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Create a unique hand made wall hook and beautify your house with your own personality!

There is nothing in the world an ingenious person couldn’t do, especially if imagination is one of your best friends. Waste no more time and start creating ingenious items for your house and it will feel always like home.

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After we had seen a lot of handmade creative things, today we are going to search for inspiration in some of the most innovative, funny and beautiful wall hooks. Beautify your house with a handmade wall hook and you will feel like you belong there.

Paint Brush Wall Hook: Look at this wall hook isn’t it ingenious? If you have old paint brushes you just have to make them resistant enough to sustain your coat and you made yourself a unique wall hook which will definitely attract attentions.

wall hook paint brush home caprice

Are you a dart lover? Good for you because from now on you will had made yourself a fabulous playful wall hook. Use Stainless steel darts with special wall fixing and the next step is to fix your jacket on them. Every time you will enter in the house they will make you smile.

Reuse your old furniture

creative-wall-hook dart home caprice

Tea Wall Hook: Sounds strange and you may ask what is that tea wall hook and this is exactly what I will tell you. This wall hook is a simple old teapot reused as a wall hook and it looks so chic and lovely that everyone will want to do it. If your house is designed to express your personality and you are a colored person this is exactly what you need.

creative-wall-hook tea home caprice

If it happens to have interesting, elegant Cutlery and all you do is keep them in a drawer, make a wall hook from them. Bend and Curve them and stick them on a piece of wood. It looks elegant and inspirational.

fork wall hook home caprice

Have you thought of using broken heels as wall hooks? If you didn’t, it’s time to take this idea into consideration. I bet you have some broken shoes but you don’t want to throw them away. Well use their heels for creating a special wall hook.

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heel wall hook


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