Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Cleaning Tips for Your Home

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From time to time, it's better to cut the cleaning short and use some clever cleaning tips for your home that will save you some money and time.

Cleaning Tips: clean kitchen


  1. Disinfect the sink in the kitchen. It hides more bacteria than you would expect, so disinfect it every time you get the chance. You can either choose a chemical disinfectant (which is not recommendable) or you can wash it with soap first, than spray vinegar and then some hydrogen peroxide. Let air dry. Do not mix vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together!
  2. One of the most useful cleaning tips for the kitchen is to run a dishwasher empty cycle and add special detergent to clean it up. This will help it to remain clean all the time and not to grow bacteria or other germs.
  3. Forget paper towels. Microfiber cloths are much more environmentally friendly and more effective. Wet them and they can sanitize floors, counters and other surfaces without any need for other cleaning products. More than that, you can reuse them and save money.
  4. Fill the sink with water. Think ahead and while you eat dinner keep it filled with warm water and soap and place the dishes there right after you finish with them. Leave them to soak and it will be so much easier to wash afterwards.


  1. Use cleaning tips to keep the shower doors clean. If you have glass shower doors, treat them with a teaspoon of lemon oil twice a month. They will repel water and will remain shiny and clean longer. Alternatively, you can use car-care products that are repel water, but these ones should be used twice a year.
  2. If you have the problem of hair all over the place, clean it quickly in the morning or in the evening by wiping the floors with a piece of damp toilet paper. The moisture will attract the stray hairs like a magnet!


  1. Make your bed. Try to keep the bed made all the time when you’re not sleeping. A bed well-made leaves a clean impression and it’s much easier to make it right after you wake up than hang around more time around it.
  2. Maybe the best one of the cleaning tips you know is to keep a basket for small things. Everybody stores some small things you sometimes need in bed on the nightstand, making it look cluttered and untidy. Buy a basket and use it to store the moisturizer, the bedtime book or anything else you need.


  1. Use cold water for most of the clothes. Most clothing items don’t really need hot water to be washed, so set a cold water cycle in the washing machine. It’s better for the environment and also for your bill. However, for sheets, towels or underwear remember to use the highest temperature to get rid of any bacteria and don’t let them sit damp for too long.

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