5 Heating System Tips

5 Heating System Tips

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The heating system is an important component of your home, especially for your health and comfort, so see here how to take care of it!

Heating System Tips: Fireplace Heating

The heating system is an important part in our lives, and if it happens to break down during winter, well, it’s not the best of moments. In order to prevent issues that could have been avoided, we thought of helping you with some heating system tips that might make the lifespan of your system longer. Check them out!

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1. Get to a specialist. As much as you think you can do it and that there’s not much to be done about the heating system and its maintenance, it’s always a good idea to get to a specialist. They are trained people who know everything about these systems, and if you want a job well done, you should always ring them up. If you are good with technical things, maybe there are other issues you can solve yourself, but not getting a specialist in this area could be even dangerous for your family, since the electrical parts might break down.

Heating System Tips: Floor Heating

2. Check to see if it works. Before winter comes and before the first frost, you should run the heating system once to see if it works. This is a smart step since it allows you to detect eventual issues in time, and you can solve the problems without freezing in your own home in case the system doesn’t function properly. You can always repeat the process if you think something is wrong or you can call the specialist anytime. And remember, better to prevent than to treat!

3. Check the lights. If you have a natural gas system, one of the best heating system tips is to check the lights. For this type of heating system, the light should always be clear blue. If at any point you see the light having other colors, it’s a clear sign of an issue, so you should take some measures. Most of the time when something malfunctions, the light turns orange or yellow, so this should be a clear indicator.

Heating System Tips: Central Heating

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4. Change yearly the furnace filters. Dirty and full filters make the system push harder the warm air through them and thus working slower and consuming more. That’s why it is recommended to change the furnace filters every year, to ensure that the air circulates freely and that the entire system works fine. Plus, it’s not healthy to keep dirty filters there, since you will later inhale the air that passes through them.


5. Ensure the free circulation of air. Don’t block the vents from the system with furniture, plants or any other items. Similarly to the air conditioning machine, blocking the vents with various items will only prevent you from enjoying the benefits of the system and will not help the temperature in the room drop or climb. Even more so, you could arrange the entire design so as to let the air circulate freely around the room, be it hot or cold, since a proper ventilation is important for your health and comfort.

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