6 Healthy Bathroom Habits

6 Healthy Bathroom Habits

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If you want to keep a healthy bathroom, read our advice for special habits and follow them!

Healthy Bathroom Habits: No Shower Curtain

Health is definitely a subject that should concern us all, but have you ever wondered what habits you have are healthy or not? That’s why we made a small list of healthy bathroom habits you should totally follow or if you aren’t already, start adopting. How many do you follow?

Healthy Bathroom Habits: Clean Bathroom

1. Don’t drink from the shower. Yes, you might be thirsty while taking a shower, yes, it might be the same water running down the pipes, but the shower head isn’t quite the best spot to drink from. There are lots of bacteria that may live there from various reasons: humidity, temperature, different cleaning products you’re using on it and which might even be toxic and so on and so forth. Next time, drink some water before getting into shower!

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2. Close the toilet lid. Most people flush with the toilet lid open. Wrong! When flushing with the lid open, all the germs there become airborne and spread around the entire room. Nobody wants that, so next time remember to close the lid first and then to flush, to keep the bathroom clean and healthy for you and your family.

3. Don’t keep toothbrushes next to the toilet. Since the sink is usually placed right next to the toilet and people keep their toothbrushes above it, no wonder that when airborne germs are around, they will invade your toothbrush too. If you want to avoid this, read again healthy habit number 2. If possible, always keep it in the vanity, where germs can’t get to it.

Healthy Bathroom Habits: Healthy Home

4. Use proper venting system. Maintaining the venting system is one of the most useful healthy bathroom habits out there. This doesn’t help only with eliminating odors, but also with humidity. After taking a shower (and especially a bath), leave the bathroom fan on for 10 or more minutes. Ideally, you should leave it on until you can’t see moisture on the walls anymore, to avoid mold and other issues in your bathroom.

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5. Don’t use towels together with somebody else. A mistake mane people make, and it’s definitely not on the healthy bathroom habits list, is to keep one towel for hands and face for every guest that comes around. Actually, textile towels keep the germs and you only pass it from one person to another when using a towel together. What is recommended is to use paper towels that can be thrown away immediately after using them.

Healthy Bathroom Habits: No bacteria

6. Shower curtain or not? Although shower curtains are great because they help in keeping the rest of the bathroom dry, they might even damage it. By keeping it when you shower, you are keeping the moisture in one area of the room, which can be very favorable for the development of mold, mildew and other bacteria. When it’s not open, air circulates freely and lets the walls dry faster and more effectively. Last but not least, a rug could replace the curtain if you don’t want the floor to get wet around the shower.

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