6 Tips on Caring for Indoor Plants

6 Tips on Caring for Indoor Plants

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Make your home healthier by learning these tips and tricks for keeping your indoor plants in good state!

Caring for Indoor Plants: Healthy House

The plants in our home not only brighten up our decor, but also make our lives and homes healthier. However, they must be well cared for and properly maintained if you want them to live long and to embellish your home every day! That’s why we gathered some tips on caring for indoor plants:

1. Choose the right pot. Many people overlook this important part of caring for indoor plants and simply choose whatever pot they have. It’s very important to let the water flow freely out of the pot so that the roots of the plant won’t stay permanently wet. Place a tray or a special recipient under the pot after making some holes in it to collect the water that remains. It’s recommended to choose resin, plastic or fiberglass pots because they don’t absorb moisture from the soil just like unglazed clay or wooden pots do.

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2. Take care of the potting mix. Although many people think any soil is good when caring for indoor plants, the truth is that if you take it from your backyard or the garden, it might come with weed seeds, fungal diseases and even insects, which we bet you don’t want around in your home. Therefore, it’s best to buy potting soil from a garden center or a specialized market.

3. Know what types of plants you have. Be well informed about the species and the requirements of your plants. Read about how much light and water they need and make sure these requirements are respected. Just like you need food and water, so do they! A healthy and happy plant will make for a healthy happy home!

4. Fertilize them. Caring for indoor plants also means fertilizing them regularly if you want to maintain them healthy and growing. There are special formulas available on the market which nourish the plants and fertilize them.

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5. Prevent any pest-related problem. Even before you buy a certain houseplant, make sure they are not infested. Parasites, insects and diseases can quickly spread from one plant to another, and it’s very easy to get all your indoor plants sick. Periodical inspection and paying attention to any signs of changing in your plant’s color and general state can prevent pests around the house. If you happen to find any pest on one of the plants, isolate it until it’s cured.

6. Clean the plants. Just like caring for yourself, caring for indoor plants also includes cleaning them. Use soft and moist cloths to wipe off the dust and the grime on the leaves. Even though they are visible only on the plants which have big leaves, that doesn’t mean small ones don’t have dust on them or don’t get dirty. Dust can clog the pores of the plant and can prevent it from breathing, so it’s very important to keep them clean. More than that, it also blocks proper assimilation of sunlight, therefore affecting the photosynthesis and the nutrition process. What more reasons do you need?

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