Budget Cleaning Tips for Those on a Budget

Budget Cleaning Tips for Those on a Budget

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After you calculate and see how much money you spend monthly on cleaning, you will want to read this article on budget cleaning tips!

Budget Cleaning Tips: Clean looking home

When you have a great home, you don’t generally think too much about what products should you use when cleaning and automatically choose the most expensive ones. But what if we told you that you can obtain the same perfect result with some great budget cleaning tips? And you can use the money to buy some new decorations or even remodel your home!

1. Try to use mild dish soap or just plain water. As surprisingly as it may sound, some areas in your home can be cleaned with just some warm plain water or mild dish soap or both. Most of the time, all the products that claim to be specialized in one type of surface or material or another have the same ingredients in their composition. You should first try to clean things only with water and see where it works like that. And if you can’t succeed like that, only then go to the store and buy cleaning products. But on what type of cleaning products you should buy, later on!

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2. Maintain the clean. One of the most important (and often overlooked) budget cleaning tips is to maintain the clean daily. It’s much easier and it saves you a lot of effort, even if you think it doesn’t. For instance, if you spill something in the kitchen, make the effort of cleaning it right away, because the more time it passes, the harder it is to clean it. Plus, you can use plain water right away, but if you leave the stain longer, you will need complicated cleaning products.

3. Buy cheaper products. Yes, we know, all the marketing strategies try to convince you that you have to use the most expensive brands in order to achieve the best results in cleaning. However, one of the most useful budget cleaning tips is to go for the store brands or other less popular ones. If you want to make sure that you will be using a good product, even if it has a lower price, compare the ingredients on the labels and you will see that they are mostly the same.

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4. Make your own cleaning products. You don’t have to be a great chemist to know that you can combine different substances you have around and use them as cleaners. Lemons, vinegar, cornstarch and baking soda are great elements for making non-abrasive cleaners for your home. More than that, you will know exactly what substances are there and you know they are not damaging or dangerous.

5. Make your own cloths and towels. Quit using paper towels since they cost a lot of money and are also damaging for the environment and go for cotton cloths and towels. You don’t even need to buy them, just rip into pieces a couple of old T-shirts you have around and that’s it. Talk about budget cleaning tips! More so, you can even keep old toothbrushes and use them when you need to scrub an old stain in the house. You’re welcome!

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