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Your kitchen must be beautified with the right curtains. Think wisely!

In order to have a completely beautiful kitchen design you have to think about the last element you choose for the kitchen and that is: Kitchen Curtains and Draperies. It seems that people feel more free and comfortable in their personal kitchen that is why this detail is very important. Combine your taste and visions with the size and the location of the windows and of course think if they would match with the other elements of the kitchen.

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First thing you should have in mind is what style is your kitchen and what style kitchen curtains should be.  Don’t opt for what you think is very beautiful or modern, take into consideration the furniture you have in the kitchen and the rest of the decorations. If your kitchen is vintage furnished you can’t go for modern minimal curtains, if it is more of a rustic here we go again. If you want a classical look I recommend you window treatments that have tab tops, they will bring a lighter look. People are more and more interested in casual fresh styles and for this to happen you need short length window curtains.If your dining table is located in the kitchen and you placed it near the windows, then you need full length kitchen curtains because dinner requires privacy.

How to choose the color of kitchen curtains: Depending on what impression do you want to create, the color of your kitchen curtains must be chosen wisely. There are people who want to shock with they interior design and if you are that king of person use a rich colored drape which is in total contrast with the walls. For a more elegant kitchen you should opt for neutral colors and you can even play with luxurious curtains. If you are a person full of energy and you are happy all the time go for solid colored curtains or even patterned ones.

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Style checked, color checked it’s time for the fabric which is also of a big importance. If you don’t want the sun to disturb you, then search for a dark heavy material kitchen curtain but pay attention to the fact that these kind of curtains will make you feel that the kitchen is smaller but on the other hand light, bright alive colors give the impression of space and are easily to clean.

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World is a huge design created by an even bigger designer. Discover Michael S. Smith interior designer.

We dedicate this splendid day to Michael S. Smith who is a famous American interior designer. This creative interior designer has managed to make himself notice with several particular creation especially for the interior designing of the White House, an iconic building for American society.

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Because of this huge success Michael, has become a valuable person and the projects which have occurred after designing the White House are also incredibly loved and appreciated around the world.

Today we are going to take a look at how Michael S. Smith reflected his visions when he designed the Tower Grove project.

tower-grove-project famoush interior designer home caprice

I must warn you, once you will see the interior of this fabulous house, you will be enchanted forever. It’s not only because it was designed by a world famous interior designer, but it is the atmosphere it reflects, the chosen decorations and every detail here is simply impressive.

This house is about tradition and classic. Once you enter inside you feel that cozy family feeling and every room has that welcoming air. Even if you are just a guest, you instantly feel like home and you want to drink hot chocolate and eat home baked cookies. There is no corner of which you can say something is not in order because everywhere you look you notice something lovely and full of style.

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A step in the living room is like a step in the luxury of a forever welcoming house. The dining table made of wood and the sculptured chairs denote only elegance and goof taste. The family porcelain which is full of history is beautiful placed in a cabinet which emphasize the history of the family. The chandelier is extravagant and eccentric and at the same time gives you the idea of something legendary.

After we relished our eyes with the astonishing living room of this house it’s time to move on to the bedroom which is simply an oasis of relaxation and comfort. The idea of open space is fully represented in the bedroom. No doors that will interrupt your view. A sumptuous, extravagant and opulent furniture gives you the impression of a royal bedroom. A vintage touch makes it simply perfect. With such a bedroom you can only feel powerful and stylish.

tower-grove-project6 bedroom famous interior designer home caprice

All in all the interior is sublime, but we learned that the first impression is born after you face the outdoor and the outdoor of this house is a fairy tale. Nature, glamour and elegance. I will be happy to sleep on these magnificent stairs.

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tower-grove-project5 outside famous interior designer home caprice

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Make sure you know what kind of pillows you need!

choosing pillows

Comfort is something we all desire and we put a lot of effort in having the most beautiful and comfortable rooms because we need to find relaxation and peace in our house.

Every detail counts as we already know so when we’re talking about choosing the perfect pillow we really need to know ourselves because we don’t wan’t to fail.

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You need to choose your pillows having in mind many aspects because choosing the wrong one will make you feel stressed and tired.

Fillings pillows are the best. You might want to know that there are three types of fillings: the ones that make you feel cradled, and than you might want to choose a malleable goose down of feather filling. These materials are perfect because keep warmth inside and you feel really safe at night. When you choose your pillow search for the indicator named fill power, which shows you how much filling is in the pillow. Those who have allergies can buy hypoallergenic pillows which can’t harm you.


The second aspect when you choose a pillow is to know what is your type of sleeping. You need to have a pillow that supports your level and to align your head with your neck and spine.

So if you sleep on front that you have to search for a soft pillow the one which is low-fill. If you use to sleep on your back than you need a medium thickness pillow: high-fill down pillow or even better an orthopedic memory foam pillow.

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Those who sleep on aside need a medium-high thickness pillow, high-fill down pillow or a memory foam pillow and even a medium-high density synthetic pillow. And if you are a more special person and you mix your types of sleep than choose a thickness pillow, high-fill down pillow or a medium synthetic pillow. Put a soft, low-density pillow between your knees because really helps align your upper hip properly and you will feel more comfortable.

 I know style it’s very important for you but don’t worry. Choose these pillows only for sleep and during the day choose some more stylish ones which can go perfectly with your drapes or with your furniture.

You don’t need to buy pillows of the same color as your furniture in fact this year designers encourage you to explore the world of colors and style and to be more unique and special. So your pillows can become the  centered point in your room if you choose them carefully.


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