5 Tips on How to Organize Your Closet

5 Tips on How to Organize Your Closet

We prepared you 5 tips to help you in the fight against clutter and lack of organization, so read on and get ready to organize!

How to organize your closet: Easy Access

One of the most popular problem people encounter when decorating or redecorating their homes is organizing. The more space and things you have, especially in the bedroom, the harder it is to keep track of everything and to keep them organized. That’s why we offer you today some great useful tips on how to organize your closet and to have an easier life!

1. Take everything out! The first step when you start cleaning and organizing stuff is to take everything out and throw them in a bunch, especially if we’re talking about clothes. Although it might seem like it’s not helping at all, in this way you can see everything you need to include in the closet and think about their place and also their importance. Pro tip: in this phase it’s easy to notice things you don’t use anymore or that you have been keeping around for quite a while for no purpose.

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2. Organize properly! Now it’s time to sort everything into categories and level of importance. For this, use boxes or plastic containers. Place small things aside, like toy soldiers, small clothing items etc so as not to interfere with the rest of your organizing process. For clothes, you can now divide them into spring clothes, summer clothes and so on, or by types: skirts, sweaters, pants etc. For those who want to have a very cool closet, you can also organize them by colors or materials!

3. Place items where they belong. If you want to learn how to organize your closet properly, you should know each object’s place. One of the most encountered sources of bad organization is placing objects who do not belong there. During this phase, if you find things that should be anywhere else but in the closet, make sure you remove them and keep them in their assigned spots. Don’t keep toys in the clothes closet, for instance.

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4. Place tags on items. Use post-its to help you clean up the things you no longer use. Even though the general tendency is not to throw away anything, using post-its makes you think clearer about it and ask questions. For instance, ask yourself if you would really wear that shirt you keep in the closet for a couple of years, or if that size still fits you. Tastes change, and your closet should reflect that!

5. Clean the closet itself! Though it might seem an obvious part of how to organize your closet process, many people overlook it. The closet itself needs some cleaning from time to time, so wipe it, wash it, vacuum it and even paint it, if needed. You might find a lot of receipts, tags or things you didn’t even know they were there, so a good cleaning will sort this out. Plus the final aspect will be even more nice when you have a clean closet together with an organized interior!

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