridge. Sometimes when you open the fridge you don’t find anything there, but the six-packs will help you with the saussage bottles, like ketchup, mayonesee, etc

2. Use jars and the plastic boxes. It will help you to find more easier the ingredients and you’re cabinets will be more organized.

organize your kitchen


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3.  Stickers everywhere. Write on the stickers the names of the ingredients, it will be more easier to found it and for sure you will organise your kitchen more easy.

4. Priorities. Make order in your ingredients and put the most used ingredients in a affordable place.

5. Magnetic spice rack. Create an magnetic spice rack, it will work well on the side of your fridge or on the inside of your cabinets.

organize your kitchen

6. Organize your cabinets. Put the small things in a plastic basket.

7. Hang the useful things. You can use the inside of cabinets to put hooks for rags and pot holders.

8. Vertical space. Use the vertical space and put some shelves on top of your shelves.

organize your kitchen


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9. Hangers again. Hang the pots and pans, it will be more easier to use them.

10. Recycle the old things. Use the magazines holders for the Ziplock bags and aluminium roles.


Sometimes it’s good to know about each other, and if we find ourselves in another culture we can apply something from there in our home.

oriental style

We all know that every country and every culture have a different style of living. The interior design and the decoration is just another aspect that represent the people’s culture.

For the lovers of the details, warm and strong colors, patterns and for sure luxury, we have the Arabic style.

The Arabic interior design is very extravagant, most of all with unique details and with a magnificent blend of color, but it always offers  personality to your home.

If you decide to bring some oriental style in your home, you can use small and subtle  details which represent this beautiful culture and creating a balance between the stiles, and for sure to offer an elegant solution for any space.

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1. Mixing the traditional with the modern. If you choose to decorate your space with some oriental pieces, you can use just a pendant lighting and a metalwork items for your walls, and for sure don’t forget about the patterns, in this example you can find it on the floor. To create a mix between traditional style and modern style you can use neutral colors, that helps your space atmosphere to become more soft and light.

arabic design
arabic design

2.  Prints and details everywhere. The details and the color palette are very specific for the Arabic style, in specially the baroque print will always have a first place in this kind of decorating. It’s good to know that in Arabia the golden is one of the most used color, but blue and turquoise looks great in this example.

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arabic design
arabic design

3. Subtles details and curved lines. If your home have some arcades, you can decorate them with some Arabic prints, like the MIMAR interior exemple, and don’t forget that the curved lines are another specific thing for this excentric style. And, like in the all the styles, the lighting design is very important, so if you want just to bring a little part of Arabia in your home, you can choose a chandelier with a lot of details, and in the evenings you will have the walls, ceiling and floor full of oriental patterns.

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arabic design
arabic design

Whether you plan to have a smart house or you already own one, you must know what are the latest bathroom gadgets and how you can use them!

Tech bathroom gadgets: Modern Home

Just like any other part of our lives, taking care of yourself is a domain that has been more and more intertwined with technology and with modern advancements. At the same time, the market is full of interesting and very useful gadgets that not only make your life easier, but also look very futuristic in your bathroom. Read on to see some ideas for tech bathroom gadgets.

1. Programmable shower. What if you could program your shower, how long will the water run and how hot it will be? Instead of arranging the faucet here and there and thinking whether you should stay longer in the shower, now you can decide right from the beginning how long or short your shower should be, how hot the water should be, what music you will listen while in there and what lighting will accompany you, all with just one simple gadget!

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2. Sound system tub. This is one of the most amazing tech bathroom gadgets, because it’s not a bath tub that has a sound system incorporated in it, it IS a sound system in itself! When it’s empty, the sound can be heard in the entire bathroom, and when it’s full, the sound waves will be transmitted through the water. And what can be more relaxing than having a long bath and listening to your favorite music at the same time?

3. Cabinet speakers. Among the most useful tech bathroom gadgets you can find the cabinet speakers that can smoothly blend in. They are not visible and are specially conceived so as not to let the sound be reflected by other surfaces usually found in the bathroom: glass, shiny surfaces etc. More than that, they are discreet and allow you to listen to your favorite music without occupying extra space.

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4. LED Temperature control. This new and futuristic way of controlling the temperature is great not only for the modern and innovative design, but also for the practical part. It helps you adjust the temperature and pressure with a smooth move of the hand. The LED indicates how cool or how hot the water is, so you can adjust it just as you wish in no time. Also, it comes in a futuristic fluid shape, and you can decide if you want it in a matte or shiny version.

5. RainBrain gadget. Probably the most useful bathroom gadget you will find, the Rain Brain helps you control absolutely everything you want in a shower. Unlike other gadgets, it helps you customize even the water stream, the temperature, the pressure, the music and many more. Moreover, you can set different programs for up to four users, so everybody in the family can enjoy their own customized type of shower.

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If you're a fan of technology, you will need these great suggestions for decorating a smart house and obtaining a great design.

Smart House Design: Wooden Warm Decor

Recently a trend has been gaining more and more adepts, the one of having a smart house. And it’s easy to understand why, since so many people rely almost entirely on technology these days to make their lives easier. Technology doesn’t mean improvements only in I.T. domains or science, but also in the home and the daily chores. The development of technology has also influenced the design of houses, so you might need this guide to a smart house design.

1. Minimalist tendencies. Usually a lot of technology in the house involves a minimalist design, mostly because modern devices and machines around the home tend to be edgy and metallic. As a matter of fact, these are the two key words you should be following when thinking about your smart house design. Obviously, you can’t really combine warm wood furniture with edgy metallic devices, so it’s natural to follow along these lines.

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2. Colors. Almost all the technology uses neutral colors such as black, white or gray. Therefore, if most of your furniture consists in actual devices or machines, you should consider using the same color scheme for a harmonious decor. Just imagine a kitchen filled with appliances and you’ll see how a smart house design must match these colors. Thankfully, these are some of the most popular colors you can find on the market, so it’s not that hard to find couches, tables, chairs or armchairs in these shades.

3. Patterns. Generally, a smart house design uses mostly solid colors, mostly because you don’t usually find appliances or machines with stripes or dots. This is why you can either choose to continue with solid ones or to vary by introducing patterns here and there. However, in order to keep the minimalist look, you should avoid using too many patterns or too many colors. It’s okay to use a bright color on decorations or accents (cushions, rugs, curtains) but don’t overdo it.

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4. Materials. Usually, as we said, metal is most often used in smart house design, but you can also use wood. Wooden floors are most often encountered in such designs, because they are very classy and look great. Also, they counter the cold effect of the rest of the home. You should avoid using too much plastic or too much textile, although they are good in moderate amounts. Textiles are good in toning down the cold colors, since you can take advantage of cushions and rugs for a more comfy feeling around.

Last but not least, you should not forget that a smart house design is mostly about practicality, so this is the main principle you should follow when imagining it. As much as the devices and the tech stuff around help you with your chores, remember that an inappropriate design can totally ruin the easiness of your life and the enhancements technology brings into your life. Other than that, you only have to enjoy the most modern discoveries and a suitable decor.

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Smart houses are starting to be more and more popular these days, along with the development of technology. A successful side business is the market of smart house devices, useful for any smart house owner.

Smart house lock

More and more technology is invading our everyday lives. If you could go through all the houses in UAE, you could see that lots of people have made their lives easier by introducing a lot of technical advantages in their houses. And frankly, recently there has been a real boom in smart house devices that make you save time and money when doing everyday chores or that simply make your life better.

One of the smart house devices is a smart hub. This is a device that can control many of your other electrical devices around, such as the security system, home systems, thermostat etc. You can set it to match your needs, so you will have easy access to control many devices around, not to mention that you can connect it to your smartphone.

Many owners of smart houses prefer to use technology to change their lighting. Not only they opt for the famous systems that turn on the light when you’re clapping your hands, but there are also systems that change the light color in different corners of the house according to your needs and wishes. Basically, technology makes everything so easy to adapt to your taste.

Security is another issue that concerns the owners of smart houses in UAE and not only. Smart house devices are built to be able to connect to a central unity of command, which can be troublesome if you lose your smartphone or other devices. That’s why technology makes it easier to secure your home with passwords, digital prints or retina, surveillance cameras placed strategically and other things you haven’t even thought of!

Smart house devices are also designed to take care of the temperature in the room. Yes, everybody has air conditioners, but not everybody has an app that allows the device to turn on before you come home, so that you will find the perfect temperature in the house. More than that, smart air conditioners can even be programmed to start at a certain time, at a certain temperature and to stop when a certain temperature is reached.

Smart home locks are totally changed if you look at the last couple of years. If before everybody used keys to open their doors, nowadays people use their smartphones or fingers. Indeed, there are smart locks that memorize your finger print and instantly open the door only to you. But then again, there are also smartphone apps that monitor the entrances and exits in the house, how many times and who enters and who alert you when something’s wrong. Talk about control of the house!

Last but not least, you can even monitor the house and/or yourself while you sleep. There are on the market smart beds that have sensors and chips incorporated into them. The bed monitors everything while you sleep, from your heart rate, movement, breathing etc. Moreover, it can give you advice on how to improve your sleep quality and what’s best to do about your health. That’s some furniture that really cares about you!

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