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See here how you can turn white, a not-so-popular option when it comes to interior design as a main color, to a perfect background color for your kids room!

White kids room furniture: Dream-like Decor

White is generally avoided as a main color in interior design, probably because it is quite cold and some find it inexpressive. However, it is quite popular as a secondary color, because it matches well with almost anything and it creates an awesome background for other bright colors to make their appearance. When it comes to kids room though, even more people are afraid of using it because it gets dirty quickly and children are sometimes a little bit too creative. But let’s see here how you can use white kids room furniture without making it look nasty or cold!

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1. Let just the furniture be white. White won’t be overwhelming if you contain yourself and choose only the furniture to be white. Bed sheets, decorations, textiles and toys can definitely receive the bright colors in the room, leaving thus more space for the neutral white kids room furniture. If you also have white walls, it’s not recommended to add even more white decorations or accessories. In moderate quantities, a white room looks neat and clean, but if you overdo it, it might resemble a hospital room.

2. Customize your white furniture. If you’re brave enough, you can let your own kids decide the future design of their furniture! Otherwise, there are plenty of ideas that can stimulate your imagination and make you find new ways of customizing it. You can use colored duct tape to create stripes on it, stickers or even random colored paper to bring some color. Newspaper cuts are also awesome or, depending on your kids’ preferences, you can go for cartoons and famous characters that they enjoy most.

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3. Take advantage and make an elegant room! If you’ve decided to use white after all for the kids room, you might as well make this a starting point for creating a truly fairy tale land! It’s mainly an idea for girls, since you’ll be using lots of lace and other fancy decorations which boys generally despise. Choose some princess bed sheets and improvise by adding lace to other things around the room, such as the curtains, the rugs or whatever you plan on adding next. You can be sure your girl won’t regret it!

4. White is a versatile color. Which means that you can change the aspect of a room with minimum effort and with keeping the same furniture set. For instance, if when the baby is young you tend to use rather pale and pastel colors that work perfectly with white kids room furniture, when they grow up you can make the room look a little bit more serious to encourage them to study. From peach and pale blue you can move on to darker shades, marine blue or teal, dark green shades and so on. You can even play along with some black element in the room, but make sure you don’t use too much of it, since in the end it’s still a kids room and it doesn’t need to be black.

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